VPR Cast#67: “Yak and DDO 3/3”

Welcome to our 67th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Yak is back and he’s talking Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO). This is the third ddo podcast of a three part series.

DISCLAIMER: we, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.

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About this glorious mmo podcast (below are the annotations for the entire triple cast):
 1.5 hours of mmo podcast pleasure
EQ1: Barabarian is a clas not race.
Return to LOTRO, waste of time on WOW/EQ2 clones, go into detail about this. (Runekeeper is LOTRO on easy mode; everyone gets 1 hour res, etc.)
Briefly talk about playing Meridian59. (The free on-official server) Small pop not enough PVE, very outdated graphics, etc. if the official has a higher population then it might be worth it.
Disclaimer that I am a D&D fanboy. (Hate it when people say other MMO’s are the closest thing to D&D. D&D is the real deal.
Go into detail about XP, questing leveling. No grinding, only get XP from finishing quests. Can do quests in solo, normal, hard or elite difficulty. (XP scales, 25% hard, 50% elite.)
Talk about PVE in detail. Have to complete quest to get the XP. Quests have puzzles, levers, DM voice in the background. Go into detail about the “Proof is in the Poison Quest”, as an example. Talk about how quests are liek D&D as they should be, this isn’t your typical grind hack and slash like in WOW, LOTRO, etc.
Go into detail about Rest Shines SP (Mana) Management, Death/Res, Soul Stones, how to rest, etcAI is very smart and scales with difficulty.
No auto lock on targeting, have a target and must mouse over your target. (No tab target.)
Talk about how the quests are laid out in town and how the instancing works. Compare it to how much better it is compared to Guild Wars for example.
Grouping/LFG system. How it works, benefits of grouping. Can be played solo but game is meant to be played as a group. (Grouping is where it is at.) Incentive to group has you get more XP for hard and elite. Not based on how many mobs you kill. (Bonus for not dying, side quests, kill bosses etc, but penalties if the level is too high.)
F2P VS. Premium and VIP accounts, the differences, what you get. Talk about the game being free etc, quest packs, XP buffs, etc
Talk about the D&D mechanics such as saving throws and DC checks and skills to lead into the topic on classes.
Rouge Class is not a DPS class. Unlike any other MMO they can search for traps, disarm them, and have a real use in dungeons to pick locks unlike WOW. How into detail on the Rouge and how everyone has the basic search skill.
Fighter classes, Fighter, Barbarian, Pally, Ranger
Casters, Wizard, Sorcerer class in detail.
Casters healers, Cleric Favored Soul.
Bard class and how it is different from other MMO’s.
Skills, abilities, enhancements, feats, penalties that feats can help with etc.
Human example 28 points to allocate.
Auction House
Buying from vendors, haggle skill
Soul bound items are only from some quest rewards that I have seen so far and a lot of items are BOE or BOP
Durability of items and how bonuses don’t stack
Very gear focused game.
Cooldowns and item use per day/rest period, rest shrines.
Items do have level restrictions, etc talk about why frost bane weapons and very good and sell for a lot./dd>

Potions, wands, eternal wands
How long Yak plans on playing DDO.
Will Yak ever play DFO?
Ryan’s list of questions.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.
  • (Aion): from the makers of L2, comes another L2 with upgraded graphics and flying? Not exactly sure what to make of this yet, once we have an idea we will cast on it. I do plan to have an Aion “buff” on future cast (actually have one lined up :D).

16 thoughts on “VPR Cast#67: “Yak and DDO 3/3””

  1. Good podcast. I agree on Darkfall’s marketing, they should simply start by distributing via STEAM.

  2. Yeah, I’m not the dfo devs, but it seems like adopting a different business model might be the way to go. But I prefer to believe that they all have it well in hand.

  3. Hey Ryan,

    Awesome Triple cast. I love the DnD talk, it really sounds like a sweet game to try out since it is free.

    On the DFO talk at the end: Yak Said he wanted to wait till there was a free trial to play it. I know we have all read the recent sale they just did. They have a deal for purchasing the game and getting a reduced subscription price.

    New players pay 87$. That is paying (25$ client and a 10$ per month 6month sub). I have been telling my clan about it and they are getting very interested.

    You also mentioned about them not having a good marketing plan or strategy. I feel Eurogamer really hammered there attempt and basically made adventurine say “Let’s hold off on the marketing till we can balance and add some more features.” The 2/10 was completely wrong on so many levels. I even feel the mmorpg.com review of 6.8 was terrabad. Just look at the game list and see all the piles of crap that have a better rating on mmorpg.com. It makes me sick. I may be a bit of a fanboi for DFO but there is simply ONE fact about it that you cannot argue.

    MASSIVE PvP! I have never experienced a 200 vs 300 player battle in my life and DFO does it extremely well. In AoC if you get 30 vs 30 your comp crashes and dies. That alone deserves so much more merit than it gets.

    Can’t wait to here your next cast man, I am so ready to here opinions on the new expansion coming out and the transfers.

    Keep it up!

  4. Hey No problem Yak.

    Btw I am jealous of you having a Gamer Wife, been trying to morph my lady into a gamer but it takes a lot of work.

    I was surfing MMORPG.com and found a very interesting point in the forums.
    I was curious if you would be willing to talk about in your next Blog Ryan.

    Basically It is a MMORPG Genre perspective as a whole. As a veteran I have noticed playing games back in 2001 that could support 400 people in the same area easily. These games were built with mind numbingly low budgets and 20 man teams. Now we have Multimillion dollar budget games with 100 man teams that are making instanced RPG’s that support no more than 50 people in the same area.

    AoC and even Mortal Online, they bog down and die when u try to get a large amount of people together. I stated this earlier. Darkfall no matter how bad people say it is or how bad the reviews are, There are YouTube Videos of over 1000 people on the screen fighting, cant seem to find the one I watched but there a bunch of 200-400 ones :)

  5. @Nizzie: RE the next game update (expansion <– I laugh in my pants how it’s billed as an “expansion” :D…nothing against you, Nizzie dont feel that have to pick and choose your words here. ), yeah, I am psyched. Dudes I talk to like to rip into what I say when I go off on what DFO ought to be, what it can be, and what it will be (that’s a general macarthur adaptation). Firstly, the game is weak on deep pve… true. But that can be added. Secondly, the game has good pvp mechanics (I like the fps/mmo blend a lot). Thirdly, crafting sucks ballz, but can be completely overhauled (ie I dont think that they’ve trapped themselves in some paradigm that will break the game if they change it). Now to get to the meat of the nizzle, is that we are seeing with each subsequent release, that dfo is getting deeper and richer. Technically there is no end to what the mother fuck they can do (excuse the cussing, but i just had an excitement spike). We see that with the upcoming patch, melee builds will become viable. I’ve been predicting this for awhile now, and here it comes. This will add a whole new interesting amount of depth to the game. I am also curious how that will impact the crafting economy… I’m thinking that we might see some increases. Like you, I can’t wait.

    @Beleg: I too am a fanboy… hardcore, despite the carpal tunnel that I’m acquiring from the mass clicking 😀 What you say about large sieges, and ratings, I completely agree. Not sure if you caught the cast I did with StarKiller, but he is convinced that there were similarly large battles in L2 (as in large scale conflict where you can actually play with a modicum of fluidity). RE the article you mentioned… link it. I’ll definitely share my view on it.

    @Yak: My wife is loving DDO. :)

  6. Very disappointing. There’s so much space in NPC and player cities, why not use this? Why make those vendors a drop? Why do I need a house in order to own one? I can only speak for myself, but I’m not gonna risk riding into the middle of nowhere with several thousands of gold in my pocket and then ride back with wares worth several thousands of gold. Not good!

  7. @nizzie: well it looks like you wont have to ride into the village with all your gold. you can pay with gold from your bank:

    “For buyers:
    You will be able to chose to either pay the price for the item directly from your backpack or you can chose to pay more safely from your personal bank account which will however add an additional fee to the price.”

  8. @Ryan: Man, that makes me jealous big time. Maybe my wife will play an MMO or then again maybe I’ll trip over a Butt Monkey with 100 dollar bills hanging out of it’s ass, ripe for the taking. Tell her to make a new character on Orien. It is so much fun playing on a new server where really good items in the AH and rare and everyone is poor just like in real life. :)

  9. @Beleg: I’ll have to point it out to him. 😀 Two things that I know for certain, is that he IS on NA, and that he has been available to his guys in vent.

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