VPR Cast#88: “Shepherd’s Pie”

Welcome to our 88th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This cast is 2 hours of sweet honey delivered directly into your loving ears. Synopsis: 6 links are covered, mostly darkfall related, our own comments section, and then my notes are abandoned altogether; also there was a close call there near the end. Listen and love.

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this glorious mmo podcast:
  Over 2 hours of pain.
 “A few things I’ve learned playing computer games” from the website Last Cleric Standing: read it.
 Darkfall Activity report 14 Jan 2011: plastico.
  Darkfall Activity report 21 Jan 2011: memorize it.
 Why Antihero.zero left Darkfall: read why.
 One boy’s horrific Darkfall 2 fantasy: hate it. fear it. gnash your teeth at it.
 Syncaine wrote about his experiences with the Junk Patch dungeons… kind of dated: read it.
 Shepherd’s Pie

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Rift: Planes of Telara: Rift
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery tanked game… Remind me to mention this.

96 thoughts on “VPR Cast#88: “Shepherd’s Pie””

  1. @Emo: Believe it or not, the latency and ping are really good, when I dont have this ping aggregate issue. Originally I was concerned that it might cramp my style, but it seems okay; now with that being said (think…curb your enthusiasm), I did want to run my cable from the computer to the router, but people trip over it, as I game in one room and the dsl line is in the kitchen.

    You still owning it up in DFO?

  2. Sux that your connection has been acting up, One of my trade runs I DC 500 meters from the finish line with 300k ping.

    I don’t think Darkfall Arena is going to be what most people are looking for.

    I look forward to the environmental sounds most of all because I play in 5.1 surround sound.

    Hope you find a clan that wont kick you out, I recommend Lost Minions my former clan Krush is a great guy if a little absent writing lines of code.

    I recently found and started to support Darkfall Travelogues for more RPish history of the game. http://signusmelko.blogspot.com/

  3. @Quin Tessence: Okay… so you too have experienced the 300k aggregate ping of death! I knew it wasn’t just fiction. However, I am increasingly beginning to believe that my home network might be to blame: I lose connection with my Outlook server multiple times daily, I get some shit-ass ping playing TF2 sometimes, and other misc issues. So I’m going to swap out my current router and see what happens. BTW, that’s a miserable story RE the DC 500 meter scenario. Kind of funny too. 😀 Wish I was standing behind you when it happened.

    Thanks for the link! It has been added to the list of “Darkfall Links”. I’ll most likely refer to this in a cast sometime. About what I’ve read so far… it reminds me of a concept I had back when I was playing Dark Ages of Camelot. I thought it COULD make an interesting read (in book format… this is really pre-blogs if you think about it) to publish one’s adventures into a single volume (or multiple as it may be), and spin it with some rp… that is, write it as a classic RA Salvatore D&D novel (novella(?)). Prior to that (1999) I’d never heard of the Ultima Travelogues… so I guess my idea was not original (most ideas never are). Regardless, this will make for some interesting reading. Thanks for sharing.

    RE Krush Darkgod, Lord of the Lost Minions… I’ve been wanting to persuade him to join me for a cast for over a year now, as well as other guild leaders and known Darkfall players. I’m gonna do it. Damn it, I have to do it! This game, is just too far underrated, under played, and under appreciated. And for posterity’s sake, their voices should be heard before this is just another Ultima in the wind.

  4. @Emo: Gonna check that out.

    @Yak: There can be only one! I encourage everybody to check it out and tear up his comments section.

  5. Hows your back Ryan? (did you try the method i mentioned?)

    And when can we expect the next podcast? =)

  6. @ray ray: I DID try the technique, and it felt good while I was doing it. But afterwards it was back to the same old pain issue. Out of fairness to your technique, I have to note that I was unable to attain a proper 90 degrees with my legs. I’m to tall (6’2″) to make this happen with the furniture we have. Now, on the upside, my pain has subsided hugely over the past couple of weeks. What I did, and I don’t know if this actually had a positive impact, or the pain relief was a function of time, but I applied a hotpad to my back while sitting at my desk. We have one that you can plug into an outlet. So just let it run wild. Thanks again for your helpful advice!

    RE the next cast… I have 2 pages of horribly written notes… one is the dfo page that I never got to. And realistically I’ll still probably shove that old data down your throats, and then I have a page on Rift. I will preface the Rift cast by saying this: I am mildly enjoying it, and I will explain why in the cast; HOWEVER, as I will repeat later, the fact remains that I would not be playing if my wife didn’t want to play. So in other words, left to my own devices, I’d still be solely a darkfall whore.

  7. YO Ryan,

    Long time no hear. I have been trying to casually check your podcast out but its lacking the videos and content. I REALLY would love to hear some Player interviews like the old ones you did. Really Apoc and Billy bones was prob the best. You should certainly try to get one of the better players to interview like them.

    Darkfall player interviews need to happen like yesterday. Shit I’ll do it just so you get the ball rolling.

  8. There is a 15 day trial for Mortal Online. I gave it a shot and re-subbed by the end of the day. I played beta but quit a few months after launch because it was so broken. They have fixed a lot of things and the game is beautiful. If you’ve never played you will need help getting started. Let me know if anyone is interested and I will help.

  9. @Beleg: Dude, I have been a sack. RE interviews needed to be done yesterday, I hear that (and then some)! If you’re ready to come out of the shadows and talk, let’s do this thing.

    Lately I’ve been cheating on DFO with Rift :D, but the funny thing is, that I’m always thinking of Darkfall. IMO, Rift has 5 things going for it (that are able to capture my interest… the first being the primary to be honest):
    1.) My wife plays.
    2.) I can play with one hand… so after a long day at the keyboard I dont have to be so intense. Unlike in shooters and Darkfall you need to work. Not a bad thing… just a thing that I don’t want to do sometimes.
    3.) Wandering mobs are a fun thing. I was watching my wife pick some weeds when a hoard of mobs came rolling down the road. She got swarmed… was funny.
    4.) Rifts are more interesting versions of WAR’s public quest system. Helps break up the monotony.
    5.) The soul system was a good idea. I hate being locked down into archetypes as it is, but this helps mitigate that pain. Meaning that people dont have to reroll for every class they want to play. Tops… you roll 4 toons; then respec until your head explodes.

    I plan to fire up DFO this week and see what’s up. So much possibility coming down the pipe too.

  10. @Coolit: That’s good to hear about MO. Nobody wants to see good ideas and hard works swirling down the drain. Do you have any good youtube vids that fairly potray the state of the game?

  11. Ryan Looking forward to the next cast. Will be interesting to hear about Rift from a Darkfaller. =)

  12. Ryan: Thought I’d stop by and see what you’ve been up to. Last couple casts are good stuff.

    As promised (lol), got a new mic:
    Samson C01U

    I also got an Audio-Technica AT2020, but sending it back cuz everyone told me the Samson sounds better when I tested both.

    Only problem is I haven’t played much Darkfall for like 3 weeks.

    Live streaming and commenting a EU-1 tournament tomorrow though.


    Toss me an email and we’ll hop in vent or skype and catch up.

  13. @Apoc: Just saw your comment. Damn! With DSL being down at home, I’m definitely not on top of this stuff… Hope your tournament stream went well! Will be in touch. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. My ears are feeling awfully solid, Ryan. 😉 When’s the next melting going to occur?

  15. @Epoch: dude… what the hell happened to you? Awhile ago you re-upped your dfo, then I never saw you!

    @Widunder & asdf: ASDF was right… I was a “lazy motherfucker”… but then, my wife fucked over my dsl. I would cast and upload at a coffee shop… but I just dont feel right about that. haha. DSL might be up by this SAT… meaning your fucking ears will be torn from your heads next week. So I hope you’re ready!

  16. @Ryan: “meaning your ears will be torn from your heads” – You sure can make one laugh. Looking forward to it.

  17. Finally 😀 now we get to hear a little about this Rift stuff from a Darkfaller. I bet the pvp is awful.

    Looking forward to the cast.

  18. Just spoke to DSL provider… now they are saying no DSL until mid to late next week. 😐 Wife is gonna get it hardcore.

  19. Welllllllllllll, I’ve just been doing the school thing and playing games, no time for a MMO like DFO there would be if i could have your mindset but for me i need to be able to be one of the top people at times but with darkfall i just didnt have the time to grind like i would need too and when i did try to do that my life went ZOOP! so yeah i took that needle out of my vein.

    But lately i have been playing a game called Mount & Blade mod:CRPG….. its probably one of the best fighting systems i have played and would be amazing applied to an mmo IMHO, it kinda sucks when you first start cause it takes a while to lvl up but when you get a hold of the combat system and are good at manual blocking you can take out ppl much higher lvl than you. For instance when i retire now (from lvl 31-1 doing this gives you and heirloom of 1 of your items of your choice which improves the stats a little bit u cant do it 3 times to an item) i cant beat up on a player that is lvl 30 depending on how good they are personally. Its a round based game its not a MMO but its amazingly fun when you get a hold of it

  20. @Ryan Hey bro we need to do a cast some time and talk about every thing and how fucken crappy the MMO games have been this year!

  21. @Epoch
    Have you tried Mortal Online. You might like the fighting system. There is a free trial.

  22. @ coolit
    MO is a pile of Fail, Dont bother at least for a another Year of dev time.

    Same with Xsyon

  23. Are you gonna make a new podcast anytime soon? We need it! It would be nice if you could put some info about darkfall and not spend so much time talking about commerce and how they should change the game

  24. @Beleg: When I cast with Yak we’ll have to have him offer some choice words about your comment :)

    @Dizzy: Thanks! I wish to supply your need. Going to post the latest ear massage tomorrow night. I ought to forewarn you, though, that the next cast will be Rift focused. Since I started playing I’ve not yet shared any in depth thought on the game…

    @Yak: RE crappy mmos… will you please say that I told you so… I, being Ryan… Ryan told you so 😀 IF I think about you when I Rift cast tomorrow, I’m gonna chew and swallow you. Pray you remain out of my head. haha.

    @Epoch Evolution: I bought the beta Mount and Blade for about $10 back in the day. I’ll have to re-download it and find that mod. RE dfo and your competitiveness, I totally understand. What would DFO2 have to do to win you back?

  25. @Ryan About time we heard from you slacker! To be honest I don’t recall you saying that all other MMOs other then the mighty DFO are crappy. Good to know that I am in your head, HAHAHAH WAHAHAHAH! I have on my big boy britches and I can take it. Here you need a can of lube? LMAO. I hope you talk about the current state of DFO as well. Also, I hope you did your homework and listened to the last couple of my casts as Gespenst has talked about the current state of Rift. Basically the class imbalance that Trion is claiming to fix in the next patch. Can’t wait to hear your next show man as it has been too long! I suspect you canceled you sub to DFO! Yes, I called it first!

  26. @Yak: No, you’re partially right. I was taking some license with your statement. Where I’m headed with this is that you were originally greatly anticipating Rift. Now it seems that it’s relegated to the status of “crappy mmo” (at least that’s what I infer from your remark). So I’m gonna run with it like that. haha. And no, I didn’t cancel my DFO account. If I hadn’t prepaid, I would have, though, while I bounced to Rift. But I’ll be back to DFO, and very soon.

    @Coolit: You know that I have to. Since I don’t lately listen to anything at all, tell me, are the smack talking Rift or loving it up. While I’m not sure I’ll be smack talking it, there is definitely limited love. And let me also add this, while my dsl was down, I lost my desire to play Rift… but I think about DFO at least every other day.

    If you guys missed my Twit, then know that I am NOT casting tonight. The process will take me about 3 hours, and being that I just got off work, and havent had a decent meal since noon, I’m not fucking casting. haha.

  27. I tune out when people talk about Rift. Its not my style of game although when I played the beta it seemed polished, polished and mind numbing boring. I have been playing Mortal and having a lot of fun PVP’ing every night, but I know my return to DFO is inevitable. I too think about it at least every other day. I just want to be a bit more competitive in pvp without spending hours Macroing. In Mortal you can be highly competitive in about a week or two if your in a good guild , which I am. Just added you to my twitter and I look forward to your next cast.

  28. @Ryan Oh, ok cool! I thought you were making fun of me but I understand ya now bro! I can’t wait to hear your latest cast, damn you!!!!!

  29. @Ryan Hopefully we will get to hear it at some point, LOL. Hopefully it will be upload today, so I can listen to it on the plane.

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