VPR Cast#75: “Low Hanging Fruit”

Welcome to our 75th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Despite the weary Russian in the video a couple of posts back, we’re back! This week I snagged some low hanging fruit that’s rotted on the tree. Oh well… suck it up and get some! Meanwhile, follow the site’s motto while you’re here. One last thing: Я люблю русский спамеров и русский спамеры mmoSmackTalk.com любовь!

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

23 thoughts on “VPR Cast#75: “Low Hanging Fruit””

  1. tera is classed based but its not tab targeting.. its twitch with a cross hair like darkfall.. like your LMB, your RMB, and space all you place a skill in like (attack, black, fireball) or whatever.. no tab targeting pressing 123 its twitch.

  2. also:
    “We’re currently testing adding one extra archery specialization in addition we’re also introducing new specializations including new archery specializations.”

    Means they are going to allow you to have two archery specs at a time (you currently can only have one).. Then they are saying they will add more speclizations you can choose for those two spots.

  3. @bartillo:
    -that makes one that was still with me. haha. which is all i need to press on with dry cast. 😀
    -RE the archery sentence… tell me that doesnt read funny though.
    -thanks for the intel on tera… that increases my interest… there’s still the latent homo erotic theme that’s a big minus. haha. I’m really not a big anime fan. BUT, a good game is a good game. So we’ll have to look into it and find out what kind of game it really is.

  4. I’m Still with you!

    In terms of the Specializations, I believe the dev’s were speaking about adding more specializations to the entire set of roles ala, tanks, archers and mages. While also adding the option to have more than 1 special for Archers because archery is still underpowered compared to melee or mages.

    Awesome cast and cant wait for the next one. Keep workin on the skinning, I like the twitter thing but I miss the darkfall theme.

  5. @Beleg: That’s two. Thanks for the response on that! I agree with your interpretation of what was meant, but obviously it confused the shit out of me 😀

    I’ll def re-add the dfo theme.

  6. Well, nice cast as always. Good to see the site back up, luckily my firewall warned me about the trojan or virus. Unfortunate for those who dont have protection on their comps lol.

    Not to hate on your old layout but I like this one better for some reason, think its cause of the green.

    Tera looks like Aion on horse steroids, but at the same time it doesnt appeal to me as much as Continent of the Ninth or Blade&Soul. Something about being able to fill my whole screen with explosions or particle effects, I believe is the reason they draw me to them. Throwing your enemys abnormal lengths or being able to see the devastation you cause with a melee weapon, from watching the mobs fly left and right in the air from the shear force of your character, thats the type of stuff that sends a tickling sensation straight to your balls.

    Blade&Soul is made by NCSoft though, so I guess they realised that the “Aion Movement” wasnt so big afterall. Lets hope B&S will be better.

    Check em out if you havent, both of the vids are in HD.

    Continent of the Ninth:




    To get back to DFO:

    I like the auction house idea, except I know that if you put an auction house in the capital cities, its gonna turn into crazy pvp spot, where you got people trying to buy or sell stuff, and they just get raped by people waiting for a sucker to show up. I think they should make it so you can make an auction house in your alliance capital, so everyone in the alliance can use it. Then, if an enemy clan comes along, they can go and destroy it, and get all the stuff in it as loot. This would invite more large scale pvp battles, and for alliances to communicate more with eachother.

    This might not sit well with the carebears of the game but hey, I play this game for pvp. Which is also the reason I get annoyed when I see these posts on the forum, from these people that havent been playing for more than 2 weeks, crying about how the game is too hard, the grind is too tough or how some players should have their skills taken from them, its ridiculous.

    Those people worked for their skills. Even if they sat for a year macroing, they still spent a year being vulnerable to pks, who could have taken their hundreds of mats at any time. They still spent that money on electricity to keep their comps on nonstop to macro.

    These people need to realise that DFO is not a customizable game they can join and change to fit their playstyle or need. There are plenty of other games out there, if you cant stand getting killed or the grind, then move on.

    Which is why im pleased with the whole nooby protection thing. They are protected for a couple of hours, they see the game, get the feel of it, and see the dangers. After those hours, its gone, fresh meat has arrived :p

    Lookin forward to next cast,

  7. I’m still with ya. also please dont shorten your podcasts your the only darkfall podcast out there, in fact make them much much longer.

  8. @H. Slayer: Thanks for your comments regarding the old/new site look. I definitely appreciate all the feedback, since I ultimately want to put something up that services and appeals to you listeners as optimally as possible. And yes, dont worry volks, the ads both dfo and otherwise will return! 😀

    I haven’t yet had the chance to check out your links. Going to scope them out as soon as I have a chance.

    RE your AH reply… thinking on it still. Might have to just reply in cast.

    @Steve: Thanks! What are you playing now?

    @Gaul: Good to read from you, bro! I’ll try to put out more and longer 😀 (1 hour is always my min threshold… most of the time)

  9. I’m having troubles with the Audio of this weeks cast. Your voice sounds distorted, like a robot or something.

    I’ve tried streaming/downloading the cast with no success.

    Does any one know how to fix this?

  10. Thanks for shareing your thoughts about the player asked questions. You most of the time have unbiased well thought out ideas, its always nice to hear your opinions because you usually back your beliefs up with a nice ramble. everything you say makes sense. Good job. Nice site by the way, I kind of miss the old layout but this is definatly a nice alternative. Lots more clicky stuffs. i like clicking, (thanks to dfo)

    BtW – My question about the dyes was not in no way intended for my personal or other players personal use persay, I was looking at the bigger picture. If you or any of your listeners are like me, (somewhat casual player) then you might have experienced a seige or large scale battles. If your in the mix of it, it can, and most likly will be confusing to locate targets when you run at 10fps. The targeting system seems a bit laggy if a player reaches those numbers. It just seems like the name of the person never comes up until its too late. I thought by introducing dyes, this could help identify potential bad asses without a big sign hovering above their head saying “kill me” Know what im saying? And i think it will add some imersivness (sp)? Maybe we can see a little love to herbalism huh? what do you all think?

    Ryan. im still with youuuuuu!

  11. @Professor: I JUST tested out the sound, via listening to the live stream and it sounds good to me. Anybody else share Professor’s experience? Perhaps the internet connection was bad when you were trying, P? Let me know… you have a decent machine?

    @LineSix: Thanks! And I like your dfo joke. Made me laugh. RE dyes, so are you suggesting that they ought to be ultra expensive so that only elite players can/would be inclined to purchase them? I definitely think there can be some herbal love… and there most likely will be. Thanks for confirming that you were still with me… all of you, thanks. Now I know that I can afford some long winded tirades without losing you guys to utter ennui.

    Stil thinking about Professor’s problem. Damn sorry that happened… but it sounds good to me. 😐

  12. Ryan, truly i would like the dyes to be somewhat competitive in the market, Not ridiculously over priced, or difficult to obtain, but not too easy either. One of the very few aspects of darkfall that needs the most attention right now is its economy, in a nut shell-its worse than ours IRL! I think everyone can agree that it could be MUCH better than its current state.
    A little more reasoning behind my darkfall dye madness is exacly what i said above. I am casual. I have an “ok” computer, but when whole alliances seige each other, I will run the game at about 10 frames per second. I know many people have this issue. To me, it would be nice to have an alternative way of itentifying people out in the feild without actually going over board. Do you think its too much? practical? And critiques anyone has to say i will appreciate.

  13. @LineSix: Well I think AV is smart enough to see the issues, and I am sure that they will do dyes on a larger scale, or if not dyes then some sort of other alternative to distinguish your clan/alliance from others in battle.

    I run game about 60-100 fps in large scale sieges, and yes, having some way of seeing enemy from friend is needed. Especially if your trying to intercept them before they get to the actual city, since if they are close to city then you just hit whoever is getting hit by the guard tower.

    Which is why we have some people that just dont care and hit whoever they come across instead of spending the whole siege trying to identify your enemies. Which I can understand, but there should be a better way.

    Though, as you said, it shouldnt go overboard. Let it be dyes or some sort of emblem on your armor, whatever, just dont make it a shiny aura that will give you away when your trying to ambush or retreat.

  14. @LineSix: Here’s how I’d approach this. In earlier casts I’ve talked about adding an advanced feature to various trades skills, such that you can’t have that feature without foregoing the others. In the case of dye, I’d make it an advanced extension of herbalism. To obtain this extension, you would have to have max herb, and then purchase the slot, which would grant you access to advanced herbalism, in which the art of dying armor, clot, etc. would be a part of this extension. Since you can only have ONE adv crafting extension, this would possibly improve the economy, result in fairly priced dye, yet would make it available to all.

  15. @Ryan I just finished your cast man and I love the the long solo casts! Remember guys even though I don’t play DFO, I love hearing about it’s development and other MMO related rant!

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