A Chat with Darwoth Wothdar

A few days prior to the end of free EU to NA transfers, my eyes beheld the pixelated visage of one Darwoth Wothdar as he crossed my path. While the guild, Scary Bad Guys, has been a nuisance to every guilded DFO player on EU1 visiting “safe cities” in the Alfar lands, I found myself missing theses guys (I think they slowed down play on the EU server since mid/end of summer, or so it seemed to me). They played a very niche role in keeping npc cities lively and interesting. Without them life in the npc cities is quiet, dull, devoid of gnashing teeth, and lacking the free loot for those carrion followers quick on there keys after a fresh SBG kill. With those fond memories in hand, I hit up Mr. Wothdar to see what’s on the SBG agenda.
Darwoth Wothdar of Scary Bad Guys

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8 thoughts on “A Chat with Darwoth Wothdar”

  1. O and the whole scammer Zimbabwe thing, Kinda pisses me off a bit, I like the whole exploiting the game to the max idea but in the end all it is going to do is make people leave darkfall and eventually kill the game.

    If that guy disbanded my clan and sold all the holdings off, my whole clan would rage quit and throw there computers out the window.

  2. @perching: This is absurd. It’s basically the same as using mob’s maximum aggro radius. Once they come close to it they turn around and run away. Everybody uses that, and melee mobs like Menhir have no chance at all, too. The AI sucks, period. If they want people using proper methods killing mob they have to overhaul the whole system.

    @Scary Bad Guys: I’m glad they’re on NA-1 now, some scamming is ok, most people are just way too stupid and deserve it (and this is supposed to be a sandbox after all). But what they do is just .. evil. I could never do such things and sleep well at night. :(

  3. SBG only plays this game to try and scam and fail and fail and fail. They actually suck at the game and can’t do anything else really. You can make so much more money in the time it takes these nerds to try and scam people. They only succeed once in a great while and usually isn’t worth the effort in the long run. They just hang around newbie starter areas and get their asses handed to them whenever they try to pvp.

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