VPR Cast#77: “The Return of the StarKiller”

Welcome to our 77th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Alright, sons of Ruin, we are back with Starkiller. He has returned to provide you with 3 hours of daddy time. We cover his knowledge of Aion, MO, and more. So strap in and fire up thine iPods. От mmoSmackTalk.com с любовью!

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
  Over three hours of fun.
  Starkiller on AION
  Starkiller on MO
  Starkiller on LOTRO
  Starkiller on StarTrek
  Starkiller on TERA
  Starkiller on Ebonlore

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

64 thoughts on “VPR Cast#77: “The Return of the StarKiller””

  1. Nice cast.

    Finally someone addresses the WoW plague spreading to other games. WoW is doing so well because of how easy it is to play it. That is why you have 4 year olds to grandmothers playing it, and why they have over 13 mill subscriptions. Which is fine, just dont let it migrate to other games. Dont let Ex-wow players ruin other games with their bitching about how the grind is too hard, thats all im saying.

    Not gonna speak on LOTRO, cause im not feeling the crafting/pve game. I watched a vid on youtube showing the gameplay and it didnt look very appealing to me..

    MO, ive heard alot of people talk about it, especially in DFO, most of them ive talked to have said that MO was a complete let down. I also checked a vid out on the gameplay and I could understand what they meant. Though it is in beta form, plus ive never played it, this is purely based on visual appearance of it. Cant really speak on the skill trees, etc.

    You guys seem pretty excited about Tera, so ill lay off on bashing it, what I will say though is, the biggest thing that I dont like about it is the combat system.

    You shoot a spell into the air, it vanishes after 2 feet. If you put your your reticle on your target and shoot your spell/arrow, it follows them until it hits, just like WoW. Really the only difference between WoW and Tera, when it comes to their combat systems, with spells/archery, is that in tera you have to place a large volleyball-size circle on your target before you shoot your homing missile.

    Thats basicly what is keeping me away from it, but ill be looking forward to hear a cast after you have played it a bit.

    Great cast as always,
    Looking forward to the next one,


  2. I really liked playing Lotro, but I can understand that many people don’t. If you’re not into questing, the game’s not for you I guess. Lotro’s questing is the best I’ve experienced so far. It’s challenging up to the point of frustration, you have to read the quest in order to be able to complete it. Most objectives are hidden (some on purpose, some not) and there’s (thank god) no markers on the map. I’d love to give it another try (haven’t played MoM and the newest addon), but I’m not willing to pay that much for both addons.

    Story and questing in Lotro is pretty awesome. Instances too, Garth Agarwen and Fornost are badass.

  3. @Steve: You’re kidding, right? haha. Just glossed over those notes… don’t see a compelling reason to play that olden game.

    @H. Slayer et al: Okay, for the record, I’m not “excited” about Tera because there are too many unknowns, such as pvp, scaling of walls ;D, character progression and uniqueness, looting of thine enemy, rampant metrosexuality(?), can you group with a dude who just began and make earnest headway (ala dfo), etc. Now, if the game ends up being very dfo-esque, and has rich pve, then that is a sweet thing, and you have my attention… so that is more or less where I stand now. However, at the end of the day, I think I might sound more interested than I am. The fact is that I’m still loving dfo, and hate that I cant play more.

    Also, guys, I meant to reply to some of last week’s comments in an upcoming cast, but have failed to do so. However, all is not lost 😀 I’ll try to remember to reply to them when I discuss the “Community” expansion requests. Not sure if it was H Slayer or someone else RE the AH, but that person made a good point. So I definitely want to address that.

  4. @Star: No one in their right mind is leaving an MMO to play LOTRO. They are only playing LOTRO because it’s their and the Token Franchise. LOTRO of all the MMO’s is small man and is not where near the size of VG. LOTRO graphics are not as cartoony as WOW but they are very cartoonish. The character/NPC models are very cookie cutter. It’s not the best graphics, well nothing special but normal for a modern MMO. Dude, I couldn’t imagine not having teleport in VG as I felt the pain in EQ, OMG.
    Not that I like Aion but it was mentioned that it was L2 in a WOW mode. Funny that was said when LOTRO is WOW in an easier mode. Everyone gets a res, 1 hour cool down. You don’t have an in-depth talent/skill tree. You can only have 5 talents at most and the get min abilities per level. Dude, I got to the point where I knew the land well, there is no grind. Star Talked about grind but I could get from 1-20 in 8-10 hours. From there it’s the same endless grind nothing special. I like the idea of having to earn deeds but again more grind.
    The content is fucking easy if not easier then WOW. Plus the rune master class makes it even easier with being able to dps spells and heal. Seriously the builds are very cookie cutter don’t lie. The only people playing it are the fan boys and people who are bored as hell of MMO’s. I got a Captain to level 48 and was tired of kill here, quest there. At the end game levels there really isn’t may places to go. Plus the game is restricted to the LOTRO lore.
    The only good thing about the game is the crafting system rocks being able to make shit good and better then drops.
    Ok so now you are trashing DDO, the better game that is more complicated. The problem is that DDO is too complicated of a game for you to stick with what you know. I don’t understand how a hardcore PVP player would like such a simple PVE game.
    Also, you contracted everything you said that you hate about other MMO’s, LOTRO is exactly that!
    Also, the quest where you talk to Frodo for 10 minutes is torcher.
    What is wrong with LOTRO is that there is nothing special about it and when I went back to the server I played on, it was empty!
    WOW, with cut seems sums it up to, that is LOTRO, LMAO.
    No one in their fucking mind player MMOs because of LOTRO, that just tells me that you are bias on the game.
    Also, I find it insulting to VG that you compare VG to LOTRO as they are nothing alike.
    @Ryan: On our “Art of War” Casts, I need to address that LOTRO is not a turd that you can polish. If you like then shut the fuck up and play but don’t say it’s the greatest game!!!! Star is just a fan boy and the only reason why people play LOTRO, that and those you bought the life time is the only thing keeping that game alive.

  5. I am finishing up this cast and not really getting annoyed at Star. Dude, it’s not difficult for them to make a fucking climb wall skill and able to climb up a wall. I agree with Ryan 100%, it would be easy and they would not have to do it to every pixel. There is something called IF statements in programing. All they need to do is make the animation for all the classes and races that can do it and that make IF statements on the surfaces that they will let you climb.

  6. Gotta say one thing about Star’s DFO comment about everyone being able to do everything. Botting to win? If you BOT in darkfall you will still get ROCKED hard. People with 280hp rapeface on people with 400hp, Its a PLAYER SKILL game. If you dont have twitch your a crafter and thats it.

    “you’re not gonna be competitive with a guy that botted everything in DFO”

    This statement is false. Thats the TRUE difference for mortal. The Combat in MO is utterly too slow, its not as much based on player Twitch Skill , its more about botting then DFO. The Player who BOTS in MO even with its choices will always beat the person who doesnt. The Choice or path someone takes in MO that is the most OP then the other choices will create an inbalance. In DFO players are not gimped for an inbalanced class. If a class is OP in DFO, you can grind it and be OP. if one players bots his entire way, the VETERAN who has a new character and completely twinked his Keyboard set-up cuz hes competitive will rape the botters face. Huge disagreement about that issue I had to get out.

    I have played all these games talked about accept VG and DDO.

    @YAK: “LOTRO of all the MMO’s is small man” Have you played LOTRO?

    LOTRO is HUGE bro. Time your travel from Lothlorien to Thorins Hall on foot and tell me how many hours it takes,

    “LOTRO is WoW on Easy mode”

    WTF, You literally can’t get easier then WoW. have u made it End-Game Lotro? Everything in Lotro is a million times more complex. The Raid strategies, the builds, the quests, the story, the systems, crafting. Jesus compare the AH and LFG system from lotro to wow. its insane how much better LOTRO is. The only thing WoW has 1 up on is PvP systems. Etenmoors isnt that bad though, good times.

    “The content is fucking easy if not easier then WOW.”

    When they added the Hope tokens and Hope armor I may agree it royally screwed pre EXP raids, Try a Helegrod Dragon raid pre expansion. (STARKILLER LED MY FIRST DRAGON KILL, EPIC) The strategies by themselves are better then the WoW zergfest raids.

    I can’t say anything about DDO being better than LOTRO cuz I havent played, but how can anyone say DDO as a F2P is better then LOTRO baffles me.

    LOTRO in my opinion was done great for a themepark. LOTRO should have been a sandbox though. LOTRO as a sandbox would be the ultimate game hands down and it would blow every game out of the water. Middle Earth Online should have been LOTRO, they sold the idea and made a themepark which was a utter fail.

    This cast is awesome, all interview casts are pretty epic. Thanks Starkiller it was awesome getting your perspective and I def agreed with a majority of your points.

  7. @Beleg Dude come on LOTRO maybe is a bigger world then War Hammer but not by much man. Now EQ that game si huge, too fucking bg, LOL. If LOTRO was a sandbox game, now that would be cool! Glad you agree that LOTRO is a huge epic fall. I haven’t played much DFO but from playing War Hammer good skills for sure can make the lower level, under geared less power full player win. I loved the cast just don’t agree with a lot of what Star said. Too much of a Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rant. Wahhhhhhh DFO doesn’t work the way I want it to.

  8. Yak put the pipe down. I didn’t bring up your fail game of DFO, Ryan did. I could care less about that piece of shit. LotRO is the 2nd largest game by subscription for a pay to play game in NA and is bigger than WAR and Aion both. It transitions back and forth wtih Eve for 2nd and 3rd spot in total ammount of subs. The spikes for Aion and WAR which bypassed LotRO and Eve only lasted for the first few months after release and then collapsed in on themselves.

    LotRO as far as size goes is larger than VG so since you don’t know what you are saying how about have a warm cup of shut the fuck up. I played VG longer than you did I guarantee it and I know the world of Telon intamately more than you do.

    DDO is EPIC FAIL. That is why it is Free to play and can not compete with anything. Just because people do not even play DDO does not mean new people do not join LotRO every day and left other games to do so. I talk to people in LotRO daily and get their stories, not fire up a crack pipe and make shit up like you do, so keep your dellusions to yourself.

    LotRO is far more difficult of a game than WoW, maybe if you played past a level that could be hit in a few weeks you might know that.

    You contradict yourself constantly when you are typing, maybe you should proof read before you click submit. You say LotRO has no grind, then you all you do in LotRO is grind. Make up your mind. LotRO has grinding for reputation and deeds. Leveling is quest based, common knowledge, expand yours before fucking speaking.

    Imagine that, Lord of the Rings Online is restricted to Lord of the Rings lore! Oh my fucking God, Mary and Jesus. They should have added Dragon Ball Fucking Z lore to LotRO. Dude, smash your head with a fucking hammer.

    Get off your Epic Fail DDO dick and find a new one to suck. DDO is fail, get over it. LotRO is one of the BEST PvE games ever released. You rage quit before you hit cap because you didn’t have the skills to get there.

  9. @Star I see someone hasn’t got laid in a long time. DDO is free to play as Turbine changed it’s model and is making more money with the pay as you go. They have more then doubled they player base as well and is doing some thing right. All you can say is that DDO is Epic Fail but you can’t list reasons why. I think that like most MMO’s you play they are in beta and you never revisit them. I mean that LOTRO isn’t a grind as I could play it while doing your mom but just like that it’s repetitive. She is easy but boring. :) I didn’t rage quit LOTRO I got to the end game when the level cap was 50 and it was very boring and only 1 or 2 places to level. I can tell you are a LOTRO fan boy and that’s fine. When you do leave that game and you will I can’t wait to hear why. Hell, I am sure that I will leave DDO some day. However, all you say that this game and all other MMO’s fail but yet you don’t say why they fail. If Terra online does come out then we can settle this the way geeks do, through PVP 1×1 of course. By the way I love my crack pipe!!!

  10. LOL, I haven’t got laid in a longtime? What’s wrong, because you are a zit faced fat ass in mommys basement you think everyone is? My wife has 10x the gaming skill you could ever posses and fucks like a champ, don’t be jealous.

    Awe poor little boy don’t like it when someone stands up to his bullshit. DDO sucks cause it was easy as hell and nothing but one huge piece of shit instance.

    Hint, everyone doubles their player base when they stop changing. Going from a couple hundred players to doubling that is not hard. Turbine made it free to play because it was not making enough money for them, same as when every other company makes a pay to play game free to play.

    Tubrine didn’t change it’s model, LotRO is Turbine as well. I love LotRO, never said I didn’t. In fact I have said what was wrong with it too, if you got the DDO cum out of your ears you would have heard that also.

    Btw have fun fucking my moms ashes in the Gulf of Mexico, you are just sick. Your mom would tell you to watch your mouth, but hers is full atm. She told me the best part of your daddy ran down the OTHER whores crack.

    When I leave LotRO it will be because there is a good pvp game out there. That would make LotRO the best game ever if they would just add an FFA PvP server. Btw you can talk crap about LotRO not having PvP, it has way more PvP than DDO does roflcopter.

    Give ya a hint nancyboy, if you don’t like getting bitched slapped, watch how you talk to your superiors.

  11. Just got done doing my PHP-coding, now im just enjoying this cup of coffee while im reading this flame war. Very entertaining guys, you guys should do a cast together, hahaha, now that would be something.

    Just so throw a bit of gasoline on the fire, only game worth mentioning from Turbine is Asheron’s Call, the rest are just extras.


    But yea, keep it up, making my day go by quick rofl.

    Settle it in DFO! let Ryan be the ref.


  12. @Star You have a lot of anger with threats of this and that. other then the smack talk I was trying to have an intelligent conversation with you. However, by your accent and your limited vocabulary in the cast, that you have an inbred Red Neck. I am not going to waste another breath on you. You defiantly have issues and there is no way you can reason with someone who is unreasonable and just spits out trash. I am now leaving this vortex.

  13. @Yak ROFL, dude could you wave a bigger I surrender flag???? Your insults and flamming right off the bat was trying to have an intelligent conversation??? My limited vocabulary??? You can not even form coherent sentences and I am an inbred redneck??? Dude, really, you make yourself look so stupid I feel sorry for picking on you.

    I am a redneck and proud of it. I think the only inbred thing around here is you though and I can guarantee with your responses I have a higher IQ and general better all around education than you do.

    Next time before you start running your mouth like you are someone important, you might want to make sure it is a 3rd grader you are trying to talk down too and intimidate because it does not work on this redneck jarhead.

    Class dismissed. Go back to studying now kiddo!

  14. Yak,

    Plain and simple, LotrO is one of the greatest and most Epic PvE games I have played. I am not a fanboy and I think they did tons of things wrong but what they did right was make the most engaging story driven content I have ever experienced.

    Every Dungeon and Raid in LotrO practically puts you in the movies. LotrO will never fail, and I expect them to flesh it out all the way to the epic battles of Gondor.

    Just had to get that straight, I never said the game was a pile of fail. I said the themepark aspect was when compared to a sandbox.

    Now lets stop talking about these lame themepark games and move on to MO and DFO.

  15. Thanks for the mmo smack talk! I arrived at work early and thanks to you two, I had some good laughs already. No better way to start off the day! 😀

  16. @Star You are too much fun. I swear I was going to take the high road on this one. Again you are a proud Red Neck and that speaks for it’s self. I can see why you like LOTRO now with all the farm land over in the hobbit towns. Dude, I run my mouth like I am someone important because I am! Surrender flag never!!!! Just because someone chooses to not respond or ignore doesn’t mean they have given up.

    @Beleg LOTRO puts in the moves, what a nerd!!!!! If LOTRO is sooooooooooooo epic then why do you want to move on?

  17. You wanna talk about nerds when you play fucking DDO? Wasn’t you who did that insane nerd YouTube video the other cast? DDO has to be the mother of all nerd games.

    Please stfu and GTFO. Have you ever done a lotro Raid? Get the fuck out.

    I moved on because the game lacks PvP. Period. I am and always will be a PvP’r. If they add a PvP expansion I will be back. Until then I will continue with the 200v200 PvP raids in DFO.

  18. @Bleg I guess you have nerd hatred as I don’t see being a nerd as a bad thing, as nerds are smart. I am a nerd and most of us are fellow nerds. Nerds play MMO’s, into computers, etc. Raided in WOW, LOTRO, been there done that, nothing special. PVP in most PVE suck, hey we agree on something. So preach the good word of MO and DFO then, since you are bored with the talk of these other games.

  19. Yak, the fact you chose not to respond didn’t me you lost, your whinning and crying did! I am proud of my heritage, you should be too, nothing wrong with being mommys basement troll!

    Without the rednecks you would be speaking Japanese or German today, I am proud to be a redneck that defends this great nation of ours!

  20. @Star Thanks for explaining to me why I don’t speak German or Japanese. Every since I was a young boy, I left that I was trapped and something was always missing. Now you solved it, thanks man! LMAO

  21. Yak Cast 18 “The Safari with Kalari“ is now live!

    Listen to it now at http://www.yak.mmosmacktalk.com

    DDO Cast Length: 02:22:19

    * Yak intro
    * Ask Gomosh
    * Welcome Guest Kalari to the Show
    * Who is Kalari of Sarlona
    * DDO back in the day
    * Wizard Class, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
    * Why DDO is better than LOTRO
    * Cosmetic Clothing & Dies
    * DDO Role Playing need love
    * Yak fears the end game
    * Vets need love too
    * Level 14-16 Rip Van Winkle Syndrome
    * Half-Orc Fighter V.S. Barbarian Debate
    * Half-Orc Monk Talk
    * Paralyzer Weapons
    * Heal or not to Heal
    * The Escapist’s 2010 March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown
    * Kalari is a Yak fan
    * MMO Blues
    * Loot Drama
    * Fun V.S. Loot
    * PUG’s and Grouping
    * DDO Work, Life, Balance
    * Closing Thoughts

  22. Awe he feels the need to advertise a DDO cast, how cute. I guess I would have to try and compare an inferior game like DDO to a superior game like LotRO too if I were a DDO fanboi.

  23. @Yak I listened to about 3 minutes of your cast where yet again you talk about LotRO like you know what you are talking about and have absolutely no knowledge. Really, do not make specific comments about games when you do not posses the knowledge.

    How can you ever try and compare DDO to LotRO, DDO is nothing but instance after instance after instance. There is no open world. Characters have 5 abilities only? Dude, really, every time you open your mouth you remove all doubt how dumb you are.

    LotRO is nothing like WoW, other than being more successful than DDO that is. You and your DDO fangirl not like LotRO does not mean anything, you are in such denial that you keep saying a failed game is better than a game that is still thriving and growing. Sorry, getting more players now DDO is free to play does not mean it is thriving and growing, it’s numbers steadily declined when it was pay to play.

    Sorry if your DDO fangirl and you do not undertand the use of chains in combat and what makes chains cool. You do realize VG had a very similar combat system to LotRO, except there were no different builds for the calsses. Oh wait, you said that makes DDO suck having different choices.

    You realize what you tried saying made DDO better is actually there in LotRO, you can be a DPS as a warrior, a damage absorbing tank, or a self healing warrior. Wait, I named three things you could be instead of two like you did for DDO.

    Really man, until you know more about LotRO than you do, stop acting like you are an expert, cause you most certainly are not. The biggest thing that gives it away so fast is how you talk about how small LotRO is, that just shows you don’t have the first clue to what you are talking about.

    Seems like you DDO fanbois just have major penis envy for LotRO cause all you talk about is what you want that LotRO has and DDO does not, roflcopters.

  24. Well, nice to see the flames still burning.

    I demand a cast with Starkiller and Yak, to debate these issues. Ryan should be in charge of this, where he asks the questions and keeps the debate from blowing up :)


  25. Turbine flame wars. I don’t like it – why can’t those guys just get along? :(

    PS: Lotro is on sale for 10 bucks right now. That’s right, game + 2 addons for $10. Unfortunatly it’s US only. :(

  26. @Nip: Thanks for the link! Going to check it out later tonight or this weekend. While Tera has a reticle, one of the dudes around here said two things that take away:
    -If you miss a spell, the projectile fizzles out quickly. Which means that you can’t hit your buddy, or another enemy with it.
    -The reticle offers missile lock… so a shot fired while the target is technically acquired, then the shot will NOT miss… that means you have no way to REALLY dodge something ones the shot is released.
    Of course, these were just observations (who wants to claim this cause I cant remember which one of you it was :) ) from one of our listeners, but if it’s true, then some of the shine has come off the game for me. With that said, it’s not like I’m holding my breath for it… it’s just wait and see for me. However, at the end of the day, I do want to see more fps mmos of good quality, as they will help the system evolve thereby lending to more dfo style fps mmo games.

    @H.Slayer: I love the embers of a good flame war, as it means that their’s potential for more 😀 haha! Yeah, maybe I’ll have to see if they want to get involved in a live debate, to be moderated by my unmitigated laughter.

    @nizzie: Can’t you play on a US server for LOTRO? OR is the lag that bad? I’m thinking Yak should reactivate his account, and let StarKiller hold his dick through some adventures and see how they both feel afterwards 😀

  27. @Ryan: Yea that was me who said the stuff about the reticle and spell lock on. This is just what ive gotten from the videos, that someone posted on an earlier cast. I hope that the spells/ranged doesnt turn into homing missiles but it looked that way to me. So yea, the feeling is mutual on Tera. The missile lock kills it for me as well. Though I will take back my “volleyball sized reticle” comment, because I checked out some other videos and the reticle is not that big.

    Haha idd. hook it up ! I dont think im the only one who wants to hear the showdown between LOTRO vs DDO. Its like the battle for second place, since we all know Asheron’s Call is the king of Turbine 😛


  28. @Star Glad to see you are listening to my casts. If doesn’t matter if you love me or hate me as long as you listen!

  29. @Ryan: Yeah ping is kinda ok for it. ~170ms – I’m glad I bought it, it has been a while since I last played it (pre Mines of Moria expansion). And I agree with H.Slayer, Lotro vs DDO would be an interesting podcast. There’s not much to talk about DFO at the moment anyway, right?

  30. Whats up folks, I’m back. I liked the cast and agree that nobody is really going to leave any MMO for LOTRO. Lotro is a fine game for those who are Tolkien fans, but for an average MMO gamer, it doesn’t really offer much.

    I also agree with the negative impact that Blizzard has had on the MMO community. Too many people see MMO’s as a cash cow because of it. I really hate how Blizzard wait to release content to screw other games. I know that it is business but it seems like they want no competition.

    I almost forgot about MO. Man I hate to say it but I really think that the game is going to fail. It seems so incomplete, which I hope is because the are truly going for an OB and just doing a stress test and withholding actual content. I like the potential direction of MO, but from what I have seen so far I don’t think that SV is going to reach it and crash and burn before they are able to.

    Well at any rate I have decided to check out DFO again and it seems better than when I left like 6 months ago. What Clan are you in Ryan? I am looking for a clan “wink wink”. For all the players look me up in DFO Lord Draconis.

  31. Welll I guess the people telling us they left other games for LotRO must be complete morons and not know what they are talking about then 😉

  32. @Burnt: Good to read you again! I’m with Thugs For Life. If you want an invitation, hit up Billy Bones in game, Dorothea Fairdew (hope I spelled that correctly), or Bear Fkr. I dont know the guild recruitment policy, but those guys are the decision makers. Hope to see you in game!

  33. @nizzie: 170 is definitely not bad at all! I was playing with 300 ping from NA to EU (dfo) and was completely able to enjoy my gaming experience.

    I’ll definitely hit up yak and star to see if they want to do a joint cast (brawl :D)

  34. @BurntSushi: I have to agree about MO. I was in beta block B if I remember correctly, and in all those months I played like what? Maybe 5 hours max. Funny thing is, I was interested in the game all this time – but I just couldn’t bear playing it. Every time I logged in I was turned off immediatly by its flaws (massive lag, no sound with my g35, lots of crashes, awful fighting system). If the devs would add another 2-4 months until release I’d be more confident. Anyway, I’ll give it a shot at release (in the next 2 days actually – SV said march) but I don’t expect anything special. :(

  35. @Burntsushi Far as LotRO not offering the average gamer anything, you must be getting your info from the same place as Yak is, a crack pipe or something.

    LotRO has a great crafting system, a mediocre housing system, a HUGE world to explore and lots of neat places to find, the best written and most compelling quest stories in any game (does not matter if you are a LotR fan to like good fantasy), a great weapon leveling system (everyone can focus on different skills and be the best at something different than anyone else), a WIDE diversity in skills/builds that can be attained for every class (regardless of what Yak says), Deed unlocks for exploring, eating, drinking, visiting places. Plus if you ARE a LotR fan it is done very well and the graphics are top notch on ultra high DX10 if you have a rig that can run them maxed, this is not WoW where you can run it on a fucking 286DX like Yak seems to think which is maybe why he didn’t think the graphics were good, maybe he is running a WoW machine that can not handle ultra high graphics maxed out.

  36. Hello Ryan told Yak id leave my thoughts love your show as well but Yak did touch on something I agree. Its not about Graphics Lotro is a very pretty game I dont think anyone can disagree with that. But their attack chain their gather x type quests and the like are just a statement of how much of a clone of other mmo’s it is. Ive tried many other mmo’s as trials when I was unsatisfied with the one I currently play only to go back to it due to combat and aesthetics and Im sorry most of the mmo’s out there seem to not get that some people want the thrill of real combat not the promise of such only to see that you have to use attack chains, cannot move while activating combat and cannot use terrain for your advantage. I think if more games pushed for real “real time” combat they would have an influx of players. But enough of that tangent just wanted to say that Lotro is a pretty game but looks dont beat out substance.

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