VPR Cast#71: “Fear  diS, Apoc!”

Welcome to our 71st mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This week your ears are graced by two super guests, the first, a man who needs no introduction, a French Canadian, and harvesting terror, Fear diS! Our second guest is one of Sewerfall’s (forum reference only :D… love the game) most loved to be hated targets, Apoc.

This dwarf guards the entrance to a completely unused bit of real estate… a castle on Ice Island… hopefully to be opened up in the future?

DISCLAIMER: we, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
  Over 1.5 hours of mmo podcast pleasure
  Fear diS on Enrage, Spotter, Mahirim Racial attributes, misc.
  Apoc joins the cast, Fear takes off (~19 min mark).
  Ultra light HoN talk… hopefully a future cast.
  LM shield.
  Quickness, Haste, Impetus Buffs.
  Light extensions talk.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.
  • (Aion): from the makers of L2, comes another L2 with upgraded graphics and flying? Not exactly sure what to make of this yet, once we have an idea we will cast on it. I do plan to have an Aion “buff” on future cast (actually have one lined up :D).

29 thoughts on “VPR Cast#71: “Fear  diS, Apoc!””

  1. Was just reading the forums, and up to page 4 it’s a decent discussion on Destroyer versus Mage(as of this post there are only 4 pages):

    One thing that I think is missing from this discussion is when the price of full plate is brought up. The Destroyer has limited need for regs, and therefore can sell them in order to purchase mats for crafting full plate armor. Within a few hours (or less, depending who you are/where you are), you can farm enough regs for a set of plate easy enough. Not to mention, prices are currently inflated for a few reasons, one of which is that crafters need ore now, more than ever, to increase bloodcraft. Sooner or later the prices will return to normal; and the cost of being a Destroyer will be reduced as well.

  2. Why should the prices of iron ingots go back? They are that high because of inflation (no gold sinks, mobs drop too much) and gathering is not worth it. 35gp each? Even killing medium mobs is more profitable than mining.

    Oh, and don’t forget about selentine ingots. If you don’t have access to a mine, you’re fucked. As a destroyer you have no elemental magic, and using archery for golems is not really doing any good. I don’t know about the prices of rare ingots on NA-1, but I payed 1.7k for selentine.. maybe it’s already at 2k now. So ~25k for full plate? Most people won’t be able to afford losing such gear very often. I sure as hell won’t wear that. I mean full plate is obviously what AV expects us to wear, they didn’t buff plate’s physical resistances at all. If I wear scale/plate I got slightly better resists than a mage with stoneskin, right? That doesn’t make any sense. I put on heavy armor, abandon my elemental magic and gimp my archery damage – and all I get is what? Slightly better physical resistances and decent magic resists? It’s like AV tries to annoy melee’ers deliberately. As a mage I can run around in bone and use a staff that’s worth what, 1-2k, and shot laser beam out of my arse. If I spent the same on melee gear I look like a damn clown.

    – increase gathering yield
    – put rare ore in regular mining nodes (maybe only in wilderness)
    – increase physical resistances on banded, scale and plate
    – reduce cost for full plate (or remove selentine ingots on them)
    – and for god’s sake BUFF the seize skill!

  3. Awesome Cast, I do not feel this was as useful as the previous DFO casts though.

    I feel Apoc needs to come back and tell us more strategies and tips/tricks. The best thing I think I got from this cast was how important Rage is and how I need to be grinding it while I harvest.

    Think you could get him back on to share some farming tips and skilling tricks? I will take the Dagger thing to good use but there were just so few tricks I feel. His first cast where he talked about shrapnel and stuff like that. What are current spell tricks he is using now?

    I agree with all of the ideas the devs should role out and I also hope they listen to this.

    But first and foremost. We need more casts! Keep it rolling, the main point I was trying to get at above was I want more cast time! haha Good Job man!

  4. @ Nizzie- I agree with that 100% This is more on the subject of the extensions. The idea is right on the money as Apoc said but there current extensions are insanely not good enough.

    I am only using Jump shot and double Jump and both I feel are the best in the game right now. I love the spell specializations and that is where they need to focus more. The idea of being able to pick and choose and customize is the way to go. They just need to role out something like that with Archery and Melee.

    Such as enhancements per Weapon type not just all melee. So for daggers I can assign a side step special and PA i can go doublejump. Or Sword and Board I can get some sort of better tank buff. Something like that. And Archery they need a Pure archer. And with that they need all sorts of more archery skills like DoT’s, Debuffs and maybe even a short 1 second snare. Can anyone say Headshot skill? These should only be available if the player is choosing to never use high end magic. Etc Etc

  5. You’re point regarding resistances and yield is understandable, and debatable. The thread I linked, for the most part, seems to address both sides of that issue. So I’ll try to only argue the costs.

    One major reason that Ore is inflated is because of Bloodcraft. Once the hoards of new Bloodcrafters raise their skill to a satisfactory level, the demand for iron ore will decrease, and prices on ore will lighten. I’m fairly certain this is a fact.

    Other things that are possibly affecting the price of ore, that is subject to change:
    -people are playing with melee extensions and trying to find their place in the world. I am seeing more scale, plate, and studded components by FAR as compared to pre-CTS patch. If these types of players increase in population, then ore has a chance of remaining high… if this population reduces, then so will the price of ore.
    -ship building was not en vogue pre-patch… now it is more prevalent by far (in comparison). How much ore is involved in ship building? Do you think there is a possibility this will die down at all? I do think that it will die down a tad, unless more water content is released.
    -melee weapons –> I see this change as here to stay. Now I’m NOT sure if most people are using crafted weapons, but with the amount of gold floating around they should.

    Now, as far as ever seeing 11-12 gold ingots while CTS is the patch/expansion in place, then I doubt that… primarily because the value of gold is inflated given the huge boost in the gold supply with CTS. Which is another point by the way…. when people cry about 30 gold ingots (which perhaps they are correct to do… I’m not sure), have you ever considered that the gold supply has increased by AT LEAST x1.5… depending on what mobs you farm X3 (OR MORE!!!). For those making 3X, then ingots are a steal.

    BREAK—> haha. so as I write this, I have to reconsider whether ingot prices will drop or not, because initially I forgot to consider that mobs just flat out drop more gold. Right now the market is trying to find it’s new equilibrium. While this might be scary for players wanting ore, there are other opportunities that can be seized upon… such as herbalism. While it is not the killer skill in the game, I think we can all agree that sooner or later it will get love. And we can also agree that with the CTS patch the price to level herbalism has dropped drastically. Maybe this is the time for the savvy market watcher to capitalize on growing skills that have become cheaper as a result of the patch.

    *In the end result, we have a few things that are happening:
    – flurry of crafting ore centric products
    – gold inflation
    – deflation in areas where prices have remained static (good to capitalize on)

    *Note: I’ve only taken a couple of economics classes in my life, and in no way pretend to be an expert. But if we look at this from the perspective that economics is common sense made difficult, then I think we can at least agree on the 3 point above.

    Also, I think I started to get scattered. I will try to make future replies on this topic more concise.

  6. @Beleg: Not sure how many TRICKS Apoc will share 😀 We’ll have to put him on the spot and ask him. haha (you reading this, Apoc!)

    Also, I agree, we need more castage (I have some plans that I need to enact, as they’ve been sitting stagnant in my head for about 2 years now 😐 )… AND I need to do something about my hard drive 😀 But when it comes down to it, I often find that I’d rather play than prepare/fix things. hahaha! I’ll work on that.

    I think we will see a lot of things done with extensions in the future. IN fact, It would be cool as hell if the devs could try to release a couple extensions monthly. Admittedly, this might be harder than it sounds since game balance could be impacted. I’ll tell you this, though, HOW ABOUT RELEASING SOME CRAFTING/HARVESTING EXTENSIONS soon! Example: Choose a mining extension, and you can increase your mining skill by up to 2 seconds, or more yield. Same for weed whacking, and Lumberjacking. Drawback… none, except that you can only choose one. This would increase supply of resources, which in turn would increase the supply of crafted items.

    I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d like to see a salvage skill. EVEN if it SUCKS… the ability to salvage even a fraction of vendor trash would be nice.

  7. “Have you ever considered that the gold supply has increased by AT LEAST x1.5… depending on what mobs you farm X3 (OR MORE!!!). For those making 3X, then ingots are a steal.”

    Yes, but the only problem is that this didn’t effect mages at all. They still pay the same price as before the expansion for their pvp gear. I just don’t see why a heavy armor wearing player should pay like 10 times more. Why does a bone set cost like 400gp and a set of plate/scale is like 5400gp? Plate.. which still has way too low physical resists compared to bone. If you really wanna go toe-to-toe in pvp you better go with full plate. Maybe nerfing bone armor would be a good idea to start with and then introducing demon bone, dragon bone and expensive stuff like that. But then we all gotta spend thousands and thousands of goldpieces for ‘competitive’ pvp gear. We’ll all end up farming the entire day just to have a bit of fun in the evening. I gotta stop.. this topic just makes me angry. :(

  8. @nizzie: Let the anger flow, that’s why God gave me a shoulder. 😀

    Somebody explained that argument on the forums roughly like this:

    Mage cost: 5k
    Melee cost: 20k

    Now check this out. The mage goes on an outing and blows 4500 (we keep 500 for the armor).

    The melee goes on an outing and blows nothing.

    With the current cost structure, the melee would need to survive 4 outings to bring the cost inline with the mage. However, if he survives 5 outings or more, the mage is now losing money. Your scenario seems to assume certain death on each outing.

    You point out that mage armor has not increased… and your solution is interesting, however, this is not completely true. Most mages that I’ve seen have been implementing metal, and are not going strictly bone… so the cost structure you outlined is not accurate. Regardless, in the end result, I acknowledge that you do have a point.

    Remember, not that this makes it right, but at one time everybody was doing archery, and magic was a rich man’s game. Maybe for the time being, going heavy armor is the rich man’s game? With that in mind, where does your argument end? At what point is balance achieved? IMO, not everybody should be able to easily obtain everything in the game, and I THINK you agree with that. So what do you think?

  9. What the game needs is more diversity. What we got right now is lots of pewpew-mages, several archers and a few unfortunate destroyers that shine in group pvp but suck pretty bad in 1v1 situations. I could live with that.. but when someone who fires magic at you as you approach and finishes you off in melee there’s something wrong. If someone wears bone focuses on magic he should be afraid to go into melee with someone wearing metal armor. I don’t feel like this is the case.

    I don’t suggest that high level armor needs to be easy-to-get. Not at all. I suggest that if you wanna play a role, melee, archer, mage, or hybrids like spellsword or arcane archer (yeah I love those fancy names) you should have the same options. The current armor concept is crap.

    – mages wear bone combined with like 2 pieces of whatever
    – archers go for bone/scale
    – melee (as the only ‘class’) has to buy expensive full plate+ since it’s the only armor with increased phys. resists

    The game needs more gear, as I said different bone sets – or more tailoring stuff (with a lot of gold cost for an additional money sink). High end gear for mages. And melee needs really heavy armor, that’s cheap but you wouldn’t wanna wear it for archery or magic. This or some change in the gathering system. So we ACTUALLY SEE crafters selling their stuff and making a profit instead of the damn ‘crafting for your mats’… so sick of this line.

    Maybe I’m just too spoiled by playing other games like M&B. It certainly was bad when magic was a real pain to level. The grind as it is now is actually ok. Maybe I should just level my fire magic and jump on the bandwagon.

  10. @Nizzie: When you talk about crafters turning a profit, you have my full attention. :) So dont go jumping on any bandwagons. Everything I said is not dead accurate, just my thoughts, experiences (which is that of a casual gamer) and speculation.

    I agree with your tailoring ideas. Hell, I’m for more stuff being added altogether. Increased diversity in gear is great. We see that they did a little of this with Shade/Blood crafting.

    And I would definitely like the raw cost of heavy armors to come down in price a tad. I play melee style, and craft my own gear. I have 20 armor mastery, but cant yet afford to make anything aside from shields. The concept of ore nodes having a chance to drop rares is good…. at least Selentine. Awhile ago Connor (Epoc) and I were discussing this as one way to get players off the damn walls of pain. So you have my support on that idea, or some variant thereof.

  11. AV needs to support the crafting type of player, especially by more ways to get rare ore and gathering ressources more quickly – like crafting extensions as you mentioned. I really like it.

    This week the first two player vendors showed up in the human area, or at least where I am (Chillbourne – Hammerdale). But I still think we need another way to distribute goods. Think of local markets like EVE has. This would promote travelling and help players to easily sell their farmed iron or wood, and of course getting your hands on gear. But I said that already. 😛

  12. @Ryan: I think a Salvage skill is an amazing idea. I think everything crafted and found should be salvageable. This will make farming different types of Mobs Viable. For example, Human type mobs drop junk broken banded and gold. Nothing useful, you vender the junk armor or use as you farm but its worthless. If we could salvage it that would be actually spark interest in farming them. Same should be for everything, buildings and ships. If they are almost destroyed, you should be able to salvage to rebuild it instead of using crazy amounts of repair shards.

    As for the Last patch. I am pissed they did not develop the PvE like how they said they might. There was a spotlight you talked about that mentioned PvE camps if left unattacked they would grow and increase to attack the nearest Hamlet or City. Mob camps that act like mobile raiding parties would be intense. Would give Player city life a whole new dynamic. Imagine a large MoB camp coming to attack a City during a Seige. PvPvE.

    @Nizzie: I think when you break it all down your are basically saying Mages should have High end gear as well that increases there magic but gimps them from using anything else. I completely agree, as using higher end melee gear gimps them from using magic and some archery. The same should be for mages. If they wear an intense magically infused robe or Stave, They should have huge increases to magic spells, but pretty much never be able to yield a standard weapon.

    The same should apply for Crafting and Gathering, They should freaking make crafting and gathering type clothing/gear. Like a farmers hat or something. It gives bonus to harvesting gains and speed. Maybe some peasent clothing gives increased encumbrance for carrying mats. Personally I think they will implement stuff like this or something just as good and needed. Everything they have done so far has been great.

  13. i was at apautan when you where there apoc :p
    was afk though so didnt really help in your slaughter haha.

  14. @Steve, you win! 😀 So does your buddy want to come on and trash me some DFO?

    Guys, here is a youtube vid of a big ass boat…. you just cant do this in other games!!! How is dfo not getting more credit?

  15. love the player interviews, keep them coming.

    @ admin: i was lucky enough to be given a chance to fight against that thing when it attacked Sweetwater shortly after it was built. that thing was a beast!

  16. @Majorleague: Thanks! BTW, I think they whipped that badman out last night. Was chatting to Bartillo (post 1910 😀 ) and he mentioned seeing it while trading last night.

  17. “Not only are all the armors and player models either being improved or completely redone, they also informed us that new armor models are being added.
    The Gandalf wannabes might be delighted to hear that this also includes adjustments to robe models and special new caster armor they are working on.
    Of course this overall update to the player models will also include new faces, general details and new and additional hairdos for all your customization needs.
    Henning particularly mentioned that they are planning on giving special attention to certain races in terms of character models.”


    I love DarkFall! 😀

  18. I like the salvage idea. Im an old AC player, that just recently moved to Darkfall. We had salvaging in AC, and it worked pretty well, since it put some emphasis on traders. The only thing to watch out for is that it could lead to people not needing to harvest for materials for crafting. For example, those who havent spent time on their harvesting skills would be able to just salvage anything they looted, which means they wouldnt need “crafters” and the economy wouldnt change.

    One way to avoid this though is for example, you salvage a polearm and you might get like, 3 x “Broken/Salvaged Wood”(whatver name you prefer) and 1 x “Iron Spike”(the metal part at the end of the polearm)
    Lets say you keep salvaging after a session of intense mob grinding. You then finish salvaging your loot and end up with 60 x “Broken Wood” and 20 x “Iron Spike. Then you take the “Broken Wood” to someone with Woodcutting, slip him some cash under the table, and he takes the 60 “Broken Wood” makes it into 30 wood. You take the 20 Iron Spikes to someone with a Smelting skill, slip him some cash, he puts em in his pot and makes you 10 iron ingots.

    The amount of wood created from the broken wood would all depend on the players’ skill in woodcrafting, and smelting. You could even make it more complicated, and also base the amount on the quality of the salvaged goods, which would all depend on the persons salvaging skill. Im just saying there are alot of ways to go about it.
    Now dont take these numbers serious since its just to show how it could work. This could boost the economy, put some emphasis on traders and at the same time put some more resources in motion.

    Anyway, just came on to see if #72 was up, keep it up, feed me more darkfall talk :p

  19. Apoc Owns and Go please are known hacker trash. Why interview players who pay money to cheat to win in Darkfall? I guess they are just being “competitive” right?

    Apoc already banned on his original account and condones cheaters and hackers in his clan. He is just a glory hound POS. Its like fucking a blow up doll and telling your friends you got laid. That is Apoc for you.

  20. Sorry, didnt understand, try removing the staff Apoc lodged up your arse, and come with a decent presentation or arguement, then you might not come off as a carebear :p DARKTIDE 4 LIFE.

  21. I guess apoc already banned on his original character and DMT revinoff in his clan till banned isn’t a good enough argument for him being a cheater and condoning cheating. Oh but he told you he got banned for macroing, so it must be true, right? Hackers never lie.

    Apoc reminds me of myself when I was a kid, an arrogant know it all who is constantly wrong.

    nice try dumbass, you ask for an argument and then provide non yourself, classic =)

  22. Lol carebear, Apoc must really have raped you hard, seeing as how your butthurt enough to actually get on here and QQ about how unfair life is for you.

    I would recommend you to take your QQing back to WoW, but that doesnt really help DFO out, so how about you just stfu, and be that carebear punching bag you were meant to be or actually work on your skills, so you wont be that crying idiot everyone gets a laughs at after reading how affected he is over getting owned.

    See you in Darkfall.

  23. actually the last time I saw Apoc I owned him and nobody was around except his allies, he cried about being low health from shrapnel jumping. Apoc has never killed me once.

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