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Warhammer Online Server Info

Recently we learned that Warhammer Online will release with two different server rulesets: Core and Open RvR. I included a synopsis of the rulesets, as well as a link to site that defines them in more detail.

        – Enemy factions can only attack each other if both players are flagged for PvP
        – Players are automatically flagged for PvP upon entering RvR areas or enemy PvE areas
        – Players can choose to turn their flag on at anytime

Open RvR
        – All players are constantly flagged for PvP, even in areas that are normally for PvE

Core RP
        – Just like the Core server, only players are expected to roleplay their characters

Here’s the link.

So what do you think?

Just in… the official release SERVER LIST! <-- click it!


Men and Women of renown. Thanks for coming for this cast, we will have it up tomorrow (11 Sep 08). Tonight we were all together ready to rock out some hardcore WarHammerOnline discussion when we got stuck playing… WarHammerOnline 😀

Here is a pick of us dominating a scenario. Our names are the top 6 for most group kills:

1 of many spank sessions