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  1. have seen my fair share of vaporware –
    e.g. I have followed the original Horizons design for years (the Horizons that came out was a complete different game) and Dark and Light and others…

    and I have seen a lot of titles doomed to fail (Earth and Beyond, Asherons Call 2);

    what all these have in common is that they do not or did not talk about critical issues during development.

    I have followed Darkfall for 8(!) years. and the new big trailer shows really nothing. just PvP without UI.
    1 second of “crafting”. we have no idea about balance, no idea about PvE no idea about all the myriads of little details that can make a game fail.

    I love EVE so I appreciate the sandbox idea. also skills instead of leveling.
    but I highly doubt there is any real substance behind their design.

    too many questions especially after the trailer

  2. Well, anon, I’m fired up for DFO for the same minimal reasons that I’m glad AoC happened: experience. If DFO fails, we now have more devs with shareable experience, we as consumers will have been exposed to new ideas, or recycled ones with a different spin, and hopefully everybody has learned something.

    I agree with what you say about the DFO trailer not being enough, but I’ll reserve judgment until the end of beta. Until then I enthusiastically support what they’re doing (as I’m sure you do, being an 8 yr follower).

    I never tried Eve, simply because of the whole leveling while you’re not on aspect. It seems to me that that would give long time players a massive advantage. Despite my shallow analysis, from everything I’ve ever heard it’s still running fairly strong and enjoys a solid playerbase.

  3. let me clear that up: a common misconception, btw….

    there is no leveling in EVE. there are only skills. hundreds of skills.

    you click on a skill to get it to the next level (5 levels maximum per skill).

    imagine WoW. you play a Rogue.
    so you fill the role “ROGUE” in the gameworld.
    you will never be able to fill the role “MAGE” as well as your rogue character.

    in EVE you can in a matter of weeks be basically as good in “ROGUE” as a 5 year player is in that role (EVE is scifi, but you get what I mean).

    to almost max your role “MAGE” you need another 5 weeks.

    to fill the role “WEAPON MANUFACTURER” you need a few weeks to a freaking long time, depending on what you want to build

    to speak in EVE terms: “SNEAKY ANTI BATTLESHIP INTERCEPTOR” 3 weeks
    but of you want to fly the most complex things in the game, e.g. black ops, you need 6 months more
    to scout really well as a weaponless stealth ship you need 6 weeks additionally.

    I can fly over 120 ships and fill over 120 roles.

    it’s like I can play every warcraft class, and every AoC and WAR class with one character.

    now to kill me, not much is required. just a better ship for the purpose.

    if I am scouting, you can one shot me, if you probe my location, even in a noob ship.

    if I am anti battleship, you need a anti interceptor vessel, also available to noobs

    if I am in a transport ship, you can root me in place easily, even as a noob. or shoot me if I am stupid enough to be without protection of my corp.

    if I am in my favourite command ship, don’t even try, cause I can tank half a fleet with maxed out skills. but I can not really kill much either.

    if you know you want to fly a battleship to support your alliance or transport goods or scout enemy location, you can do all that in no time.

    but doing everything, every role, that takes 5 years.

    so you can compete easily by focusing on what you want to do

  4. basically, EVE is what you hope Darkfall might be but is most certainly not.

    EVE actually has 70% of the space under permanent player control. you can build whole spacestations, construct ships that take months to build even with a thousand players working on it.

    you have 40k players on one server online at the same time. that’s 4 times more than Darkfall advertizes to be possible. and EVE already does it.

    almost everything you can buy (far over 99.9% of all items) are player built.

  5. Wow! Yeah, I had some misconceptions. I think I might have missed the boat on this one. Once I almost downloaded the game, but my time got pinched and I never got back to it. About a year later I was trying to find the free trial and couldn’t (that was my second attempt at Eve), so I just forgot about it.

    One cool thing that I did see about Eve, and I think is very hot is Eve Tv (I think that’s it). I saw an episode where to battlegroups were having it out. Great fight.

  6. actually, I am waiting for WAR atm…. I am training a really long skill that takes over a month and EVE can be very stressful… need a timeout

    but if you want to get in, know that: you can do PvE only and be bored in no time, or join a corporation that is in an alliance and do some PvP

    (or join the new faction PvP, which takes place in Empire space, which is not player controlled)

    thinking just because you CAN do something does not mean you SHOULD do it.
    e.g. you can mine rocks all day long and earn money (really incredibly boring – although I have the skills to use the best ship for that – cost me 2 months training lol), but more fun will be missions / PvE.
    but those will become stale too….
    the biggest mistake that you can make in EVE is: playing it like WoW or other linear games.
    also: you are safe nowhere. there are only degrees of safety.

    a lot of corps or alliances give you free ships if you help them. the biggest ones will probably not accept you because you could be a spy (secondary character) for their arch enemy. I’m not joking… (knowledge about enemy stations is worth pure gold in EVE)
    but most medium size or smaller ones will.

    and free trial is available on the eve website. I suggest the Caldari race and try to train for cruisers -> battlecruisers and do some missions….
    but some concentrate on production and have 70 million skillpoints and have no combat skills… (these guys must have played for over 5 years)
    really a matter of taste.

    or join a corp, get free gear and do PvP from the start.

    if you lose your ship in PvP, it will get looted by your enemy. basically you can lose EVERYTHING you carry around in a heartbeat. but that’s not that bad, cause you have infinite space for things in NPC stations and infinite storage for ships.
    you can have 500 battleships if you are that rich. no problem
    http://www.eve-online.com/guide/en/ player guide

    and one more thing: every corp you join will be listed in your “character window” for everyone to see.
    so if you join “assholes inc. – we podkill noobs and piss everyone off” it will stick with you, even after you’ve left.
    while piracy, ganking, and scamming or cheating players is legitimate in EVE, don’t expect to be hired by a corp that frowns on that.

    the biggest corps and alliances are a bit military. very tactical, VERY serious people… you can lose years of work if you fuck up as an alliance. e.g. some member smacktalks an allied alliance leader, this guy gets pissed and suddenly you are at war.
    http://dl1.eve-files.com/media/corp/CRII/Latest.png the latest territory map.
    (I would stay away from RED or goonswarm, but that’s your choice…)

    the great thing is that you can play EVE parallel to other games easily… if you need a timeout, just train a long skill

  7. Thanks for all the info. Definitely going to have to look into this game. Especially if it is conducive to playing in parallel with other games. Hope we have some time to talk about this tonight in the cast.

  8. to let you know i believe you actully spawn with newbie gear when you die.
    caravans as in a mechanic was never in caravan as in a group of people.

  9. yami… right! When I said “mechanic” I was referring to two things:
    1. the use of mules/carts, etc.
    2. an implied mechanic. What I mean by that is that if dfo allows for global banks to hold tons of stuff, then they are implicitly killing the need for caravaning.

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