Make your own Darkfall Tag / Icon

Here is how to make your own darkfall tag / icon so that you can advertise your shit without retyping it.
sample dfo tag

First, copy and paste this into the race or trade channel and observe the effect:
^Ss_Rage§30|§20|You want to know how to do this, stop by§50|Skill Level: godmode^

Here’s what it all means:
^ = Begin/End entering tag data
S = “Second hand information” (this is a guess, but probably wrong, since I’ve seen Pr_ yield second hand info too.)
s_ = source tag which must be followed by a known tag (this is a guess)

§[number]| = text segment… ie Segments of text are

delimited by: §[number]|
Example: §40| <– that will begin a new line of green text

Color code for segments of text:
§00 : makes following segment of text disappear.
§10 : grey
§20 : blue
§30 : white
§40 : green
§50 : tan
§60 : white
§70 : tan
§80 : makes following segment of text disappear.
§90 : makes following segment of text disappear.
§100 : grey

To learn more via experimentation, copy and paste any skill, weapon, etc. tag / icon from your in game chat panel and paste it into notepad. From there, change things around, and paste it into your own private party channel (to avoid spam, but, yes, it is okay to spam the mmoSmackTalk url).

That’s it. If you learn anything new, please post a comment.


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