VPR Cast#70: “Darkfall Conquer the Seas, Initial Impression”

Welcome to our 70th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This mmo podcast is kicked off with some brief chatter on DDO, Shayia and Metallica (token mention)! Afterwards you are serenaded by songs of sweet darkfall love. Enjoy it, provide feedback, click on things.

Gommer and I departing Bel Melek in order to make a donation to Wew Bear.

DISCLAIMER: we, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
  1 hour of moderate mmo podcast pleasure
  We kick off with misc content.
  Gunpowder and Alchemy.
  Decapping a groupmate.
  Mobs and archery.
  Quests and Quest Journal.
  I failed to mention this in the cast, but now you can wear clothing underneath your armor. Will there be a point?
  Heavy armor improvements… to what avail?
  Taxadermy crafting skill.
  Another pitch for player vendors in “Safe Cities”.
  Owned in pvp stories. And more talk of daggers.
  mmoSmackTalk smacktalk of the week.
  Beleg brings us a story on the nefarious act of “perching”.
  Upcoming mmoSmackTalk content.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.
  • (Aion): from the makers of L2, comes another L2 with upgraded graphics and flying? Not exactly sure what to make of this yet, once we have an idea we will cast on it. I do plan to have an Aion “buff” on future cast (actually have one lined up :D).

31 thoughts on “VPR Cast#70: “Darkfall Conquer the Seas, Initial Impression””

  1. Well i’m back after some computer problems, lots of good games coming next year. BFBC2, APB, Natural Selection2, and several others.

  2. i actually just started darkfall about a week ago. just got armor smiting to 25 and made like 3 sets of banded.. however i still am wearing leather mostly, don’t want to loose my best armor :p

  3. @Steve: Dude, you are a game whore among whores! 😀 We should chat about some upcoming, highly anticipated titles sometime.

    @Bartillo: Well that makes sense. One week in means that banded will be that “50k armor” for you… give it another week or two and I think that will change (naturally depends on how you’re playing [ie out making money, or crafting] as well as your total time investment). My primary thrust is that dfo’ers should play to play, and not play to hoard. haha.

  4. Super cast as always!!!! I love the idea of a taxadermy crafting skill in a PVP MMO. I am glad you brought up skinning your enemy. How about this idea what if you could specialize in being a Head Hunter. The more skins, heads etc you get makes you more powerfully as you can power from you slain enemy’s. Just an idea. :)

    If anyone has gotten this grubby little hands on a DFO trial let me know. Yes, you are a crafting hooker, LMAO, J/K.

  5. @Ryan:

    Hey man, I completely agree with your idea of more risk more reward in PvE. I dont completely wear my best gear because seriously, I am out there PvE grinding warlords for 3-5 hours. It certainly breaks. I usually wear Scale or Banded and bring spares small pieces so when they break I have replacements. My bad encumbrance is not effected at all so it keeps me going for longer gains. In my opinion I certainly will not be wearing plate until I have at least like 10 good sets.

    Have you heard of the Plate Bone combo and Plate scale combo? I read on the DFO forums that is the best armor suit right now cuz of Magic and archer penalties.

    While I was bashing Warlords with my nerfed .10 speed polearm (PA sucks now) I got some rank .20 daggers. Wow they rape so hard. I ate that warlord up in seconds whereas the fight with a PA took minutes. I am still wanting to get PA mastery because I think they will up the damage in the future since it is so gimped.

    Yes Copperdale is Human city, Mirdain can go in Human and Dwarf cities. He said he went human so he had 4 NPC cities to pwn in. Humans can go in Dwarf Elf and Human cities. The 4th is Alfar since he said he still had his alfar.

    But Ya I agree that shit is funny as hell with the scams. Sorry for all the jumping around and wall of txt. Just trying to reply to your cast as I listen. Wheres 69?

  6. my bad, I see cast 69 now. I thought you said you skipped it.

    Good Cast’s man. Keep it up. I am surprised I did not hear more of your thoughts on the expansion and recent patches. What do you feel about the Skill extension issues, PA nerf, Mounted combat changes and Magic bug everyone is talking about.

    I tried skill extensions out my self and it is a huge waste of gold. The only ones I see important are double jump and Jump Shot. Mage Killer blows ass and the other melee ones apparently are terrible as well from what I heard. PoleArm is completely worthless now, I noticed the Rank .50 polarms post patch have more dmg but that is it, all the lower ranks have sometimes even less dmg then pre patch. Mounted combat is getting nerfed like mad, Cant farm mobs with mounts effectively anymore, Did you know Heal mount heals for more when you shove the heal up it’s ass? Try it. They also take more dmg in the ass also.

    People are QQ because Higher rank Mage staffs have no point in using them, they are exactly the same as the other staves. Best staff in game right now is Blackbolt for its faster cast times.

  7. Padrex RRR and Gommer TTT.. somehow this makes you guys look like Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Both of you really didn’t want to waste any time in character creation, right? 😛

    Listening to the cast now.

  8. Merchants were super rare, let’s see how the patch of today works out. I still think it’s just dumb to make merchants a rare drop. What’s wrong with giving EVERY house owner the chance of hiring one? I said it before, AV should place trading NPCs in player and NPC cities. They should work like to local markets of EVE. Perfect trading system.

  9. Hey guys, thanks for all your interaction! I’m going to reply tomorrow in some detail. Today is just busy as hell, but I wanted to stop by and let you guys know that I read your comments. Interesting stuff to say the least.

  10. sorry for the wall of txt haha. I had my clan check your site out and listen to the casts and they all are upset you call me Bizzleg. Its pronounced “Bell” Eg. But I could really care less. Keep up the casts! I want to hear more!

  11. @Kalvin: haha. yeah… with the name, like you said haha!

    @Bartillo: he should be a cool guy, he just made out with my fortune. hahaha

    @Yak: The man deserves it!

    @Beleg: Bring the wall of txt, son! That’s what we’re here for. :) The BzzLeg comes from how I see your name: BEE leg. So for sport I said “bzzzz” leg (like the sound bumble bees make + leg). If your clan has their panties in a bunch, then my job is done here 😀 Tell them that, and that I have a hug for each and every one of them :) <– that’s just some good friendly mmoSmackTalk… Thanks for pointing them this way. I appreciate it!

  12. Guys, I basically agree with a lot, if not all, of what has been said above. Instead of typing out a reply, I’ll probably just mention it in one of the next casts. Maybe I’ll throw some of this at Apoc… hear his 10 centalvos.

  13. Well I thought of this yesterday and something occurred to me, let’s go beyond taxedermy and the following will be a complete text wall full of links of example
    But why not Darkfall has something such as music and instruments? Only one game has this incorporated and it’s the best F2P game I ever experienced, the reason I quit was because it was serviced by Nexon, Which is hosting games such as Maplestory and Combat Arms and has the cash shop fest. And personally I do not like cash shops, I have played many free MMO’s and I hate how players are stronger than you or have better gear ETC just because they have more income therefore I rather stay based on a subscription based game
    But here’s my point, Mabinogi is also a skilled based game like Darkfall, but its unique in the sense of its musicians. Yes musicians. There are many different instruments, Mandolin,Banjo,Guitar,Flute,Drums,Harp, and alot more in the Mabinogi universe. Everybody starts at a F rank, in Mabinogi F is the lowest while Skill Rank 9 is the highest, so as you increase the skill like Darkfall, spamming music in the towns ETC it will raise, F to E, A to 1 for example. They each have their own skill slot, bar or whatever you would like to call it. Music theory, compositing and reading sheet music is a rank by itself, and the more you create songs and play other songs the better your instrument sounds, giving a cleaner sound on the guitar or flute ETC. So you’ll play really really crappy when you start off but in the end you’ll improve and sound like god.
    If we did have the ability to play instruments I swear the Darkfall subscription will increase tenfold and Darkfall will become enjoyable, this can be used as a break or such. People composited songs from their own or from references to other shows, songs, TV, Anime, Movies, Cartoons etc.
    Heres and example from the Mandolin
    Playing final Fantasy
    Whats another great factor is that if you become a fine art musician and you play while in town, players can donate money to you, a VERY LARGE NOTORIOUS band in Korea played in a newbie town and over 500 players used the emote sit to crowd around them just to listen to them play,
    This is not the korean one of course, err the song isn’t that great it sounds dreadful prob due to their low playing skill level
    Here is one where many people are crowded in a dungeon to hear a band play
    They get donated a large sum noteably and produce their own music, its quite delightful in Mabinogi you can make a living without killing monsters or grinding, and the most important aspect is that it’s fun. But let’s not forget Darkfall is a PvP game but even if it is, something like this cannot hurt. Skilled musicians can play around campfires, in towns, ETC
    Mabinogi has its own coding of music here’s the link
    It has its own code, therefore outside of the game you can create your tracks THEN import it into the game, in which ur character depending on their Music Theory skill can write into their Music Scroll, which must be held in the off-hand hand to play, so this is how you choose songs
    And why not evolve this, in Mabinogi once you reach a high level of playing you and your party can get special buffs, increasing stats for a short duration of time
    Why not have a warcry music before epic battles ;D
    Or maybe their can be special music sheets in the world, or given as rewards from quest, that gives buffs or do something else, summon elementals or mobs for a short duration? Summon something like food that can restore health or something?
    If this was here this can greatly improve Darkfall subscripton and do alot more, this would be a fun break
    Hell as you said there are many ruins, wouldn’t it be kool if you could play a special song, like maybe in the Legend of Zelda and secret tomb or ruin opens and allows you to explore it?
    So much potential for Darkfall, the instruments can provide another source of income if you are skilled and people donate, and yes trust me if you play a very very delightful song in Mabinogi people do donate, I’ve been given alot of money when I use to play Mabinogi
    The only drawback in Mabinogi was the fact that to go past a rank you needed Skill Points (SP)
    And SP was gained by levels which you needed to grind, do dungeons or quest, so that kind of turned me off or others if they wanted to be a full time musician
    I couldn’t really explain all I wanted and this is like a essay of a page right now but whatever, any inquires of my idea just ask me ;P

  14. I like the idea of Music in darkfall, sort of like it was in LotrO. But seriously, that should be the last addition to this game. There are so many things they need to work on such as Weapon balance, Magic is still Over powered. THey need more utility spells. I feel they need a ton more archery and melee skills to offset mages. Like giving destroyer they ability to do a shield smash that stuns the mage for like 3 seconds. SICK.

    Once they get sieging, housing, PvP all perfected then lets add the fluff music crap.


    “Beleg Strongbow”

  15. DarkFall isn’t as sandbox as UO was. So I guess musicanship would be a nice addition to the game. Like chess board, cards for poker and a lot more. Chairs to sit on, and then of course (wilderness) taverns and neutral trading posts. It’s a shame that the game is actually so heavily pvp focused right now.

  16. So i heard they stealth patched in a magic grind harder than it was pre-grind nerf. ofcourse it only starts kicking in when your at a high magic level.

  17. Yeah they do need to revamp a lot of things in DFO ATM
    + Mortal Online is on it’s way
    And music should atleast let the “hardcore” (lol?) roleplayers, but seriously who roleplays in DFO =.=, more of the question why would you, atleast they have something to do otherwise than stand in town and talk medieval like
    And yes DFO has huge potential but requires alot of improvemnt on its core gameplay

  18. So Apoc = Bobby Orr? Cool, I didn’t know.. he was one of the first people who pk’d me, and after mutilating my worthless newbie body he gave me lots of banded armor and weapons and then he even took me with him doing some pvp. I was killed by hooded ones while chasing some dude there, but still it was awesome. Coolest guy I met early in the game.

  19. @Kalvin: Finally read the music idea you posted. While I’m not into music much, I’m for all ideas that increase dfo participation, and allow players more freedom.

    @Beleg: Thanks for posting that Apoc vid. I checked it out, and even discussed it with him (off cast).

  20. @Kalvin: 😀 So I just looked at one of the Youtube links, and I’ll be honest, just watching it made me feel very queer. Haha! BUT, that doesnt mean that dfo cant intro it as a money maker/added feature/grief bate 😀

    Seriously, thanks for sharing. I would have never known that existed, or that I could feel the way I did while looking at the vid :))

  21. haha i was at apautan when you where there apoc :p
    was like afk though so didnt really help in your slaughter haha.

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