VPR Cast #22 WaR “preview weekend”

Guys, we had a kick ass cast lined up about the Warhammeronline preview weekend. Unfortunately we ran into some nasty technical issues and were unable to remedy them. In fact we recorded 2 choppy casts. I considered putting them up, but they’re pretty bad. This weekend I might cut out the good stuff and make a small montage. Regardless we want to share what we learned, so Ryan might have to put out a solo cast that includes a review of low level pvp and questing. Overall, the reports thus far are good, and we’re really looking forward to open beta. Let us know how you liked it (or disliked it).

Check back this Sunday night to see if Ryan was able to post a solo cast. If nothing is there, then we will post the next VPR-B cast late Wednesday (for all intents and purposes… Thursday a.m.).

VPR Cast #21

Welcome to our 21st cast at mmoSmacktalk.com!
Today we begin our farewells to the Age of Conan. With Warhammeronline right around the corner we are amped up to bring you feedback on what promises to be an engaging and very diverse level based mmo. However, until we actually dip our feet into the welcoming pools of WAR, we will continue to discuss snippets from Age of Conan, depending if there is anything noteworthy to discuss.

We’d also like to take this moment to announce the launch of our new site layout. Please feel free to leave your comments below each post. We want to know what you’re thinking. That’s about it, enjoy the cast!

1st Segment: This segment is a farewell to the Age of Conan. We give it our final slaps… but that is not enough. We have a bit more to say in segment 2.

2nd Segment: We cap our Conan capping. To put it bluntly there is just not enough time to properly nail down all the deficiencies in this game without making our listeners puke at work. In the end, all that matters, is that Ben sees boobs every night.

3rd Segment: We start off with a little WAR but get sidetracked into our Dark Age of Camelot experiences. We realize that we don’t know what happens upon death (WAR)

4th Segment: Paul opens our talks with the goblin Squig Herder.

click a segment below to LISTEN NOW:

1st segment

2nd segment

3rd segment

4th segment

*please bare with us while we tidy up the site in our new format. At the moment this site is best viewed in FireFox.


Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfallonline (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Age of Conan (AoC): we’ve explored AoC exhaustively. Stick a fork in it.
  • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
  • World of Warcraft (WoW): We might touch on WoW periodically. Most likely not.
  • and many more…

Halls of the Spanked

Feast your eyes on a few of our bitches:

Daias Maxum Zuzaurin
Snizitch Sizzla Sizzla (read the chat. no kill here)

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