VPR Cast#91: “Krush Darkgod”

Welcome to our 91st mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Now you may count your chickens before they hatch. Now the rooster has come home to roost. Now you are privileged to hear 2.95 hours of unadulterated Krush Darkgod: Darkfall’s favorite son (after the dudes who made the dragon, and the guy who carved on rocks, and the…), purveyor of fine Darkfall Online political maps, bots, and other fascinating arcana.

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this humptastic mmo podcast:
 Over 2.5 hours of molten ear joy.
 Krush background – lite.
 The EU days.
 The NA days.
 Behind the scenes on the political map, and other krushing endeavors.
 Misc discussion on patches past and future, to include some talk on the highly anticipated siege system update.
 Can’t get enough of your Darkgod, listen to some of his work from his time with Darkfallradio. Click here now for more fine ear sauce. Note: he was playing music on breaks… so if you hear more melody than you want, just advance through it.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Xyson: (Xyson:)): open pvp, twitch based combat, limited loot (?), safe zones, sandbox oriented.
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery tanked game… Remind me to mention this.

47 thoughts on “VPR Cast#91: “Krush Darkgod””

  1. WTF, you are now coming out with casts more often then me, LOL. How the tides have turned. I am downloading this now.

  2. Oh my! Another cast so quickly? You’re spoiling us, Ryan! Spoiling us! 😀

  3. I have been waiting for a reason to re-sub. Darkfall can be a lonely place and the person I played with decided to move on. I currently sub to Mortal (two accounts), Ultima Online (I am a first time player and just started) and Fallen Earth (I don’t play much). Most the time when I play these games I think of Darkfall. If you guys are looking for a partner in crime let me know. I am West Coast and play most evenings between 8pm and 11pm. I was in a guild but never seemed to hook up with any events. Seems some people have endless gaming time.

  4. @Ryan listening to the cast and at the 44:31 minute mark, where you guys are talking about the population and advertizing. I can tell you why both Darkfall doesn’t advertize and why the population us going away. Krush said it himself, that if you loot and take everything someone has, they aren’t wanting to spend the time again. To most people it’s about as bad as re-rolling. Darkfall is for a very limited market, not only for PVP but most people don’t want to play games now a days where you can lose all your shit that you worded hard for. I think they are smart as it would be money wasted to advertise too much, maybe a little. When I played EQ1 on the progression servers, like 80%-90% of the people did not want to do corpse runs to go back and get their body to get their shit. I mean it sounds cool but in the end I have to agree that I would feel my mine was wasted getting ganked for the matts that I minded for a few hours. It may be realistic and hardcore but too me and I think most people that is not fun. That’s what amazes me that you love this game so much, as you have limited play time, as I do. If they were to change that system, then sure some people would be pissed. However, it would bring a wider audience. I have no issues with death penalties in games but it shouldn’t be something sucks your time and you will to live. Ok, let the haters attack! :) I am not saying DFO is a bad game by any means. I am just saying that the creatures ether knew or should have know the type of audience for this game. Now back to listing to the cast… BTW, since you game out with a cast, I just did as well. Please don’t sell my site, LMAO J/K

  5. @Ryan I forgot to say that EQ1 on the progression servers, people actually voted on the forums and Sony posted the results.

  6. @Widunder: You spoil me with your listenership. :)

    @Coolit: We might have to be in contact. Is the email you post with the one to write you at?

    @Yak: Your dfo treachery is what’s going to get your site sold. haha. Seriously, I don’t completely agree with your analysis. People who actually play dfo would not be quitting when the lose their gear (I DONT THINK) because it’s so easy to get more. Now I understand people rage quitting when they do lose a ton of shit; however, that’s usually attributed to playing without caution or getting to greedy. But in this game, mobs dont drop purple swords and what not. Anything lost is fairly easily re-obtained… unless lost in quantity, or if you lose a ship or something (but new players will not be owning ships… that’s a veteran thing). I think their marketing timing is off (how and when they market), and that consequently has impacted player pop which, if not there, will cause people to leave (if not there in newb areas at least. So here’s what I think the turn offs are (some are real, some are based on perception):
    – user interface (real)… while I’m fine with it, I completely understand how others arent.
    – no population in starter towns… takes the mm out of mmo.
    – beginning game play without understanding what you’re getting into, or how things work… top it off that you’re likely very used to point-click-unloads with a lot of hand holding…. not bad things necessarily, but if that’s your frame of reference, and you didnt expect the dfo experience to be drastically different from your previous mmo experiences, then dfo will slap you in the face, nuts, and back to the face again.
    – your fps skills suck ass.
    – you get looted for a leather chest piece and think that’s the world. you’re new, you’re feelings are hurt, ego bruised… you bail. So dfo is not for non-competitive players.
    – you want people to look at you, inspect your chest piece, not that it’s purple, and covet what you have… yet you dont want them to be able to take it from you. Basically, you’re a fucking peacock. That type of player will hate dfo.

    The list goes on. So while dfo is for a very specific player type, I DO think the spectrum is much broader than people give it credit for. The problem is that people dont give it a chance coupled with possibly the weakest marketing drive known to mankind. Now, I’m not speaking as a marketer, and I have NO expertise there, so I’m speaking comparatively (ie compared to other games/mmos).

    Also, check this link out on DFO: http://www.sickenger.com/projects/the_making_of_darkfall/

    The devs acknowledge that there game would not cater to everybody.

    And Yaketty, no looting your kills would ruin dfo. DFO, at it’s core, is NOT a pve game. Removing full loot would destroy what this game is, as it’s core is PVP. With that, consider Rift… pve at it’s core, but seems to be sinking like a lead laden rock into the depths of hell. If DFO shifted to pve, it would sink far faster than Rift, as it’s pve content is completely non standard; and those standard mmo players would flee.

  7. @Ryan Dude we so need to cast, as loads to talk about. DFO si the great game, oh hail the DFO gods, as I do not commit treachery, please do not sell the site into slavery, LOL

  8. Anyone who’s in need of a clan contact myself or another member of Lost Minions in game.

    The Krush / Krush DarkGod

  9. Zarithas was the name of the guy that was the leading propanganda guy for CotC during the EU1 world wars.

    Lord Gluttony was the leader of CotC.

    Those were 2 of the guys who’s names i couldn’t remember.

  10. First off this is annoying because the caster is obviously not paying attention, also he knows nothing about current darkfall.

    Also if you edited out all his awkward laughing the cast would be 30 minutes shorter, seriously every other sentence he is laughing sarcastically or something to make it seem like hes into this shit?

  11. @Ryan Just finished your cast! Even through I don’t play DFO, I loved it as usual! I always love to hear the ins and outs of an MMO. Aside from what I said, the other issue I have with DFO and this is also the problem of many MMOs. Hackers, Hacker, Hackers! It amazes me when companies don’t fix the shit and let things go on that can ruin a game. It seems like most people macro and to be competitive that you need to. Duping gold, items, that crap pisses me off too. On the EQ1 progression server the gold duping ruined the economy and it never recovered when I was playing. Also, in amazes me in a game that has a good player driven economy that there is no fucking auction house. I keep going back to shitty EQ but I hated that on the progression server they had to AH. It was a big waste of time trying to find the right person with the right item for the price you want that is on when you are on.

    Also, Krush was a fucking great guest and I love his passion for the game he truly enjoys! Keep up the great work bro! Have you tried Global Agenda yet? It’s a shooter, think you would have fun with it.

  12. Fired up my account yesterday. The last guild I was in must have held Mar Sharal because as soon as I logged in I was getting zapped. I managed to hop the fence and loose the one character that was following me. Now I am chilling in Chilbourne, nice town with a lot of crafting stations. You can currently find me afk swimming outside town, feel free to gank me if you choose I’m sure someone will by the time I get off work. Should be on tonight, although the Hellgate London closed beta starts today.

  13. Great stuff. I still haven’t listened to the last one yet.

    You head-faked like you were going to cast once a year then you throw out two in a week!

    I hope the previous one is as good as this one. I enjoyed it a lot.

  14. Lets keep em comin’

    Bi-weekly is nice. Quality > quantity, ya know?

    I’m in the same boat as coolit. Waiting for that shiny patch/expansion to pull me back in… or a few buds to PvP with. Maybe we can get that summer-darkfall thing going you mentioned last cast. I’d be down.

  15. @Yak: Glad you liked it! I want to add that while I defend DFO, I completely understand some of the complaints, and I definitely realize that it’s not for everybody. My primary issues are with those that write it off without truly giving it a good run. Ultimately each unto his own. Yes, we need to cast. Perhaps we can line something up sometime within the next 2 weeks. Hit me up with some times that work for you.

    @Iona: This cast definitely krushes the last 2 by a long strectch; Krush was a great guest. So if you are on a smacktalk high right now, avoid the others… only go to those when you need another pick me up.

    @Professer: I hear you RE qual > quant. I just need to figure out the qual algorithm (personally I think qual increases when I have guests… let them do as much talking as possible and things get good). RE July DFO run… I’m definitely going to re-up for July (have 15 days left on my sub), and will try to play more during that month so that at least I’m doing my part. High pop would definitely be nice.

  16. Anyone who is looking to resub and needs people to play with is more than welcome to join my clan, we get plenty of fights.

  17. @Ryan Sounds good Bro! I will email you some time this week, so that we can cast with in the next 2 weeks for sure!

  18. I’m getting download interrupted at about ~150mb when I try to download the mp3, you might want to look into that since I tried on 3 different devices and 2 different browsers with the same result.

    Since I listen to podcasts on the road, I won’t be able to listen until I can actually download the file!

  19. @Ronalx: Thanks! Going to download it myself and see if I can’t replicate your experience. Will let you know what I find.

  20. @Ronalx: Fuck. I was only able to download 43mb. I’ll contact my host; unfortunately that won’t be tonight as I have about 1-1.5 hours of work at it’s 2232 PST (my time). Thanks a ton for bringing this to my attention! BTW, I was still able to listen to the 43mb that I downloaded… so at least, if you downloaded 150mb, you can still catch most of what Krush has to say, as the complete file size is 177mb.

  21. So I couldnt just go back to work… I had to look into this. It looks like the site was being throttled, and possibly for an excess of 8 imap connections… all my own! 😐 I was just checking my processes, and it turns out that everytime my email is fetched, an imap connection persists (I didnt track how long… but long enough for me to stack them up). Anyway, I killed all processes and tried downloading, and I only made it to 80mb… and there was only one other process running… so this will definitely take some time to look into. What I will say is that this blog seems to think that it’s definitely the host, as he, and all the commentor seem to have experienced the same issue: http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.com/featured-articles/bluehost-hostmonster-user-alert-cpu-throttling/

    Thanks again for bringing this to my attention, Ronalx!

  22. @Ronalx: love you and hate you. I couldnt just leave this issue alone… I believe the issue is with the headers in the php script I wrote that allows you to left click and download the cast. To test that theory, I RIGHT clicked, and did a SAVE AS… and I downloaded the entire mp3. Turns out that it’s about 168mb. Anyway, try that for now and let me know what happens.

    – Solution: Right click “Download it!” link, and select SAVE AS from the context menu.


  23. @Ryan:

    I actually was downloading it that way in the first place, if I left click on an mp3 download link it just opens it in my Windows Media Player, so I have to do it through the right click dialogue.

    With that said, this morning the full download has worked flawlessly, I’m glad that it’s fixed but I doubt this comment is going to help you work out why it was broken in the first place!

    Either way, thanks for looking into it for me and thanks for accidentally fixing it, looking forward to listening!

  24. @Ryan: Good to see you casting again, or atleast in a faster fashion. Nice cast.


    Quote: “I can tell you why both Darkfall doesn’t advertize and why the population us going away. Krush said it himself, that if you loot and take everything someone has, they aren’t wanting to spend the time again. To most people it’s about as bad as re-rolling.”

    If you played DFO to the point where you actually have experienced the game, then you would know that almost everything is craftable, and the materials to craft them are easily obtained, especially now. People losing their pixels is not the reason why people are leaving, atleast not on the EU side.

    Though I will agree that if you cant handle losing pixels then this game is not for you, because its gonna happen.

    AV should advertise, because you would be surprised how many people want to play a game that is based on skill instead of just tab targetting and button mashing. That is why so many people from Asheron’s Call went to Darkfall, because they are used to a skill based game that revolves around PvP.

    Just because you are a carebear, doesnt mean the rest of the world is Yak.

    This game appeals to competetive gamers, getting killed and losing stuff in a video game, is not that big of a deal, for you to think it is, is another discussion.

  25. Would be nice if you could post your show on itunes. Would bring new listeners and possibly new players to the game.

  26. @H.Slayer For the record I am not a “carebear”. Using terms like that really makes you sound like a n00b! Go and play Global Agenda and see how could the PVP is in that game. It;s far from being a “carebear” game as you would put it. To the masses including myself, losing gear and items doesn’t appeal to most people. To those who enjoy it, more power to you. To most people who play games anything they find to be a grind or a time hog is not fun. Fun, is the whole reason that we play games in the first place. If that is fun to you then so be it! Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean the games they place are any less of a game.

  27. @Yak:

    What does Global Agenda have to do with this? So because you have played GA for what? a month? That makes you the guru of pvp now?

    Your history of games is DDO, Everquest and Rift, something my grandmother could play with one hand.

    To be honest, I dont care what games you play, I just find it amusing that you think you know whats “wrong” with DFO, when you have no experience or knowledge about the game.

    Your suggestions on what DFO should change are ridiculous, because that would make it into a completely different game. If you like alt-tab targetting hold my hand type games then fine, but dont try to make other games into that. Theres enough WoW clones out there, you should know.

    By the way, when did you start being so sensitive Yak, I thought this was called MMOsmacktalk, no need to take it personal xD

  28. @H.Slayer What the fuck are you talking about? Seriously are you retarded or on drugs? I never said that I liked tab, click and unload games or that I want my cock held through them. It’s obvious that you don’t listen to my show. Otherwise you would fucking know that I am getting tired of click and unload games. What suggestions for DFO are you fucking talking about? I never made any dumb ass. I was simply stating what the majority of people want and don’t want in their games. You really need to put down the crack pipe and reread my post. Dude, I am not getting sensitive. I love the fact that you are able to read my mind and make up shit. I am just tired of people making false claims, when they have no idea what they are talking about. No, really this site being called MMO Smack Talk? *sarcasm* WTF is that never heard of it….*sarcasm* Is that enough smack talk for you bitch?

  29. @Yak:

    So you dont like Tab, click and unload yet those are the only games you played or play, nice logic.

    You are right, I dont listen to your show, because your show is shit, simple. Not gonna listen to a cast filled with weird voices, weird noises and just crap in general from a guy that has experience of games comparable to that of a toddler.

    Quote of Yak

    “I can tell you why both Darkfall doesn’t advertize and why the population us going away.”

    How would you know why Darkfall doesnt advertize or why the population is going away? Come on lets hear it.

    What gives you the qualifications to know these things?

    Thats right, nothing does, fucking idiot.



  30. @H.Slayer You confirmed the answers to my questions, thank you! You will get s special mention on the next cast that I do with Ryan.

  31. I subbed to yaks show on itunes but I never get new shows, do you still post there?

  32. @Coolit I played around with some few the settings in podpress. Hopefully this will fix it. Otherwise just check my site on follow me on Twitter for updates.

  33. @Coolit Sometimes it can take a few days until iTunes gets updated. Damn Steve Jobs!!! In the mean time just go to my site, http://www.yak.mmosmacktalk.com and download the shit from there. If it doesn’t get fixed then I am going to pull my show off of itunes. I don’t like how Apple “Steve Jobs” is making look like my show is not getting updated any more.

  34. @Yak
    I feel your pain. But you should keep your shit on itunes. A lot of people may find it there.

  35. @Emo Lol: RE Age of Conan… forget ultimate pvp and hardcoreness… something about the game is terminally boring.

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