No Dissent to mmovoices Allowed Anywhere

The original html documents, that referenced Yak’s complaint with the over-zealous moderators at mmovoices, have been removed
as the result of a copyright infringement claim made by mmovoices with our hosting provider. Normally people pursue these sorts of claims when their hard work is being stolen and used to either profit, or rob profit from the original author. We have neither profited, nor care to profit from mmovoices, as their style is very far removed from our own, let alone stole their work. In my opinion, Yak’s posting was one part lazy (really lack of concern that mmovoices would actually attempt to derail our site from the web), and one part context to provide the listeners his complete perspective.

If mmovoices felt that Yak was luring readers from viewing the original blog post at their site to view it on ours, they could have contacted me, and requested the removal of these documents. However, they did not; this comes as no surprise from an organization that blatantly stifles the voices of their critics and corrals their regulars (click here and read rule “2.)”). While I appreciate mmovoices stance on regulating dialogue at their subdomain, I find their subversive back-channel dealings to control conversation elsewhere disgusting and an affront to public free speech.


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17 thoughts on “No Dissent to mmovoices Allowed Anywhere”

  1. If you haven’t already, you should look up the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). It includes a provision called “fair use” which means parody or commentary are allowed. The original copyright claims have frequently been dismissed when challenged based on this provision.

  2. @Iona: Thanks! Yeah, I’m familiar with Fair Use and the DMCA, as well as the regular copyright laws, in general. For example, to actually copyright, you have to register with the government, pay $30 or so, and your copyright will show up in a database. I dont think mmovoices even has a legitimate copyright; however, the issue here can potentially skirt copyright law, and possibly jump into IP law (Intellectual Property). Given that we’re he just to talk game, smack, and have a good time, I’m not sure that this is worth fighting in the court of law (which is the next potential step if I challenged the copyright infringement), but I’m more than willing to subject the issue to the court of public opinion :). My primary issue with those fascists douche bags, over there at mmovoices, is that they put all that effort into taking down my entire domain without even determining if I would discuss this civilly with them. IF they said, “you know… he’s got our logo here, and that over there, and it makes us feel like some people might think this is our site, and blah blah blah…”, I’d be hard pressed not to tell Yak to photo shop his points. haha. But instead they went for the jugular… which is amazingly dick.

    So yeah, we can fight this out legally, but I’m not inclined to drop a dime on this bs. I’ll probably blast them in my next cast, and then walk away. Aside from a basic follow/be followed twitter relationship, I was never a member, or interested in their work (the twitter relationship was bad enough with all the link spam). I read their ToS and decided that it wasn’t for me… I guess Yak thought he’d roll the dice hahaha.

  3. oh ok ha ha now I see what happened. MMO Voices shouldn’t have deleted Yaks posts, but I’m glad Yak retaliated. After I listen to the other cases if there are any on MMO voices and Yaks. That is to bad I don’t have access to see the all posts back and forth. I hope I can get both sides. I know, I’m kinda bias though ha ha Get’m Yak!

  4. @Newbieff11: Here’s the summary:
    -Yak was playing in mmovoices sandbox.
    -Yak kicked sand in some chick’s eyes.
    -Chick threatened to moderate Yak if he persisted.
    -Yak persisted.
    -Yak got moderated.
    -Yak got mad and made rant at his website.
    -Since mmovoices deleted the Yak / chick correspondence Yak wanted to make his case, so before all the posts were deleted he right clicked in his browser and selected “Save as…” from the context menu. This saves everything…including images, scripts, etc. haha, at least via Google Chrome.
    -Yak posted the html in a folder he created to show the context of the dispute and to help support his claim.
    -mmovoices decided that if they couldnt regulate Yak on their site, that they’d regulate it via claiming copyright infringement.
    -My entire domain goes down, and thanks to Nizzie and Yak for waking me up to it.
    -I get site up after removing Yak’s evidence.
    -Still shocked I write some sentiments about mmovoices as seen above.

    …and that’s just about it. In the next cast with Yak he wants to get my opinion on everything, which I will furnish you with… and it does not mirror Yaks 😀

  5. Does Yak still have the html file? I’d love to read that sandkicking conversation.

  6. @Nizzie Stay tuned for the next cast and all will be explained! I am back now from outa Ryan. Just need to work out the details with Ryan at a time that works for both of us.

  7. Well I listened to both Yak’s and Cindy’s cast. Clearly Cindy does not know how to express her view points. I think with her post she should have titled it completely different. She claims she is a fan of the FF series games, but she does not seem to add her own personal opinions. In her video she comes off as a person only listening to other people’s opinions. If she just wanted to express other people’s opinions on why not to play the game then she should have titled it as such. Yak reacted to her claims with more proof and she does attempt to defend herself because she is just going off opinions. Cindy should have presented her topic differently and there would have been no issue with her post.

    Also deleting his posts was childish because that blatantly shows she is not able to defend her post. Unless there was name calling or childish insults then I see nothing wrong with any kind of post in any response.

    Also Ryan’s site got attention because of the association and MMO Voices could not directly attack Yak.

    In my opinion, I do not respect MMO Voices because of their members childish behavior.

  8. @Newbieff11: There might have been childish insults. I’ve been reserving my opinion and analysis until I cast with Yak, which will be soon. I’ll probably waste my time to clean out the copyright stuff and repost the discourse.

  9. Make a new cast already… there’s been a lot of info revealed about the upcoming patch/expansion for DF in Syncaines blog where he visited AV in Greece. Gogogo.

  10. Well the only thing that will get me playing FF14 will be if they change the endgame that was in FF11. I will not play a MMO where the leaders just give gear to their “friends”. If in FF14 players dictate what gear they get by earning it themselves, I will gladly have a new mmo to play. From the looks of what FF11’s new updates the endgame is still favoring the leader dictating where the gear goes and not the player obtaining it themselves. Anyone can stand in a zone and accept a drop in FF11.

    This is why I’m still looking for a MMO to play. I was going to hold off a while with my comments until ryan did a cast on FF14, SWOR, and DC online, but from all the reasons I’ve found to or not to play FF14 that hasn’t been one of them. Yes, I do have more comments, but the endgame drops system will draw me in or push me away from the game itself. I have an issue with this because I have yet to find a fair game based on what the player obtains themselves opposed to what is just given to him or her for various reasons.

  11. @Iona We will be talking about DFO and a lot of other crap as well. Just keep your pad on we are recording tomorrow and then as fast as our lazy asses can get the cast uploaded to our sites. :)

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