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VPR Cast#47: “Ben Milks Snakes”

Welcome to our 47th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Paul intros our last cast as a group meeting at one location. From here on out, for the next few months we will be casting remotely. Vince is moving out of state for awhile, Ryan will be in Sacto for about a month, and Paul will be moving locs. If that makes you cry, then fire up this cast and let out hot vocals smother you in love and mmo podcast love.

Steven Renwalds is the reigning komments king.

Check out our youtube upload showcasing Mortal Online‘s latest in game footage in HD. You might have to toggle the box in the lower right hand corner “HD”. CLICK HERE!

About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
Ben and Anime. Vince on the sound board.
Horton hears a Who.
Some of the boyz revisit Age of Conan
We revisit the past: Dark Age of Camelot
Ben is a fucko for not building his computer still
DarkfallOnline story from mmo-symposium
Ryan loves Vanguard… we talk hacks.
Who likes stealth?
Mortal Online talk
We wrap up with politics. So if you want to avoid it, we end the cast with some anger… so tune out then if you don’t want it.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…

VPR Cast#31: “Snow Juice”

Welcome to our 31st mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! All the boys are away, except for Vince and Ryan. We take you into a completely non MMO cast, ranging from health and fitness to massive politics. So if you aren’t in the mind to listen to the most vicious punditry this side of the Mississippi, then skip this cast and listen next week. Also, this cast is rated “R”, so you sub 17’s… you listen to this.

About this mmo podcast: Prepare to feast your ears on angry politics. Here’s the basic time breakdown:

  • light discussion on health, fitness, rocky. 00:00 – 25:00
  • hobbies, snowboarding 25:00 – 40:15
  • vincent and code 40:15 – 43:48
  • enter politics 43:48 – 2:14:00
  • Ryan worships dfo 2:14:00
  • Children, there were some things said in this cast where we could not, at the time, recall some of our references. In our health segment Ryan was referring to Jack Lalanne. Here are some You Tube vids where you can learn more about this god of health and well being:

  • You Tube vid 1
  • You Tube vid 2
  • You Tube vid 3
  • Somewhere in our discussion of politics and the bailout, Ryan mentioned a book that argues the destructive capabilities of the banking system (well, that’s his perception). The book is The Coming Battle. You can read it online here.

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    Game Discussion and Analysis:

    • Darkfallonline (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
    • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
    • and many more…