VPR Cast 83:”Billy and Dorothea Forever”

Welcome to our 83rd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Get your duct tape, affix your ear phones to your tender ears, wrap face, and listen to an unadulterated 3.5+ hours of raw ear melting, mind bending mmoSmackTalk. This cast includes Billy Bones, and Dorothea Fairdew.

DISCLAIMER: We, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.

About this glorious mmo podcast:
  Over 3.5 hours of on the spot, hot mmo podcast
  New Environmental Sounds
  July Patch
  Chaos Chest #2 Highlights
  2 vs. 2 Tourney and Results
  Tasos @ RPS

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

30 thoughts on “VPR Cast 83:”Billy and Dorothea Forever””

  1. Survived the first 45 minutes of love. Just starting to listen to the cast with the 2 guests. More feedback to come…..

  2. @Ryan: Great fucking cast man! I really can’t wait to talk about DFO on our next cast. With out saying too much because I want to save it for the cast. The DFO that you guys play and the DFO that I played are 2 different games completely.

  3. @Billy: Sadly I am in limbo right now. I have been doing the EQ2 trail just to bass the time by. It’s not a horrible but not a great game ether. I just recorded Yak Cast 30 last night, ***cough, cough, plug*** http://www.yak.mmosmacktalk.com/?p=1099 and I explain my current MMO status there. Don’t be haten until you hear what I have to say with Ryan when we hopefully cast next week. I don’t think DFO is a bad game, same with WOW, they both are just not for me. :)

  4. @yak: You need to get into the world of tanks, it’s a fantastic game. It’s labeled as an MMO but is more along the lines of counter strike as there’s two teams of 15-30, and you get money and exp as you kill and win your way through battles. You can then send exp on Research and Development which will allow you to unlock tank parts. Theres all kinds of tanks too and they all have their own unique play style.

  5. Your cast sucks dick! haha that had me laughing for a while.

    Nice Cast, I agree with Steve, long casts ftw.

    @Billy: You guys said that you have around 75% mana LEFT when you shoot off all your rays, that means you must have some crazy mana conservation and mana efficiency, since when I cast all my rays I got around half or lower -.-

    @Yak: Im assuming from your posts and comments, that when you played DFO, you basicly stuck around the starter cities right?

    If you joined a clan that helped get you started and actually experienced some large scale pvp, sieges, sea warfare, and even PVE, I think you would change your mind, but that is just an assumption.

    I dont know what you are looking for in a game, personally im just in it to win it. Basicly to kill as many people I can and rob them of their pixels, which is why I play Darkfall, because it gives me the freedom to do so. Only game ive played that had something close to Darkfall, was Asheron’s Call.

    Some people call turbine shit but IMO Asheron’s Call is the best game ever made besides Darkfall. Thats right, I said it.

    Looking forward to next cast,

  6. @Steve: Bro, get into plyometrics… it will rule you. The kenpo is cake, minus the horse stance… go deep, get worked.

    @H. Slayer: Yeah, yakkety and I are just going to have to dual cast soon. I need to hear his reasons. What you said about DFO and guilds is totally true. I still stick by the idea that most people cant handle the perceived brutality. I dont think Yak experienced that, so his insight is definitely a point of curiosity.

    @Steve and H: Funny that you guys like long casts… was thinking about dropping some 20 minuters on you guys. haha!

  7. @Ryan: haha well I dont mind some 20 minuters. Personally, the reason I like the longer casts is because it gives me something to listen to while I grind on dfo :p

    Though I think throwing in some 20 minuters would do great to leviate the dead space in between the larger casts.

    So I say go for it.

  8. @H. Slayer: One reason we began casting is that we thought people might be inclined to listen while grinding. I used to listen to podcasts while playing Vanguard (because sound only mattered if an invisible bard were running by)… but in DFO, I can’t imagine. I play on edge and listen to everything… and I hate being in vent… just becomes necessary when grouping. What’s your in game name so that I can come jack you πŸ˜€

  9. Well I got some different spots that are usually completely deserted :) so sound is not a major issue for me. Though if im out pvping its completely different, got my sound maxed to hear those footsteps.

    Im on EU server so good luck :p Though, you are welcome to make another char on EU, so I can stuff a couple surging nukes up your ass xD


  10. Great cast ryan, please continue with the long casts :)

    @H.Slayers whats your ign on eu ? :)

  11. Yeah, i like to listen to old VPR-b casts while a grind, they’re still quality entertainment.

  12. Great cast! Oh my… how I love these long ones. πŸ˜€
    Thanks for putting it out Ryan!

  13. @H. Slayer: Dear Mr. Slayer, here I come.

    @Sjouks: Your wish is my command.

    @Steve: haha! So you like the Ben factor, huh? I’ll have to force that slut into a cast.

    @Widun3r: That’s what she said.

  14. @emo lol: Funny! I remember that fight… happened a week or so ago. What’s missing is the context and the story behind the fight. Basically Ric Flair sucked a few of us into an ambush. Because we didnt notice this, Jedi Mind got some nice shots from the rear, plus we had (at least I had) just been shocked by some dmg from the shades we just ran past. I also remember the lag I experienced as my mount was dying (which made me uncertain of what was going on)… you can notice it in my toon’s responsiveness. Regardless, lag or not, I think I would have been eaten at that point in time anyway. What’s funny about that is that Ric was getting worked… and then the tables turned hugely; πŸ˜€ and we got stomped. Thanks for sharing this…. I’m at work and have a lot to do. Now this will be on my mind. 😐 haha

  15. @Steve I missed your comments. Are you kidding me world of tanks? Dude, that game looked like a joke as if the world really needs another crappy Free to Play MMO. Of all thing Tanks, seems like they will make anything into an MMO now a days. Last a checked they still had over 900 keys they couldn’t give away, HAHAHAHA. Man, Yak goes on vacation and the comments section gets quiet, haahaha.

    @Ryan I can’t wait to get back from out of town so we can talk about recent events. I can’t wait to hear your take on MMO Voices. Also, looking forward to DFO talk and wrapping up Second Skin.

  16. @Thunder Thighs: Sorry, man… looks like you got caught by the spam filter. I’ve been nailed by it too. 😐

  17. Good news – you’ve been selected to play LEGO Universe Closed-Beta, and we’re thrilled to have you!

    I’ll let you know how it is.

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