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  1. How did you make that macro and with what software? Also, how did you make it into an EXE like that? I am asking because I would like to make some for other games like RO2.

  2. @Yak, it’s http://www.autohotkey.com/, an is completely free. They also offer the tools to compile the script into an exe file. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    On a side note, you mentioned that you want to write some scripts for RO2… always a good idea. I wrote a script for running the majority of my bard group buff functions in RIFT, which saved me from having to hit a collection of 6 or so buttons every few minutes. I also place all the buff buttons on a separate hotbars… so my script would jump to that bar, fire them off, then return to my primary action hotbar.

  3. I messed with auto hot key before but could never figgure out how to make a simple macro. Are there any tools or a simple walk through on how to get started? I couldn’t find any decent doc’s.

  4. yeah, they have a few tutorials on the site, and a good forum. if you cant get anywhere, we can hold a skype session and talk code! And yes, you do have to do some script programming.

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