VPR Cast#73: “Yak, DFO, Me”

Welcome to our 73rd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! There is NO official intro… was talking to Yak, and turned it into a cast. For those of you wanting me to grab the low hanging fruit from the Dev Q&A… never fear, it will come! THIS cast just allowed me to play (which it’s been weeks) and cast. So FYI, this’ll be like a vent cast 😀

Side note: No intro/closing music. No zip. Deal with it.

DISCLAIMER: We, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.


About this glorious mmo podcast:
  Over 1 hours of mmo podcast pleasure
  General DFO mechanics.
  DDO stuff.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.
  • (Aion): from the makers of L2, comes another L2 with upgraded graphics and flying? Not exactly sure what to make of this yet, once we have an idea we will cast on it. I do plan to have an Aion “buff” on future cast (actually have one lined up :D).

28 thoughts on “VPR Cast#73: “Yak, DFO, Me””

  1. haha! I’m glad you derived some entertainment value out of it 😀 I hope to get him on again and punt him about the screen. One thing I meant to bring up in the cast, and ask him about, was how the trackball thing was working out for him. As I find playing DFO with a trackball to be very difficult.

  2. Guys, truly my ears have orgasms when you come up with a new cast. This cast was slightly casual, fine by me, pleasure to listen to as usual. Keep up the good work and keep making my ears feel so good. 😀

    Mortal Online has been open beta-fied for a few days now, perhaps you can touch base on that in a future cast.

    – LineSix

  3. @LineSix: Always a pleasure to get your ears off 😀 Thanks for the tip on MO! Hope I can get involved with that, if not just to advance my degree in mmo-ology.

  4. @Yak: I’ll check that out!

    @Bartillo: Thanks for setting the multi-core record straight. Hahaha! Killed Wew Bear… haha. Nice. Any screens? 😀 While it’s true he only killed me once, he picked the wrong time to do it. :)

  5. @ Bartillo – You can get DF to run on all cores, You just have to force windows to do it. Windows 7 makes it easy to do from the task manager. It works very well.

  6. Guys, did a nice little cast with Billy Bones from Thugs for Life. Unfortunately, due to editing, this piece will not be available until….

    until when???????

    ryan u cliffhanger whore

  7. @Emo: That made me laugh. You have to look at the twit just below it… which I know is chronologically the first twit, but I wrote it anticipating the page layout :)

  8. Dude, you need to have your cast out before Wednesday of next week. I am going into the office for a few days and it will be great to listen to your cast on the car.

  9. @John: Yeah, I keep thinking about it. Apoc hooked up a key, but I’ve been derelict in downloading it 😐 What’s up with you and dfo!?!

    @Yak: If the Billy Bones cast is not posted by tomorrow, then I will try to post a different one.

    @Emo: Yeah… it was supposed to be posted. If the Billy Bones cast cannot be posted by tomorrow night, then I’ll make a new one.

  10. @Ryan: no more dfo for me. I believe Apoc had quit also. The game was just getting too boring and time consuming and I was not having any fun. Hon is the only game I play right now. Waiting on Diablo III or Guild Wars II :O

  11. @Emo, it’s uploading, bro. According to my ftp, it’s going to be a MINIMUM of 1.5 hours, and longer for the zip file. No matter what, even if it isn’t finished uploading by the time I hit the rack, I’ll put the post live and let you know the eta on the content.

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