VPR Cast#64: “Apoc Unplugged”

Welcome to our 64th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! It was in the seventh year that the gods of Darkfall decided that all was good; and upon this earth Darkfall was born. And it was unto Europe, where minions of darkness and light descended to feast upon the pixelated flesh of newbs. Amongst the hordes the gods annointed an archon whose skill in pvp shines brightly, and wherever the pall of his dark shadow is cast, he leaves in his wake myriads of fully looted emotionally scarred children. Newbs call him “that mother fucker”, the gods call him Apoc.

DISCLAIMER: we, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 2 hour and 25 minutes of mmo podcast pleasure
Apoc’s background
Apoc’s darkfall background, strats, opinions, and more.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.
  • (Aion): from the makers of L2, comes another L2 with upgraded graphics and flying? Not exactly sure what to make of this yet, once we have an idea we will cast on it. I do plan to have an Aion “buff” on future cast (actually have one lined up :D).

50 thoughts on “VPR Cast#64: “Apoc Unplugged””

  1. btw, during the cast we discussed some jewel crafting. Apoc noted that he leveled up off making some leather ring. I dont think that’s an option anymore… Im just not seeing it. And RE the crystal ring I mentioned it takes one crystal and 5 gold to make. Once made, the ring vendors for 10 gold. Cant recall what I said in the cast, but this is the accurate amount.

  2. Anyone else having a corrupt ZIP? Tried redownloading it with a download manager, no luck.

  3. @Ryan: WOW man awesome cast!!!!!!! I had to use 7 zip to extract the cast and win zip and win rar would not. That really fired me up to cast about DDO and I can’t wait!!! After hearing that cast almost made me want to drop DDO but they are 2 totally different games.

    @Apoc: Great job man and thanks for going in specific detail and giving exact examples to backup your statements.

  4. @Lurkin Larkin: Thanks for letting me know. I’ll try to fix that later today/this evening. I won’t leave it up for you to guess if it’s been fixed or not. I’ll let you know right here. Thanks!

    @Yakster: OH yeah… prepare to wax DDO. Very interested to hear your perspective on that. Maybe drop DDO, if you’re comfortable doing so, after we transfer to NA. At least that way I can hook you up with some starter stuff, and you’d have instant party… well… at least on Sat nights ๐Ÿ˜€ (with me at any rate).

  5. Good cast.

    Is Apoc from Desperate Housewives or did I heard that wrong?

    @Ryan: Never heard of bunny hopping in DFO? Boy! Remember the video I posted in the comment section of the last cast? You really should’ve watched that. I just finished uploading my second one which I’ve been working on during last week, but now yt deleted the audio track, so it’s gonna take a while again.

    Anyway.. check out the old one, at ~1:20 there’s a quite good one to see.


  6. Ok, nevermind. I just finished listening to the cast. Bobby Orr’s a cool guy, he pk’ed me during my first days in DF, and after some talking he donated me lots of stuff back and took my newbie ass a bit around. That’s why I was asking @ Desperate Housewives. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. @nizzie: you might have corrected this in your second statement… cant tell, but yeah I know what bunny hopping is, but just had never heard of using it for gaining speed in dfo. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. great cast, finally, it’s been awhile…and ryan….you need to dedicate more time to darkfall!

  9. @emo: thanks! Does this mean you didnt like the Aion casts? I agree with your dfo comment. I want it… love that game!

    @jew bastard: dick, I told you I’ll fix this. haha. A non corrupted one is uploading now.

  10. Great job apoc.

    I think next time, please do a mic check before starting the podcast. Apoc’s voice came in and out and when he was close to the mic it was the cleaest.

    Also, questions about why daggers are viable or not is really a pointless question. I wish the interviewer had more experience with darkfall and could ask the tough questions. Anyone who doesn’t know who shuyin hail is hasn’t played darkfall for very long.

    The podcast seemed a big disorganized. I would of liked more preparation ahead time maybe sync up on what questions you will ask etc so there is no dispute on what you are asking.

    The podcast could of been cut in half with asking only the relevant questions and the interviewer talked way too much. The goal of the podcast is to get the person you are interviewing to talk.

  11. @Danny: Thanks! I’m going to address your paragraphs in order:
    1.)We did a mic check and had things working well. Post cast we figured out what the issue was, and this will be repaired come our next Apoc interview.

    2.)I know how viable daggers are… you probably just tuned out when you heard the word “daggers”. Listen to what I have to say… or not. My points are good, whether you like them or not. You’ll also notice that Apoc, and others are unsure of the net effect when considering raising attribute points. Also, I’ve been playing DFO since about 2months after release, and I’ve never heard of Shuyin. Casual gamers don’t always pick up on these names. Shit, I still have not heard mention of him aside from in the cast, and just now ๐Ÿ˜€ Usually guilds that are changing the face of Agon, old school guilds, and sometimes very good players are all that pop on to my radar… which is normal for 75% of players.

    3.)The structure of these podcasts is intended to be an open format where we just talk. It’s really less of an interview and more of a shoot the shit session. BTW, I generally agree with you here, but there’s no money to be made in changing the format. Perhaps next cast I’ll see if anybody has some specific questions they’d like answered from a power gamer (ie Apoc).

    4.)Answered this… it’s just about hanging out and talking. I’ll re-listen to the cast and see where I could have done less of this (ie Apoc was trying to speak and I was talking over him, or abruptly moving on to other topics).

    Thanks for your input. While it might have sounded like I was writing you off… I was :D. Seriously, thanks, and I’ll keep these points logged in the noggin.

  12. Haven’t listened to the cast yet but since Apoc is in it, it gotta be good ๐Ÿ˜› btw I canceled my account about 2 weeks ago since I haven’t been playing that much. All my free time, I keep playing HoN so no time for Darkfall :( …man that game is addictive. Anyway I might reactive if things start to pick up we’ll see.

  13. @John: Been missing you, bro. Was just thinking about you a few days ago. If you are so inclined, fire it up and play with me Sat nights. What’s HoN?

  14. @Ryan: HoN is Heroes of Newerth. If you heard of dota you know what im talking about. I’ll see if I will reactivate my DF account but nowaday I can’t really devote myself to sitting at the computer for hours playing mmo. That’s y i like HoN, it’s fun and you just play one or two games then log off without worrying about developing your char all the time like in a mmo.

  15. @John: So is HoN a Warcraft mod? I completely know what you mean regarding time and value… but if Sat night works for you, I usually play for 5 hours.

  16. Desperate housewives :l?
    I played again lord darkshroud who i thought were really good a cool guy ressed me after the fight but i hear from a lot of people ya guys r a bunch of little children.

  17. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.

    As far as the mic problems, I think I have them sorted now. I’m still looking for a high end mic to buy though, I think it’s about time I invest in a real good mic for my PC.

    Ryan did a great job on the interview. Major thanks to him for being real easy and enjoyable to work with.


  18. @ Admin
    It’s a necklace takes 2 leather per crafting and a viable way to level if you have cash and want to just buy the leather from the store and/or farm bears,raptors, or like Achrid’s for bulk leather.

  19. good cast but some things I would like to add.

    debuffs are very good in pve when you have a tough mob and you use elemental bow, put piercing debuff, arrow debuff and whatever elemental debuff you bow has and you will be doing very much more damage per hit. I have my piercing debuff surging and working and arrow debuff surging as well and trying to get elemental debuffs to 50 at least.

    dagger and greatswords are such high dps because when you enchant them the elelmental proc happens more often.

  20. @Max: right! and thanks.

    @Elric: okay, thanks! I knew I’d seen some leather option somewhere before, but since I was stuck on “rings” I thought I’d find it there and never bothered to look under necklaces.

    @liscious: thanks! Thanks for the info on debuffs… so I’m going to assume that when you say it works great with elemental bows that you are also including in that the transmuted bows?

  21. Nice podcast.

    If you don’t know who Shuyin is, he’s one of the hardcore players who has been a heavy hitter PK-wise from the start and is rich and highly skilled up. he tends to PvP a lot, so most people run into him eventually.

    Also, debuffs aren’t viable. They miss often, have tiny AoE’s, often don’t register on moving targets and the damage is negligible, considering the time it takes to debuff, you can cast one or two bolts, which totals 30-70 damage, instead of the extra 2-3 points per hit with the debuff, with 3 debuffs, more like 10-15 but in that time, you could cast 3-4 bolts, which is somewhere near 100-150 damage range. Honestly, they have negligible use in PvE unless you’re hitting a mob with a TON of health and absolutely none in PvP, so I’d recommend staying away from debuffs.

  22. Hey Ryan,

    Heard of your DFO podcasts from the DFO forums and you got some awesome discussions going on here. It is an awesome way to get different perspectives on games and to just pass back and forth opinions. I just want to say great job and I will be eagerly awaiting more podcasts to listen to while I am at work.

    I just recently quit Darkfall due to many of the issues brought up, most importantly the Acid Pool exploiters and hackers made me leave. But I feel the bottom line was the way they handled the US servers. I was planing on just moving to the US servers but they are still forcing me to purchase a US client after I already purchased the game for EU1. Complete FAIL on adventurine and I immediately canceled SUB.

    I was really good and had a solid record of 300 pvp kills and 80 deaths, but the majority of the deaths were from rigor exploiters when battling the Mercs or Sinister and it seriously gave me some headaches. After leaving I waited for Aion but I am about to leave, once you go FPS darkfall style it is near impossible to go back to something like Aion or WoW. I am considering Fallen earth but want to wait for them to tweak and perfect the sluggish looking combat. I am currently in MO Beta and gotta say, All the stuff you have been talking about it looking promising, I am dreaming of it all to, but playing the beta I have complete opposite feelings, it seems like it is going to FAIL hard. It is basically in Pre Alpha stages right now when they claim its Beta. The graphics are far worst than DFO, trust me the screenshots give off a different feel. but the Crafting, and User Interface are horrible. If they dont revamp there UI soon its going to be in trouble. Not sure if they have yet to turn on many features but the game is basically 15% complete from spending hours in Beta, not counting the 6 hours it took me to configure files for it to Start.

  23. The graphics in MO suck because there’s basically nothing to change, afaik it’s low end right now. But I agree on the rest.

    I’m a good pvp’er in DFO too. I got like 7 kills and ~40 deaths. My subscription ran out, that’s why I got myself Champions Online for like $15. Right now I’m working on a video covering a lot of player made costumes.

  24. @Beleg: thanks for listening, and posting! I plan to answer you in more detail later… just busy at work ftm.

    @nizzie: that’s more my speed (re kill to death). When you are done with your vid… get me a link, I’ll post it on the site.

    RE Yak: Yak delivered some great DDO content. Even if you never plan on playing, it’s a good listen for all MMOologists. <– remember, we coined that! Use it liberally. haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. @Beleg: Thanks again for your thoughtful reply to this podcast. Couple things about your post that caught my eye:

    1.) You recently left due to acid pool exploiters –> Acid pool exploitation was stopped within a month after release. In the meanwhile you could have leveled up your rigor fairly easily on brownies. I’ve been told that within a day or so you can max it out on them.

    2.) Force to purchase US client to move to NA –> I BELIEVE that you will NOT have to purchase the NA client, just the subscription (~$15)

    3.) You bought Aion and are about to leave –> I completely agree with you, once you’ve gone mmo fps, it’s hard to return to the point click and unload kind.

    4.) MO – beta stage –> By all accounts that I’ve heard, this seems to be the case. When were you last on MO? BTW, I really hope they succeed. We need as many mmo fps style games out there as possible that are skill and twitch based.

  26. How anyone can say the graphics in DFO are better than MO is just fucking retarded. Are you playing on a p90????? The last game that grabbed me by the balls for graphics the way MO does was VG. Far as what you are beta testing, you are testing the things they want you to test, not the other way around. They just added housing and mounts yesterday.

    MO will be the final nail in the coffin for DFO. There are 3 of us in Beta now Ryan, you should pick it up. They added 10k more copies for sale with their server architecture upgrade they just did.

  27. 1)I am going to try this brownie thing now that I am back in DFO. Sounds exciting.

    2)Ya, the way they are doing Transfers is causing my Guild to come back and re-sub. They are all very excited to get to the US server.

    3) It is a shame too, because it really reminded me of a cross bread of DAoC and WoW with less choices and content and an Asian flare. I loved DAoC and could not get into WoW Pre-Battlegrounds.

    4)Last I played it was a about the same time I posted my last post a few weeks back. I need to try the new version Starkiller is claiming.

    I have an intense Rig Dual GTX 280’s. MO Graphics are no better than DFO they just use a different Style. They are going for a AoC type style but everything is rufly implemented. I feel there will be many graphical updates in the future simliar to how DFO has updated there textures. My biggest Gripe is the Fail User Interface. It is very clunky, they use X for entering combat stance, that just feels strange to me. Maybe once it smooths up the transition it will flow better.

    I never like making assumptions on the game based on Beta, I bought MO so I am surely playing it at launch no matter what happens. Then can I make my assumptions and comparisons to DFO. But most likely I am here to stay in DFO. Such a Wicked awesome game. But if MO does Archery better, we will see….

  28. @Starkiller: We need to talk more about this. I’m interested to hear about MO improvements, as well as your experiences in Aion.

  29. [QUOTE]Whats your new in-game new Apoc?[/QUOTE]

    On EU-1 I was Bobby Orr.

    Now that I’ve transferred to NA-1, I’ve renamed back to Apoc … so it’s “Apoc Owns”. Fitting, eh? ๐Ÿ˜› /flex

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