Weed of Dick

I think the issue with this site putting off malicious code is under control. Please let me know if your browser or security software issues any warnings during your visit.

Below is my original warning. Even though the site should be fine now, I just want those regular visitors to have fair notice in order to protect themselves in case they downloaded anything malicious. As well it serves to clarify why the site looks better than ever.

FYI, the mp3’s should all be completely fine.

Original Warning

Hey guys!

It looks like some dickweed intentionally, or not (ie could have been an internet worm), hacked
my site, which is based on Word Press (you can read about this type of issue here). While there is no apparent damage done, some people are reporting that their virus scanners are warning about security issues while visiting blog.mmoSmackTalk.com. Since I don’t want to risk any of you listeners picking up some fucked up virus/malware, I’m going to be taking down, and reconstructing, the site. Incidentally it might be extra ugly when it returns, but we’ll get that hammered out soon enough.

Check back within a week, contact me via the link below, or watch my twitter (http://www.twitter.com/mmoSmackTalk) for updates.

I hope none of you guys got infected… just in case, run your favorite scanners. If you dont have any protection, google Microsoft Security Essentials, and Malwarebytes.

contact: contact link

10 thoughts on “Weed of Dick”

  1. @emo: yeah… added a theme… working on some stuff atm. will reskin shit another day. is it too confusing?

  2. Mother fucker dickweed fucked up my MMOsmacktalk sweetness. I hope that damn hacker plays darkfall cuz I will tear his shit up.

    Sorry about this headache Ryan, I hope we can get a different way to listen to your podcasts if this doesnt workout.

  3. All I am sayin is I feel your pain and it pisses me off. The site was one of my favorites, now its lookin all whacked out.

  4. The new style reminds me of that weird russian. I think Ryan took permanent damage listening to him.

  5. @nizzie: RE the site and the russian… I agree 😀 So should I use this structure and re-skin, or do you dislike it altogether?

  6. @Beleg: This was a temporary set back by some sucka chumps! Daddy has dealt with it. haha. Going to throw this question out to you: So should I use this structure and re-skin, or do you dislike it altogether?

  7. @Emo Lol: Great Vid. Now you answer this: So should I use this structure and re-skin, or do you dislike it altogether?

  8. What I hate about the new skin is that it is radically different from the old one.

    If you would theme it Darkfall I may like it though. Like give it the Agon map background and add your Darkfall Banners again.

    Untill I see that I really do not know.

  9. @Beleg: That’s fair… was thinking that might be the catch. So you dont have a problem with the 3 col layout? While I’m not much of a designer, my preference takes the form of minimally visible content (minus the ads which make me an amazing amount of bank ::double eye roll + a blink :: haha). I’ll do some reskin work… you guys can tell me what you think. If people hate it, I’ll consider fixing up the old files… for now this plug and play was the easy, entertaining thing to do.

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