VPR Cast#80: “Naga Lite”

Welcome to our 80th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Darkfall Darkfall Darkfall. Do you really need me to say more?

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
  Over 2 hours of frothing DFO fanboyism.
  Why delay of cast?
  DFO tips/tricks/info
  Naga-lite (similar to Natty Lite)
  DFO News and Updates
  Win $5000 via expressing your love of Darkfall Online!
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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

45 thoughts on “VPR Cast#80: “Naga Lite””

  1. Congratulations!

    The link I gave was the channel of a youtube user who had tons of Xsyon videos posted. Unfortunatly his newest uploaded video, the one you watched, wasn’t Xsyon.

  2. Thank you for the cast, would not have made it through 7 grueling hours of Illustrator today if I wasnt listening to this.

    The strongboxes are fine, I just wish they would focus on the issues, instead of buying time, by feeding us with new stuff. But hey, they promised they would fix or add most of these things in the “2010 Darkfall” expansion, so lets see.

    Though back to the strongboxes, havent been able find much use to them other than blocking dungeon entrances with em, though you can get through them if you autorun, and then relog. When you log in, you will be on the other side of it.

    The new character models and mahirim mount looks pretty nice, cant wait for the alfar models. Wish they would remodel all the mounts though, especially the alfar mount, im tired of this dragonfish/lizard crossbreed.

    When I clicked on the forum link I had no problems seeing all QQness of hackers being banned, but yea I think they recently made it for members only, seeing as how everyone was going there to flame and laugh at the people getting banned. AV might have been watching as well, never know.

    Btw, nice on getting the Naga. I have the same, ALOT better to play now IMO, much easier switching between spells/weps, plus alot more spells available. Though I recommend not using the rubber guides that come with it, eventually they will fall off and leave some stickyness on your buttons. Just duel some clannies until you get used to it.

    Anyways nice cast, and looking forward to the next, and yea, get Yak into DFO man, I cant seem to shake his hesitation off.


  3. Strongboxes would be fine when they would fix the damn dungeons. Entrance and exit portals (and loading screen alt + f4) are just fail. It’s like a free get out of jail card.

  4. @Ryan Hey bro love the cast! Even through I don’t play DFO, I always love the cast and find it interesting. Even more so then some DDO related podcasts out there, shhhhhhhh. I love the idea of the Strong Box, is very cool! Tera Online doesn’t look at promising now that I said the Dev 1 questions. Yes, it’s in my latest cast. :) It’s still beta but sounds light years away from DFO but that could change. You called me on it, I have been meaning to do the trial of DFO and get the out of box experience and try the DFO love once again. Second Skin is in the mail, so you need to order your copy as well. :)

  5. @Ryan One more thing! Yes, I love when you put links. It’s easy with Word Press, lazy bastard! HAHAHAHA I had to hunt for the xsyon link.

  6. 6 already? I wish Ryan would put that much enthusiasm in making podcasts. 😀

  7. @Nizzie The man has a lot going on. Trust me having just one kid is a handful. I couldn’t even fathom having 6 kids. Plus he is a master programmer that travels around he area and is always working on a project. It takes a lot of effort to put a podcast together. He has the enthusiasm, it’s just making time. Trust me on this! I had to give up my gaming time last night so I could cast. When it’s not my personal time, then I am working, doing house stuff, or spending time with my wife. You should have said, that you wish Ryan had more time. :)

  8. I have not listened to the cast yet, I will soon. I just want to TALK SMACK to YAK!

    A few weeks back this fool got in a predicament with Starkiller comparing MMO sizes. WoW and LotrO.

    Heres the factual Data which basically makes Yak look like a dumbass.


    World of Warcraft — 80mi2
    Asheron’s Call — 500mi2
    Guild Wars: Nightfall — 15,000mi2
    The Lord of the Rings Online– 30,000mi2

    Get shit on. You just got owned Yak.

  9. They were talking about VGs size there and VG was 64km2. They act like this stuff is not published information by the game companies.

  10. Wow, great cast! Thanks for pumping these out for our gentle little ears to listen to. You’re awesome!

  11. @nizzie: Thanks! And thanks for the clarification RE Xyson. Yeah, really hoping they truly renovate the dungeons in this DFO 2010 push. RE enthusiasm and cast making. hahaha… that made me laugh! Glad you like them!

    @H.Slayer: Interesting info RE auto run/log to get past strong boxes. haha! Players always find away around things. Something that MIGHT be interesting in this vein (the strongbox block dungeon door usage) would be to allow a new type of strong box, OR an enhancement to any strongbox, which in effect would turn it into a Sentinel Strongbox. Anybody that comes within a certain visible range of the Sentinel Strong box would broadcast the name that the box “saw” to the boxes’s owner.

    @Yak: Dude!!! I must summon the motivation to sign up for a netflix trial today to get that flick. My apologies for the mass slack :)

    @Beleg: Interesting link. I wish there was more written substance to it.

    @Starkiller: Glad added the bit about VG area… helps give some context to what I was seeing there.

    @Widund3r: Thanks, man! Without at least one listener, this cast is worthless… so thanks! Can’t wait to further assault your gentility. 😀

  12. @Ryan: Yea that sounds pretty interesting, would be pretty nice actually, especially in sieges, instead of sending out scouts, just place them around. Kind of reminds me of the macro program we had in Asheron’s Call, which played a high pitch sound and even told you a msg when a red decided to show up or when an admin decided to check if you were afk macroing :p

    As I said earlier, good stuff, will be looking forward to next cast,hopefully not too many diaper changes and bottle filling will get in the way :p


  13. Btw Ryan, the conversion is 64k squared is 25m squared. So VG by land mass is smaller than WoW by land mass. That does not include the oceans though.

  14. @Ryan: Why are you laughing? I was serious. Put more effort in making podcasts.. or I’m gonna sue you. I heard this is possible in America.

  15. @Yak: I THINK that I replied 😀

    @nizzie: Thine will is my command. As far as what can be litigated in America… seems like the sky is the limit. So bring it and reap the wealth of this website 😀

    @Starkiller: Just to be clear for everybody, your use of “m” was to imply MILES, right? I was thinking meters and that math don’t hunt 😀 That’s hard to believe about VG to Wow… are you talking about the size wow released at? That’s the landmass that I’m mentally comparing and have a hard time with wow being bigger in landmass than vg.

  16. Don’t know how they are comparing WoW, I would assume they mean dungeons and all. M is for miles, km for kilometers. WoW is not small compared to older games, but in the grand scheme WoW is small compared to large worlds.

  17. @Star Believe it or not I have been playing Alganon. It is very WOW like but yet, I am having a blast playing it. I know understand why you are having a ball with LOTRO. Who know next month I may be bored of it. It’s not what you play, or how complicated of a game but how much fun you have play it!!!!!!

  18. Never said LotRO was complicated, hell, no games have been hard since L2, BUT LotRO is the BEST PvE game I have played. The story lines are great, there is a good crafting system, a good harvesting system, plenty of content, a few tough raids that take players knowing their class and how to play. There is a lot going for LotRO, just not PvP.

    A few of the really big things in LotRO is the Legacy Items and how they can be leveled up and the scenarios are great too. Let you experience other battles that happend in Middle Earth that were not the focus of the movies.

  19. @Sjouks, lol I was thinking the same thing, was about to post a crazy pvp video, but that promo video is nice as well.

    To be honest, AV needs to hook Valroth up with a job or something, because he does alot for the DFO community. Besides his great pvp vids, he also has video tutorials for the new players, and on top of that he has countless of promo videos for DFO, which is really great for advertisement.

    If only he had some economic backing, and the opportunity to put it on TV, subscription sales would most definately go up.

    We need more players to do this, pvp vids is great, but promo vids is what we need to get more people interested. Thats just my opinion on it.

    @Steve: My link is better :p


    Shout out to Apoc for the nice pvp vid, back when wall of force was awesome -.-


  20. @ steve renolds Yeah, I have a friend who just re-subscribed to it, and he says it’s great! :-) I’m considering re-subscribing myself.

  21. @nizzie: I did. 😀 Had a cast scheduled for last night… which fell through 😐 Will get one done very soon. I definitely have some stuff to talk about.. and then there will be the patch. So ideally I kick this out prior to the patch.

    Guys, thanks for coming back! You will be served a delightful cast soon.

  22. @ steve renolds Yeah, I have a friend who just re-subscribed to it, and he says it’s great! :-) I’m considering re-subscribing myself.

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