VPR Cast#72: “Tolero Owns Yak”

Welcome to our 72nd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! For those of you who’ve been waiting for an awesome DFO cast… wait longer. This week Yak rejoins the cast. We touch on DDO, DFO, and a few other topics. The funniest part is that Tolero owned down on Yak… haha! Dude… she owns you… sorry.

Side note: No intro/closing music. Deal with it.

DISCLAIMER: We, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.


About this glorious mmo podcast:
  Over 1.5 hours of mmo podcast pleasure
  General DFO mechanics.
  DDO stuff.
  About Yak’s site.
  How do you solve a problem like Tolera?

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.
  • (Aion): from the makers of L2, comes another L2 with upgraded graphics and flying? Not exactly sure what to make of this yet, once we have an idea we will cast on it. I do plan to have an Aion “buff” on future cast (actually have one lined up :D).

41 thoughts on “VPR Cast#72: “Tolero Owns Yak””

  1. The so called ” Trick” is here hahaha

    I tried posting earlier but the comment section was scrambled. So I wrote my thoughts on Yaks comment section, but some of it was meant for both of you, so instead of me rambling on let me just paste it:

    “Btw, I heard the latest podcast on Ryans site, you guys should definately be able to have your own sticky or own link in the forums. I mean, yea its not for all ages, but still, is it really that hard for them to just add a red line that says “Warning: May not be suitable for all ages, 18 or older recommended” or something, that way, they wont be held accountable for anything, and will have an excuse if an angry parent or whoever comes to complain.

    Now I would have also wrote this in the comments on Ryan’s new podcast too, but its down for some reason, so here goes:

    To be honest, before I started Darkfall, I was very skeptic about joining it. This was because after I left Asheron’s Call, every MMO I tried after it ended in boredom and eventually to uninstall.

    Then one day I decided to check out DFO, after I remembered hearing about it right before I left AC. I did some researching and came back with ALOT of negative feedback. People really crying over what a complete failure AV had made, how it was too hard and how they didnt get what was expected, all kinds of qqness.

    Checked some gameplay vids out, looked at the gameplay and thought that it looked pretty cool,but remembering all the negative feedback I was 3 seconds away from closing the tab and heading into some CS, where I would most likely forget and never think about DFO again.

    Then I spotted MMOsmacktalk, since I had a google tab open. Clicked it, and listened to a couple of podcasts, including the ones with Apoc.

    Now the Apoc ones I really enjoyed, since he was talking about how nothing felt right after AC, which was exactly how I felt. Then he talked about Darkfall, and some of the pvp aspects, and it pretty much lured me in.

    I then bought DFO and im happy to say that I have found my game. I have also recently recruited 2 IRL friends to join. Thats 3 subscriptions right there.

    So really, you and Ryan are doing AV and Turbine a favor, because this is what people want to know. People want to know what really goes down in the game, not sugar coated crap you can find on the back of the retail box.

    I dont see why they dont take the opportunity or atleast have the decency to add people that take time out of their lives to promote and talk about their game.”

    So yea, nice podcast as always, and keep it up.
    Looking forward to the next.


  2. @H.Slayer: Thanks for the feedback… specifically crediting this site with some measure of helping you seal the deal. I wonder how many people have heard this cast, got involved, then hated their lives :D? I hope you provided your friends with the community publishing link that can be found in your dfo account settings (on the web). That would have basically paid for your game purchase. Also, RE Apoc, he mentioned that he was willing to come back and talk about Heroes of Newearth too. We can rely on him to give a solid accounting of it. And, btw, last we communicated about it, he was loving HoN.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. OMG!!! Thank you so much for the kudos!! WOW! My heart STOPPED when you started talking about segments and voices… We like to try and make people laugh or chuckle just a little bit. Thanks very much!

  4. Hah never really thought about it that way lol. Yea I provided them with it, so everything is good.

    Heroes of Newerth, I checked out the link, looks like DotA on steroids, but without the effects :p. Im guessing this is what he was talking about in his previous casts.

    I could imagine this becoming pretty big due to the huge number of people that play or played DotA. So yea, that sounds cool. Will be looking forward to it.


  5. @Lessah: You guys do good work… great quality!

    @H. Slayer: me too.

    @Emo: Wow, they responded rather quickly! I knew this was coming down the pipe, but that was a much faster turn around than expected. Thanks for linking! Going to check it out now.

  6. Mmmm looks like they dig the salvaging idea, good stuff. Lets just hope they actually put a decent amount of thought into it, like ive commented on previous casts. Maybe taking the opportunity to add more skills to woodcutting, like being able to turn salvaged wood into normal wood, that way crafters have a bigger role, but lets see.

    Seriously seems like AV listens to your podcasts Ryan haha.

  7. @H.Slayer: Yeah I saw that (re the Salvaging Skill). Glad somebody asked it, cause that is a mine of possibility. I suppose that I didnt consider how deep it went until you mentioned your spin on it..eg woodcutting -> salvage -> piece of wood/timber. Which I think you allude to that this would be true also: armorcrafter -> salvage -> wood/timber/metal/leather, etc. Regardless, or the best way to do it, I agree with your idea to make it a deeper skill vs just buy/or be given the skill when you join the game (ala skinning) to just start using it. Maybe Salvaging should take the form of a hit to your total hp, stam, or mana, as well as a buy in cost and other pre-requs.

  8. The whole Q&A is like discovering masturbation. Pure win, armor dyes, lots of new and overhauled armor, new weaps, new, tons of new items, salvaging, rare ore drops in regular iron nodes, clan and capital vendors, new UI – ehh.. everything I’ve asked for so far. HOLY CRAP – I love this game.

    Good podcast too, I expect Ryan to read the whole Q&A list in the next one. DFO fanboys, unite!

  9. “What are your plans if any to ensure that new players will be able to have fun in the beginning of their Darkfall experience?

    Now if you are referring to making the game more newbie friendly, then we’re planning several improvements in 2010”

    I REALLY hope they dont go overboard with this. I honestly dont think that they need to make any improvements, since when I started DFO I was having fun from the get-go. Killed goblins, killed people, ran from vets, etc.

    Now I can understand if they want to lure more people to the game by making it easier for them in the start, but I just dont hope that after the beginners leave the “easy parts” they will begin complaining in the forums about how unfair life is outside the starting areas, and start a snowball effect until we end up with fps based WoW.

    Personally dont think its going to happen, since I believe AV has some smart people on their staff, but the fear of this still lingers in the back of my mind.

    Lets see how it turns out.


  10. Glad everyone enjoyed the cast! Stay tuned for more. If Ryan ever gets the chance to watch Second Skin, it will make great for a long cast!!!

  11. hey im just wondering does darkfall have any other way of paying for other then having to use a credit card like are there time codes and cardss i can buy

  12. @Yak: I forwarded your email with that link to my wife. 😀

    @Nizzie: haha. You know me too well! Yes, I will suckle off the AV responses to the Paragus questionnaire and provide my own feedback 😀

    @H.Slayer: yeah… I agree.. .when I first read that I was a little freaked. My experiences mirror your own, regarding newb life.

  13. “Quadfiple! Do you understand that number?!”

    Laughed my ass off at that, it was a good cast.

    Ryan, whats your ign?

  14. @Professer: haha! Thanks for listening! I’ll have to look up my ign… IF i have one. Would have been a long time ago that I accessed it.

  15. Guys, daddy fucked up. haha. Time got away from me, so I will not be casting THIS evening. I’m going to shoot hardcore to record and upload the cast tomorrow night (wed). That means I’m taking my mic on the road with me, bros. Fill your deadspace with DFO!

    Hey, and if you are going to play, click the DFO banner on my site and sign up through that! Do it.

  16. Hah that works out perfectly, my power supply literally blew up yesterday, so im on an old crap comp. Which runs DFO with very low fps, so all I can really do is craft atm, until the new power supply arrives.

    So looking forward to be entertained, and to hear something else besides crafting noises rofl.

  17. @Ryan: Seriously nice cast. I love how it was 2 hours long. Keep em coming. I hope we get a DFO cast of that magnitude.

    Dude the QnA. Wow, me and my clan in Vent have been yapping away about it all week. They also released some spotlights on the next Dynamic lore events. I live on Yssam btw fighting the Nemesis Vamp guys daily, I wonder if that is why they brought the lore to yssam. It’s been a huge PvP spot.

    Whats your in-game name ryan? Gotta meet up sometime.

  18. @Ryan: Sorry, I meant your in game name. Sorry for the miscommunication. I’m Professer Deepshard, see you ingame sometime.

  19. Turns out i was hacked and used to farm, i have a bank full of expensive ore, maxed out mining and they bought me the expansion. What a deal.

  20. @Yak: Great diversion!!! Thanks for posting your update. Men, fill in your time waiting for me, with Yak :)

    @Professor: IC… my mistake. My ign is Padrex rrr. The ‘rrr’ represents a lack of on the fly creativity and urgency to just play. 😀

    @Steve: haha. That’s a pleasant surprise. I SOLD my dude after 6 months of play for $300. He was probably worth more, but I was happy to take it.

    Cast update: I did NOT go home this weekend. Long story short is that some things were happening at work where it would be a better deal for me to stick around. But do not lose faith, there will be hotcast… soon I hope. In the meanwhile, soak in the Yak.

  21. Ryan: Yes, soak me in with a big wet sponge!!!!! Nice, someone bought your DFO account or what do you mean by you sold your dude? Did you wife buy Second Skin?

  22. His World of Warcraft account, I’ve been playing for a few days and they have fixed alot of problems that their expansion brought.

  23. http://www.scarybadguys.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=61

    I just found that on the web. Not sure how I found it but wow was that an interesting read. To think those clans are so dumb and have such broken leadership.

    If they were smart, which I think most were they would have kept the gold and valuable crap in there own bank. The 70k thing was insane.

    Basically, this guy is the best darkfall player in the game. It is a true sandbox when everything is up for grabs. When people are fighting over Dragon loot or PvP kill bags. This guy is going for the top. The Clan banks. Genius. Your conversation with this guy was got me interested in looking this shit up. He wasnt kidding.

  24. Damn Yak, you going hard with those casts, good stuff. Means you need to hustle Ryan haha get them casts out.

    Nice one for cast 10 Yak, will keep me busy until cast 73 comes out.

  25. Lovers of fine cast (Slayer, Nizzie, et al), crap thing is that work has been so busy, that on my off time, I’ve not WANTED to look at a computer. haha. I love work, but when 12-14 hour days persist… I stay away from computadors. What sucks is that the low hanging cast fruit was right there for me 😐 I’m still going to grab it though (might be a little over ripe). haha. Stay tuned amigos!

  26. I understand, im also doing some education, and its basicly all on the computer, so ive been in the same shoes.

    Though I will say, seeing as how I am sick as a dog, and expecting a snow storm to hit here soon, that cast would be great :p

    Take your time though, dont lack on the content because you got us rushing you, would rather wait and get an awesome cast.


  27. I’m wondering when are you going to discuss other new MMORPGs that are recently being released or soon to be released like Star Trek Online Feb 2nd and All Points Bullitien Mar 2nd. Yeah, I have been researching them but, I would like to hear your opinions and your friends/others opinions on games and the flaws compared to DF during your pod casts.

  28. @Newbie: Dude, I totally agree… I need to talk about other games as well… BUT my primary focus will always be on the game that I am currently playing. Regardless, I do want to talk some Startrek, Stargate, MO, Wolf Pack game in the near future. Keep the ideas coming.

  29. Just do a Podcast on Purely Mortal Online. It is repeating the launch of Darkfall by launching 6 months before completion. Wasnt that Starkiller guy playing LOTRO in beta?

    I am really interested to hear about an MO player that has PLayed DFO. and can compare the differences.

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