VPR Cast#88: “Shepherd’s Pie”

Welcome to our 88th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This cast is 2 hours of sweet honey delivered directly into your loving ears. Synopsis: 6 links are covered, mostly darkfall related, our own comments section, and then my notes are abandoned altogether; also there was a close call there near the end. Listen and love.

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this glorious mmo podcast:
  Over 2 hours of pain.
 “A few things I’ve learned playing computer games” from the website Last Cleric Standing: read it.
 Darkfall Activity report 14 Jan 2011: plastico.
  Darkfall Activity report 21 Jan 2011: memorize it.
 Why Antihero.zero left Darkfall: read why.
 One boy’s horrific Darkfall 2 fantasy: hate it. fear it. gnash your teeth at it.
 Syncaine wrote about his experiences with the Junk Patch dungeons… kind of dated: read it.
 Shepherd’s Pie

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Rift: Planes of Telara: Rift
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery tanked game… Remind me to mention this.

96 thoughts on “VPR Cast#88: “Shepherd’s Pie””

  1. @ Ryan That was one amazing cast, man. 😀 Thanks for putting it out. Another note – I just realized something. I listen to a ton of podcasts, but yours is the only one with a single host that I’ve stuck to. You are one of very few podcast host (or the only one, that I know of, rather) that can be entertaining on his own. This does make you very special. It’s a talent very few people have. : )

  2. Great podcast as usual. Wish they were more frequent but I’ll take quality over quantity any day. Taking a DF break, going to give Earthrise a go. I will still listen to your casts and plan my return.

  3. @Widunder: That’s a very strong compliment. Thanks! You’ve got a silver pen.

    @Coolit: Thanks, and enjoy your break. Watching the Earthrise beta video now:

    @StevenRenolds: As always, good to see you still around. Hope you like pie. What are you playing nowadays?

  4. Nice cast as always.

    @Ryan: Throwing up is an understatement. Why anyone would want to quit DFO to go to a piece of crap like that is beyond me xD

  5. @H. Slayer: Just hope coolit shares some thoughts. I too am curious how you can go from dfo to that… but maybe there’s some interesting element not shown in the video.

    @Coolit/SteveRenolds, we’ll be waiting 😀

  6. Keep an open mind, I’ve been in the beta for a while and see great possibilities for Earthrise. I have no idea what they were thinking with that video, that’s not the game I’ve been testing. Now that the beta has opened up to the masses I hear a lot of negative shit. Most of the people testing the game have no interest in this or any open pvp game so take what you hear with a grain of salt. Earthrise might fail miserably but I would rather give them my $50 then Rift or any other “appeal to the masses” mmo. I will report back once we get through what I’m sure is going to be a rough launch.
    No lack of love for DF and the badassery it is. Just taking a break, I will keep my sub going and do some afk swimming.

  7. @Coolit: I totally encourage people to develop their mmo-ness :), and I am definitely interested to read about some of your takes on Earthrise. And of course, if you want to talk about it via skype for the show, I’m into that as well. And seriously, that video is tantamount to cutting one’s dick off. But I’ll keep an open mind. Thanks!

  8. Nice cast
    Thanks man

    About your back

    1 Get a chair

    2 Lie down on the ground. The ground must NOT be cold. Use a few blankets if the ground is cold to the touch.

    3 Put your legs up on the chair, while lying down. so you have a 90 degree angle on the back of your knees.

    4 lie down for 20 min and allow your back to get settled.

    5 If you like this method and ever teach anyone, make sure the ground NOT being cold part is added a few extra times. If the ground is cold, the effect is reversed and the back is hurt.

    6 make the next cast 😉

    By the way, does destroyer give +40% damage vs pve as well? If thats the case daggers will rock vs mobs with staffs, that cast spells with long casting time. Like forest prophets.

  9. I’ve been playing it for two days now, the game is pretty much balls.

    The skill system they have is alright, you kill shit and you get combat points, then you spend the points on bonus passives/skills/weapon tier upgrades.

    Aiming is set up weird, you have two circles, one’s large and white, the others small and blue/red. as long as you shoot in the white circle you will hit them but if you shoot in the small circle you will get a dmg bonus.

    There are quests but the descriptions don’t help you, majority of the quests are as follows. “There are beach boys and their stealing my stuff, kill them.” The beach boys are actually 6 minutes of running away hidden in a cove, but theres no way to know that so you spend about an hour running in random direction only to find that the mobs hit like trucks and shoot from far away.

    Lag and performance are a bitch right now, but I’d expect that from a beta. It seems that with all settings on low i can get about 40 fps, but many areas will drop it down to 12. Lag is bad so when i do get 40fps it doesn’t feel like it.

    Pvp, theres lots of it. From gankers to peers taking advantage of you low health, you can kill anyone almost everywhere, even in the tutorial. when you get into combat it is very unlikely that you will be able to run away, movement speed is just to slow to run for cover, so you have to jump and strafe as much as possible to fuck with your opponents aim.

  10. @ray ray: Thanks! Going to try that. I live with light lower back pain 24-7. Funny thing, is that while i was reading your comment, I kept thinking it was leading up to situps (lie down, get comfy, legs at 90 degrees… situp <– that's what I was waiting for :) ).

    -The skill system sounds interesting.
    -Is the aiming fps style? If so that's a redeeming factor.
    -Love the quest concept. Sounds like they are just placeholders atm. haha.
    -pvp everywhere… nice. Except for the tutorial… that seems rough. haha.

    So is lag the big drawback, or what?

  11. @Steve
    I’m not judging the game on the lag yet. It’s there and will most likely be there at release, although its getting better every day. The pvp is a little out of control. A lot of the people testing the game right now are not going to play at release. Once we’re playing for real I’m think people will be a little more concerned about there reputation and faction standing. I will also have my clan as backup. Like Darkfall your going to need a clan. The quest thing is fine for me. I found the beach boys and they killed me the first time. Then I killed them. Aggro is a little jacked which could be a product of the lag.

  12. -ryan
    Yeah, I don’t think that lag is going to be as bad as it is a week or two into release. The past couple days they have been fixing lag problems and performance issues so i think after a month or so this game should run fairly smooth. Lags a bitch, but i expect it in beta.

    This game is a third person shooter.


    I’ve found that the beach boys are a waste of time, it’s alot easier to round up 5+ beetles then nuke them down with a shotgun. They drop junk so you can give them to the guy in town who collects it.

  13. Thanks for the info, guys. I couldn’t tell it was a shooter at all because the dudes in that video had so little movement. Made me think I was looking at some new earth-post apocalyptic WoW. While the vid hurt me on an emotional level, I’m still open minded. Cant’t wait to hear more tidbits on the core aspects of this game. Thanks!

  14. @ryan

    I agree.. I don’t like quests. If you go over by biocrio there are br80 or so Saftey bots that are supper slow. Get about 5 of them aggro’d and bust out your flam thrower. Quick way to level.

    If anyone is looking for a clan I am our Earthrise division leader .. http://www.darkhandofvalor.com

  15. @Ryan: You made a comment that pissed me off! Basically saying that DFO PVP is the only real PVP and the rest of suck because we don’t play a game with lock on PVP. It is a different kind of PVP but doesn’t make you less or more bad ass. My friend you are talking out of your ass and we need to debate this! Also, I want to dispel all myths about Rift, since you haven’t played it, you don’t know what you are talking about. I strongly fee that it is the comeback game and is the next gen MMO.

    Other then that dude, I loved the cast and hearing you rant on Bro!!

  16. @Yak: I’ve never said that I haven’t played Rift; and I’ve never said that I haven’t had access to the Alpha… for some time (despite whether I have or haven’t, anything that I’ve said on Rift can be gleaned from screens, vids, leaks, and discussions). I’d like you to tell me precisely what I said about Rift that’s untrue. We can have a debate from there. (Am I under Yak attack? :) )

    RE point click unloads are a different way to PVP… I know this, and I agree that they have their own subtlety and nuance. However, and forget DFO for a moment, let’s compare subtlety and nuance between an auto targeting system, and a manual targeting one. A manual system can have all of the features of an auto system, but because it’s manual, the feelings are far more visceral and require greater skill and control.

  17. RE my manual vs auto targeting system point (above), that’s not the limit of the discussion. There’s a hell of a lot more than that single point that distinguishes the wheat from the chaff in a manual system versus an auto one.

  18. What makes Rift next gen? I really don’t see anything outstanding about the game. I like the diversity of the skill system but saw nothing ground breaking with the pvp or rift system. It felt a lot like Aion/WAR to me.

  19. @Ryan Not under Yak Attack, not yet anyways. I will save that for the show, HAHAHHAHA WAAHAHAHHA WAH HA! I so can’t wait to debate this shit with ya bro!

  20. Rift is pretty good, I’m diggin’ the multi class system and i like that other players can’t really guess what play style you are from looking. I’m a riftblade/paladin/voidknight, so my guy has shit tons of health and armor, boat loads of magic resistance, and he throws flaming javelins around like it’s 1999. My name is SteveRenolds and i play on seastone(pvp)

  21. @steve
    I saw you in Earthrise.. I didn’t know what your name was at the time. Not sure if you bought the game but I’m Cool or Coolit.

  22. Alright, turns out my first build was totally balls. I’ve remade a marksmen/riftblade and from test duels this seems to be a good match up. My name is basedgodswag and i’m on the evil side.

  23. there’s a pretty easy way to test if its the router. unplug it, plug in directly to the modem. if you still have the problem, its mostly likely ISP, haven’t heard or had issues of 30k ping constantly.

    ryan get witches brew, jesus.

  24. @Ryan I think that we will both find that Rift and DFO offer a completely different PVP experience. It just depends what you are looking for.

  25. @Yak: Yea either go for rift to get your dick held, or go to DFO if you want to play something that is based on player skill xD

    Manual targetting takes more skill than auto-targetting, not rocket science. Now if we talk about the fun factor, which is a completely different issue, then that indeed depends on the person and what they are looking for.

  26. having sex in a dumpster is difficult and uncomfortable and the only way to enjoy it is by focusing on the action, that is unless you like shitty games.

  27. Dumpsters are pretty big. And the good thing is that each dumpster offers different leverage points (due to variable content), and thereby completely separate experiences. In fact, mmos as a group are like having sex in a dumpster, but DFO offers the most functional space. Name a truly better pvp mmo that’s currently out. You need to rejoin me for a cast.

  28. @Emo Lol: Completely forgot to reply to your comment. That’s definitely something that I considered, but I can’t find my 30 cat 5 cable… I think my wife tossed it. I suppose, though, since you’re thinking the lag is not likely from DFO, that I ought to just play via laptop right there at the source. Thanks for the feedback! You still playing?

  29. @Iona: If you’re Alfar, come to Dun Amsharra… we can find something to do. If you’re not Alfar, still come to Dun Amsharra :)

  30. @ryan you seem to forget eve. You can take 50 new characters and a kill pretty much any solo person. I know the game is not for everyone and you cant throw a new character in any ship on day one but to be perfectly honest by the time you can afford a battleship youll be able to fly one.

  31. @Nip: Right! The fact is that I’ve never played Eve… bad move on my part. But everything that I’ve read and heard about it definitely separates it from the EQ adapted mmos. … which are GREAT, but I’m just wondering how many times the same game is going to be remade, with people jumping ship to the next great version of the same before they get tired of what is essentially the same game with slightly different mechanics, new skins, and maybe new people. I’ll have to elaborate in next cast. Queuing for a TF2 server atm. :)

  32. @Ryan: I don’t think that companies are making the same game. Unfortunately, it seems that they just aren’t making any good ones or releasing betas too early. Check your email, I am dying for us to sink our teeth in the next cast!

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