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VPR Cast#44: “The Paulmercial”

Welcome to our 44th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! First the sad news… this is more a variety podcast than an mmo podcast. Now for the good news… this is a variety podcast moreso than an mmo podcast. So what does this mean to your wonderful world? It means more hard hitting ignorance from the boys of mmoSmackTalk.com! 😀 Hear Ryan blunder through physics, Paul opine silly, Vince wax wasteful, and Ben talk about his winnings at the Shark’s game. JUST so that we are clear, those who want more mmo talk than not, this cast is not for you; however, we do hit mmo topics throughout.

BTW, thought I’d give you guys an update of what we’re playing now: nothing. With the collapse of WAR there seems to be an mmo vacuum. I’m thinking that’s why DFO was slammed so hard with orders… total speculation. Consequently we have not been able to purchase our dream game. We are now biding our time, letting others suffer through the release day/week (month?)pains of DFO before we jump in and start spanking fools. If you have any updates you’d like to share, please post your experience or a link that represents your feelings.

About this mmo podcast:

  • Over 1 hour of miscellaneous fun and adventure (in no particular order or depth): darkfallonline, warhammer, physics/big bang, flashlights, gta4, Ben’s hockey victory, bf2, tf2, and a unique listening experience only to be had here… a Paulmercial.
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    Game Discussion and Analysis:

    • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
    • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
    • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
    • and many more…