VPR Cast #22 WaR “preview weekend”

Guys, we had a kick ass cast lined up about the Warhammeronline preview weekend. Unfortunately we ran into some nasty technical issues and were unable to remedy them. In fact we recorded 2 choppy casts. I considered putting them up, but they’re pretty bad. This weekend I might cut out the good stuff and make a small montage. Regardless we want to share what we learned, so Ryan might have to put out a solo cast that includes a review of low level pvp and questing. Overall, the reports thus far are good, and we’re really looking forward to open beta. Let us know how you liked it (or disliked it).

Check back this Sunday night to see if Ryan was able to post a solo cast. If nothing is there, then we will post the next VPR-B cast late Wednesday (for all intents and purposes… Thursday a.m.).