VPR Cast#89: “Raspberry Soap”

Welcome to our 89th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Guys, this cast is a Royal Ramble! And I mean that in a bad way. Seriously… I lost my train of thought often, and jumped topics like a madman on xenopryzol. Therefore, consider yourself warned. Enjoy the listen.

DISCLAIMER: This cast will induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erectile dysfunction. Listener discretion is advised.

About this substandard mmo podcast:
 Over 1.5 hours of pain.
 There can be no annotations beyond this one… I try to talk about Rift, but in the process I touch on DFO, WoW, Parrots, and Beer.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Rift: Planes of Telara: Rift
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery tanked game… Remind me to mention this.

37 thoughts on “VPR Cast#89: “Raspberry Soap””

  1. Haha Good cast Bro!
    Keep it up.

    I liked the part about your parrot. Good knowledge for the future.

  2. @Ryan You are always too hard on your self! I will listen to it on the plane. So far loving Global Agenda, best 10 bucks I ever spent! I know understand why you guys love non-tab lock PVP. It’s all about skill baby! Maybe when I get back when can finally do a cast together. I know we have both been super busy!

  3. T’was a wonderful cast, as always, Ryan. Well done! :-) …and I agree with ray ray – the part about the parrot was great 😀 You had me laughing my ass off!

  4. Ryan, your “Download It” link points to cast 88. The html5 stream was clutch though.

  5. @ray ray & Widunder: Thanks guys! While I thought the cast was garbage, I’m glad you dudes made it through :D… that fucking parrot… I’ll tell you. This morning, I woke up to scratching on my balcony. When I looked outside, I saw that little bastard working his shit basted beak on the wood. I’m going to have to remember to shoot a pic (and my shotgun) of him in full baste.

    @Yak: I didnt attack you like I planned (and what I did do was limited in scope). Sorry. There was so much to say, and it’d been awhile so info was coming out in chunks of mental vomit…. like clots.

    @Emo Lol: Thanks for the info on the dl link. Fixed!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that on Everquest Live you could log-in on the test server as monster. I did it a few times. I think it randomly drops you into a monster to control. I remember it put me as a level 2 skeleton and I had a blast sneaking around hitting newbies and running away, and hiding behind trees and rocks. Then jumping out and hitting them again. They could tell you were a person playing a monster because your name would be a different color then the normal monsters.

  7. Just an idea for your next cast: For Darkfall cover the changes that were done in the latest big patch that came out. Lots of things are different now with the alignment system, new sushi foods, Fishing Boxes for fishing off of boats, stats added to Meditation, and some other changes. Maybe get an quick Vent or Skype interview with Billy Bones or someone that has really taken advantage of all the new Darkfall Stuff. Thanks =)

  8. @Epoch Evolution: I bought the beta Mount and Blade for about $10 back in the day. I’ll have to re-download it and find that mod. RE dfo and your competitiveness, I totally understand. What would DFO2 have to do to win you back?

    Well to answer this, I think the next mmo that will grab me (except GW2 cause im gonna jizz my self to unsafe dehydration levels) will have to have a combat system like mount and blade i think, The cool thing about mount and blade (CRPG) is that there is 2 main stats str and agi (strength and agility) 1 point in str ups your dmg and gives you one more health also allows you to wear better heavier gear. most common build is something like (15str-24agi or 24-15 str-agi)

    My favorite build on the other hand is 3 str and 36 agi so im stupid fast but i can only wear cloth and carry a spear, the cool thing about a spear is that its piercing dmg so i can dmg 99% of people and can beat people in full plate if im on my game. oh and dmg is affected by speed, Not as much as it used to be my build has been nerfed they took 25% of my speed away and 40% of my dmg…. the dmg needed to be nerfed a little but not the speed there’s deeper issues for why they did that but those problems dont exist any more even if they un-nerfed it

    Battle mechanics for those who dont know is you have 4 differnt swings/blocks up down left right and down u do these by either moving your mouse the corresponding directions or use your movement keys (adjustable in the settings) so combat is very raw, reflex/skill based.

  9. I just listened to the #88 cast, were you still needing a clan to get involved in the clan aspects of the game? (My clan is almost entirely Alfar at the moment)

    Also, with regards to the getting clan leaders on a cast, I’ve done that in the past (though prior to the game) and it went pretty well let me know when you were thinking of doing something like that.

  10. @SteveRenolds: Yeah, definitely want to get that kid on a cast. He needs to be grilled.

    @Dizzy: Thanks for the info RE EQ live. I was not aware of that. Now this concept needs to be implemented more broadly and with advanced options. Also, good point about getting a regular-advanced DFO player on. Looks like Krush is up for a cast :)

    @Epoch: I recall when M&B was still in beta as a solo player game. Lots of DFO followers were really hoping combat would be similar; however, in Aventurine’s defense, they did say it’d be more Doom like… which isnt bad, but it’s no M&B either… which is almost like an entirely different offfering.

    @Krush: I might be needing a clan. Will have to see what’s up when I get back in. Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on that.

    RE cast, love to have you on. I should have pursued this a long time ago. I’ll be in touch. Also, do you have a link to the other podcast you did, prior to DFO launch?

  11. So…

    Nice cast. Very random, very jumbled, back-tracky, but still nice to finally hear from you. A random, jumbled, back-tracky ryan is better than no ryan.

    I’ve been making a few trips down around your purported hometown and I’ve not caught a glimpse of you.

    In unrelated news…
    I recently got jumped by dual blues at a mob spawn (thankfully they sucked) and I was able to kill only one while the other died (repeatedly) to the mobs I was farming. Long-story-short I’ve now experienced the chaos churches… the animation is cool and the wait time is cruel.

    From killing that one guy I am now down here at this church (meeting cool ppl, btw) for four days minimum. I think there are plans in the works to make alternatives to wait times for alignment like priorly described (perhaps at a higher expense ratio). It’s still in the testing.

    Looking forward to more of the casting… if you can manage to convince your other hand to keep on gaming. (Fuck rift)

  12. Great show man, one of your best. I always love your solo casts with random thoughts. I finished your cast while in the airport. I laughed so hard when you talked about the parrot. The only issue that I had with your cast is that is was very dated and I don’t think you listened to my recent casts, My view on point and click MMO’s have totally changed since I played EQ and all. They have really changed since I have played Global Agenda, as I love the feel of real aiming and dodge as apposed to unlock and click kiddies. Other then that me and my wife got sick on vacation. Still had fun but trying to get better for work tomorrow. One of these days we need to do a cast together! :)

  13. @Iona: Thanks for dropping down to Dun Amsharra… my house. The reason that you havent seen me is because I’ve been spending my mmo time in Rift, most specifically because a couple months ago I reformatted my HD and have yet to re-download DFO. Everytime I think about it, I dread the 20 hour wait process… which makes no sense because it’d be done already had I just started it. Currently out on business… but my goal is to download it this week. I am missing it. Even though I will continue to play Rift for at least a little while longer, I agree… fuck rift. While I think the developers did a great job (from graphics, to music and sound), I still feel like it’s more of the same (but better… better AH, better public interaction scenarios [rifts], etc). So I think that once my sub is up, I will bounce back to DFO. Not entirely sure though… the sit back lazy factor is suiting me now, but on the other hand the lack of a real threat while playing is definitely felt.

    @Yak: Welcome back! Too bad you’re sick. I have not listened to much of anything lately… even reduced tv time.

  14. @Iona: Btw, glad you made it through the ramble! Seriously can’t believe that any of you put up with that garbage. Need to send Krush, god of the dark, an email to setup a dfo cast. Krush… I’d send it now, but need to meet up for dinner right now… bad timing… otherwise, I’d email you while it’s on my mind.

  15. @Ryan I have been spending more time with my family. You should really check out Global Agenda since it’s free man! Reducing TV time, never!

  16. @Yak: I have 37 more days left of Darkfall. I havent played in months. Downloading now. Since playtime has been scarce, I MIGHT just do that… save some dough; then when I’m ready to go hardcore, just re-up for a month or so.

  17. I’m paying for 3 accounts at the moment to do various things include keeping the political map alive and kicking.

  18. @Krush Damn you spend about as much money on MMO’s as my friend does with his sub to his current MMO that changes each month and the F2P games. That’s 50 x3 for the games and then 45 bucks a month. For me that’s too rich for my blood.

    @Ryan You need to download and play Global Agenda, since it’s free to play.

  19. Yeah, It looks like the dev’s understand where their going with the game. Lot’s of respect from me too for not miss labeling the game an MMO like hundreds of other games in the genre. I joined the USMC a few months ago and tomorrow I’ll be in bootcamp, when i get back this game should be in public beta.

    brb summer camp

  20. @Widunder: yeah! There is a baby melt in the works. I could have done it last night… but forgot. Then after that (or maybe before), I will destroy you with Krush Darkgod (aka A Monster Melt). Been in touch with him, and he said he’s in. So this will be good!

  21. Is anyone interested in putting together a Sandbox Multi-game mmo podcast? I am so sick of hearing about Rift, Lotro, etc.. There must be people who want to hear about them. Not to mention i think we will see the industry expanding in that direction.

  22. @coolit: My cast is dedicated to whatever I play/feel like talking about. If you want to come on the show and talk about that stuff… I’m into that! If you want me to carve out your own little subdomain on the smacktalk domain so that you can pursue that, done! If you just want me to touch on these topics in more depth, I’ll try :) Let me know what you’re thinking.

  23. I have never done a podcast but I do play a lot of sandbox games. I think it would be awesome to have a cast that had different people from different games come on every week to discuss sandbox and open pvp games.

  24. The first difficult aspect I consider is how to FIND the population from the different games that WANT to talk. I suppose if somebody provided me a list of people to contact (yes, easy way out), I would line up a show and talk to them. Maybe I’ll start creating such a list myself. It is a good idea, Coolit. While I’m not sure it’s the direction things are going, I do believe it is the least explored frontier. Most dev groups are still going for the low hanging fruit that it the eq/wow clones; however, I think those days are limited. Devs are going to have to start climbing the tree of ideas and taking some risks. Luckily a few already have: UO, Eve, DFO, MO, and some others.

  25. @Yak: Awhile ago somebody here (I thought) provided some insight into the Tera aiming system. What I recall is that you have to aim vs click unload, BUT you cant just fire off in any direction you want…. instead you first have to acquire a missile lock on a hostile before you can fire. Not that this is a game breaker, but the freedom to shoot wherever you place your reticle is very nice.

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