VPR Cast#86: “The Real Winners”

Welcome to our 86th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This cast feeds a few of your miscellaneous Darkfall needs from pointing devices to harvesting carnage; and ending with god like analysis of the “I Love Darkfall” winner and losers.

DISCLAIMER: We, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.


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  Over 1 hours aural honey:
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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

36 thoughts on “VPR Cast#86: “The Real Winners””

  1. First 😀

    Did you see that there is a trade fair sort of deal happening this weekend in Mar Shral hosted/defended by Zealot?

    Just getting in to the cast so maybe you mentioned this later on, more comments after I finish listening.

  2. Good traders that come to mind if you want to talk with them are Leopold Stotch (brutaLity) and Shiva Firewing (formerly EU, recent transfer). They seem to make their whole experience about the trading. They do quite well with it too.

    Nice cast overall.

    A for Iona!

  3. @Iona: You know, I did see the trade fair thing, but I had casted 2 days prior to my seeing it. Just read about it last night. Thanks for the names. I really ought to hit them up.

    I’m curious if anybody else thought that the I love Darkfall contest would be judged based on long term expression of devotion vs short term glitz and glamor, or at least that the long term devotees would be given more weight in the contest. IE Valroth, Urme/Krush et al vs Dragon statue (which was definitely hot) and landscape rock carvings.

  4. Wonderful cast Ryan. My ears are thoroughly satisfied! …for now. 😉 Nah, but seriously – Thanks :-)

    Under for Widunder!

  5. @Ryan: Well, I guess it does. Finntroll is a finnish folk metal band that sing all their lyrics in swedish. I’m a swede.
    Widunder/vidunder is a really old word that means “beast”.

    They were a really awesome band, but I really lost interest when they changed vocalist a second time.
    Anything they made pre-2006 is great,

  6. @Widunder: I listened to some of their music… some of it not bad. I’ll have to check out their pre-2006 stuff. Funny, that’s around the time that Nightwish changed out their vocalist.

    @Yak: Sweet! Primetime, huh!

  7. sup Ryan, just dropping by to say hi…damn you guys still play darkfall?

    ps: Turn on your yahoo msg damn it.

  8. @Quin Tessence: Checked out that link. I like it. Similar to an idea that I’ve been working on, but not sure if I will finish it or not. Going to add that link to the site. Thanks!

    @Jon: Hey, I check the chatter once in awhile. Dropped you a few lines… never heard back. Loving DFO still… you know, Connor re-joined a few weeks back. Not sure what his status is though.

  9. @Emo Lol: Yeah, I saw that, but it was during a busy time. Was working until past 8pm pst last night. BUT, the trade fair illustrates my points on commerce… is that people have a lot of shit to unload, and unloading makes people feel better (yes there is a dual meaning ).

  10. I think it should be mentioned Urme was updating the EU1 version of the map even after he had stopped playing the game until we arranged to let my setup run both server maps to make my bug fixes fix both maps. So that’s quite a bit of dedication (thus why I haven’t removed his credit on the map since I took it over).

    And to be honest I did submit the entire DarkfallInfo.com website as a entry to that contest which included the political map, and thought I might at least get mentioned, since the website was started 2 years before the game was released and contains every article related to darkfall ever released, including stuff from websites that no longer exist.

    But, I think they were just looking for something out of the ordinary, not something that took a lot of time.

    And there were other guys, like the guys on the EU1 server that had the ORIGINAL political map that was manually updated by editing the image when politics changed. So there was a lot of people that could have been named or at least mentioned.

  11. Oh and thanks for the mention.

    The google ads don’t even cover the hosting costs on the website, and are way at the bottom of the so that they have as little interference on viewing the map website as possible, while still trying to generate something.

  12. @Krush: Thanks for all the info regarding your and Urme’s involvement. I particularly appreciate that you acknowledged your submission to the contest. With that in mind, I clearly did not understand the parameters of the contest, which were either to award the “Johnny come latelys” or the irl artisans who play dfo. Your sharing of information without restriction has been a massive boon to the game. Thank you!

    RE google ads… yeah.. pocket change. haha.

  13. I’m still on a break from MMO’s, I got Civ5 and it’s fantastic. Work and school has been murdering me, i need more time for play.

  14. @Steve: What makes Civ 5 worth the purchase? I played Civ 1 back in the day, and then Civ 4, and honestly, I didnt find the game play much different. Now, the truth is that the difference between 1 and 4 are huge, but I’m going off recollection impressions based on city management, development, and conquering… for me, they both left the same impression for gameplay. What separates Civ 5 from the others?

  15. I can’t tell yah, Civ5 is the first game of the series i’ve actually played. Anyways, like most singleplayer games I’ve become bored with it within a week. I and a few friends might return to WoW to test out it’s new low level content and to enjoy the pre-expansion events like raid bosses attacking towns.
    I’ll report back on how fast i get bored of it.

  16. Hey guys why not sign up and have chat discussions like this at the Social Smack Talk Network. This is something myself and Ryan put together. I would like to bridge the audiences from his show and my show into one place to chat. We have a few people already but would be nice to have more. Please head over to http://www.blogs.mmosmacktalk.com and let the smack talk begin!

  17. As my Widunder commands.

    Seriously… been busy… have only had time/energy to dream of Darkfall… and it’s true, I have dreamt of it twice in the past 3 weeks.

    Brace your ears, bud, a melting is on the way.

  18. @Widunder: Thought I’d be singing to you this past Sunday. Went camping, then ran out of time Sunday. Work has been busy, which is good :), however, this prolongs cast loving til later this week. Since I havent played dfo in 3-4 weeks, I’m going to hop on that Friday, then try to cast Sat/Sun. Hope you’ve been enjoying your game time 😀

  19. Hey :)
    Good to hear you are alive and well =)
    Ive cheked the site over the last year, will gladly hear the next podcas

  20. @1: Glad to have your listenership. I shall do my duty soon :)

    @Sjouks: Nice vid! Few questions:
    -What are your system specs? I’d love to run fraps at let you guys see the ass beatings I take, but my game lags big time when I run fraps, even if I’m the only dude on the screen.
    -Did Emo lol authorize that video?
    -Why did you (maybe it was your partner) use disabling blow in pvp on the guy with the axe? As opposed to some other melee power?

    @Emo lol: You know what’s crazy emo, was thinking about you within the past week. You still playing and rolling with DHW?

    @Uwy tow: Truth is that post junk patch, I have had minimal playing time… in fact NO time in the past 4 weeks or so, but unless they changed the forest profit drops I usually avoid them. Seems like some are more powerful than others and when the zerg, it hurts… well at least it hurt me, and admittedly that was pre the hp boost patch. Guess I’m just out of touch. Time to remedy that.

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