VPR Cast#81: “Second Skin Part 1”

Welcome to our 81st mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! In this cast Yakkety Yak Yak Yak and Ryan attempt to focus on the first 25 min of the mmo documentary Second Skin. Fortunately for you, our esteemed listener, we range all over mmo creation, getting off track non stop (BUT… we do get through it). So delay no longer. Strap on your $10 headphones and open your lobes to aural mana.

**Two in cast mistakes: 1.) Initially I refered to Second Skin as Second Cast :D, 2.) This is the 81st cast, not the 80th…

***If you want to keep up with the discussion you can stream the flick at netflix for free if you sign up for the 2 week trial account. This will require a credit card.

DISCLAIMER: We, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.

About this glorious mmo podcast:
  Over 3 hours of carefully hand crafted mmo podcast
  First 25 min of Second Skin, to include sound clips
  DFO, DDO, Alganon, WoW, and other experiences tied in.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

20 thoughts on “VPR Cast#81: “Second Skin Part 1””

  1. First of all… Damn it all!! Sjouks, Professor, and my own comments were immediately sent to spam. The same thing happened last week with some other people. So if your comments dont post, dont give up. Ill check spam more frequently.

    @Sjouks: Thanks for the DFO link! Just this past week I was thinking about when they would implement this iron node and rares drop possibility. Glad that’s coming soon. Enter the age of more players wearing and trading higher end armor.

    @Professor: You got it, bro! Thanks!

  2. Hello, Ryan.
    Do you have your show on iTunes, by any chance? I know podcasters usually prefer people actually visiting their websites and leave comments/feedback, but iTunes saves my butt whenever I’m subdued to my hectic schedule (which happens rather often).
    In any case, haven’t listened to the cast yet, but I’ve seen the movie. I’ve also read a lot of comments about it, and I agree with people who say that this movie is not reflecting even 0.5% of MMO gaming population.
    Also, stumbled upon a comment on IMDB, which may have some truth to it. Poster is a guy who’ve been taken as one of the gamers for this movie. And of course, some elements of the story have been twinked here and there – for bad or worse – to appeal more to the non-gaming community.
    All in all, this movie is an interesting watch, but nothing that should really get into. Even though it’s the only movie (I know of) about MMO gamers.

  3. @Alexander: I’m not on iTunes… I’ll get it up and running sooner or later… I definitely appreciate what you’re saying about being busy. I agree with the “interesting watch” comment… like you said, because it’s the only movie on mmo’s that we’re aware of.

  4. @Ryan nice intro with the date and time label. I might have to barrow that!

    All right people we want your feedback, so rip into us and tear away!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I watched the rest…. I agree with my previous statement, and Alexander, about how the movie doesnt reflect even 0.5% of the gaming population, but I will say that the stuff about people killing themselves, really has nothing to do with the game they are playing… something to do with them mentally..they just happen to be playing.

    Though I think that mmorpgs do attract these kind of socially outcasted people, because they have a chance at an alternative life, even if it is online. They have a chance to meet new people, and be accepted for their personality, rather than how they look or their economic status. So that I think has something to do with the death tolls “from video games”. As Paul Levinson said, it shows the correlation between video games and violence, not causation.


    but people trying to put a negative spin on gaming is nothing new, just like Jack Thompson hahaha.


    Looking forward to the next,


  6. @H. Slayer and Starkiller: Thanks for the links! I’ll definitely check those out.

    @Starkiller: I completely forgot about that 1980’s D&D thing… because of that bullshit, some of my friends and I had to stealth play.

  7. M’kay, so listened to the cast yesterday afternoon, and… I don’t really know where to begin. There was so much audio love made to my gentle little ears. 😉

    In short though, I did love it. You brought up good points and there were a few really interesting discussions. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

    Thanks again for taking time out of your lives to do this. This podcast is amazing. (Oh yeah, and the new intro was awesome. I giggled like a little girl.)

  8. Wow star, I was pleasantly surprised by your links. They kept me quite entertained.
    They did a good job with the budget they had.

    Got any more? 😀


  9. @Widund3r: Thanks for the comment! I appreciate the feedback emanating from thine loving tips 😀 Yak has already has already contacted me about further stimulating your most gentle lobes.

  10. Ryan dreams about making sweet code. I always knew computer people are different from us normals. 😀

  11. @Emo LoL: I logged on for about 15 min today and farmed 3 iron nodes. They yielded 2 veilron ore… so yeah, right fucking there I’m phsyched. That helps to level the playing field a little in and of itself by providing broader access to higher end weaponry and armor. Plus I’ll now have more opportunity to boost my currently stagnate armor crafting mastery. RE stat gain, i have around 58 str and vit… improve was the same, at least while tapping the nodes. RE the ray spells… this will most likely give some value to shade crafting… guess we’ll see.

    @nizzie: better different 😀

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