VPR Cast#63: “Aion Heavy”

Welcome to our 63rd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! The cast continues where it left off last week… we still have Starkiller on board; and Schug joins the cast. If you haven’t had much time to research Aion, or you want to hear a gamer’s perspective, then listen in.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.
  • (Aion): from the makers of L2, comes another L2 with upgraded graphics and flying? Not exactly sure what to make of this yet, once we have an idea we will cast on it. I do plan to have an Aion “buff” on future cast (actually have one lined up :D).

43 thoughts on “VPR Cast#63: “Aion Heavy””

  1. @Star & Sugar: I have an issue with you guys. Ryan has asked you 10 different ways why the graphics of DFO are crap. For some reason all you can say is that they are crappy but not why. Ryan asked you guys if you think the graphics of DFO are euqal to War Hammer. You agreed to that but when asked if the graphics of WAR were crap you said no. Why don’t the both of you just admit that for whatever reason you have a hatred for DFO. Either that or you guys are fucken blind, sorry. Normally I don’t have a problem with this as I share your hatred for War Hammer. However, all the shit like cheaters, performence issues, etc have been resolved with the patch just came out. Stop living in the past. I really don’t think that the two of you understand the concept of DFO. I have not yet played it thanks to D&D online but from the casts, videos that I have watched and what I have read seems like an awesome came.

    Stop whining and bitching about the cheaters. Yes, it sucks and there will always be cheaters os just move on. They can’t just ban half of their client base and they will risk losing too many customers. I don’t think you guys really understand the business side of MMO’s. Hate to say it but there are way less people like your selves bitching about ot VS. the people who care. Plus dosn’t it make you want to take those keeps back even more?

    However, with that out out the way. I agree with everything else that you guys have said and share a strong hatred for War Hammer. That great promise but got all fucked up.

    So, if Aion is just another WOW clone then what the hell has you sucked into LOTRO?

  2. @yak: yeah, sorry… I dont think we got into much LoTRO. I should try to get you and Star in on a dual LoTRO exclusive cast.

  3. @Yak I don’t think you understand the concept of I don’t care what DFO has BECOME, I know what it was and I DID play it. I am tired of all these half assed games being released. DFO graphics are not 2009 graphics and Ryan knows that, he just likes agruing about the same things over and over 😉

    YOU can choose to play games by companies that will not ban cheaters and I promise you I probably have a firmer grasp on business than you do having been a sales manager, district sales manager and a regional sales manager. You do not keep cheaters so you do not lose thier business. You want a perfect example of that startegy failing? Actually I will give you two, Lineage][ and Vanguard. Cheaters were the single biggest thing that killed both games. Keep thinking that those that cheat and do not get punished are more important than the bulk of the paying customers which do not. That is the flawed thinking of morons like Rufo and his ilk that think because others cheat it is ok to do so.

    Far as whinning and bitching, you should know the people you accuse that of before you say it. Schug and I fought through the cheaters and played VG for over a year. I fought through the cheaters for over two years in L][, mayhaps you should deal with the outright cheating longer than we have before you start to piss us off with your comments.

    I don’t think you have a grasp of the concept of the legitimate customer being more important than the cheating customer that ruins games and servers and drives them into oblivion. I drove Axem/Mexa, Ebonlores guild leader, off the daytime server in Vanguard by hunting him down and killing him and his guild members religously while the botted.

    Far as my comments go, you make alot without having done jackshit, maybe you should experience the games and issues you comment on in a negative way about what I say. From what I read when you make derrogatory comments when I say something, you are doing it as an armchair quarter, so get off your ass and play isntead of sitting on the sidelines?

  4. One thing i don’t think i have mentioned about darkfall that i disliked was that you have to lower you graphics setting and turn up your gamma all the way to be competitive.

  5. @Star: I agree with you that cheaters ruin a good game. I had my fair share of cheaters i n War Online. I am not trying to be negative or attack you directly. I am just trying to understand where you are comming from and just asking for examples and for you to backup your thoughts. I doubt don’t your exprience as a sales manager etc. It’s a difficult balancing act and it’s hard to please everyone in a game. :) When I played VG I didn’t play on the PVP server so I didn’t have to deal with all the cheating thata you had to deal with. I do give you credit for sticking in their for a year as I would have not. I do haave the gamming experence as just as much as you and maybe more in some areas as I am sure to do as well. I am just commenting on this cast as this is what mmo smack talk is all about. Like I said you said a lot of great things and maake some good points about a lot of MMO’s having the potential and then turning into shit.

    I am not sitting on the side lines lol. Ask Ryan I was all fired up and ready to play DFO when I got into DD Online since it’s free and fell in love with it. I don’t want to say too much as I am saving that for another cast. I just don’t want to get involved in playing 2 MMO’s at the same time as I just focus on one of them. I am currently having fun with DDO and once I get bored or had my fill then I am goin to play DFO. Hell maybe by then MO will be in polished game, who knows.

  6. @Yak its all good, as you know typing does not always convey what someone means well and everyone interpret things differently when they read them, which is what I think happened with your original post. When I read it, it seemed like you were attacking us but after your second post it does not 😉

    I agree about not playing 2 MMOs at once. There is really only one exception to this I see in the market and that is Eve. It is the one game you could play at the sametime as another game due to the boredom factor and the way training takes so long and do that in conjuntction with another MMO.

    The overall concept of DFO is fine, just the years of delays, outdated graphics, bugs, exploits and the staffs lack of dealing with those initial cheaters is unacceptable to me. I told Ryan that if Mortal fails to deliver and there is a decent population in DFO still, I would be willing to try it at that point. I just do not see the point of trying DFO with Mortal right around the corner. The past few years have seen too much game hoping with failure after failure. I like to play a game for several years, but with the recent past failures that has not been possible. So I would not want to start DFO this year and go to Mortal at the end of this year or beginning of next year.

    Cheaters will always be present, but what is important is the games staff willingness to deal with them in a timely and proper fashion. Sure, do not ban them on the first offense, give them a warning with a suspension, then the next infraction ban them. Obviously if you warn and suspend someone and they are willing to risk a ban after that, than they have no regards for your game or your policies so get rid of them. It also should not take long to do this either, in VG it took waaaaaay too long to get rid of cheaters. It took over a year of constant reporting by the legitmate community to get rid of Ebonlore and by that point in combination with the other issues with the game it was a constant bleeding off players and killed the game.

    Too many got frustrated and left because of the inaction to get rid of botters, dupers and cheaters. Companies need to stop worrying with the income from the cheaters that usually move on to the next new game when it comes out anyway and worry with the paying legitimate customers that will stay with the game more long term.

    We can not make excuses to allow cheating and games like DFO and Mortal are not looking for WoW’s numbers or for that matter even EQ’s numbers in order for them to stay in business and make thier games a success to them. If these companies want thier games to do well, by thier standards, and be around for the longterm, they need to deal with cheating decisively and swiftly. They also need to do it public to disgrace cheaters as well.

  7. Just wanna say a few things about cheaters…

    People that are still bitching about cheaters, i wonder if you have actually log into Darkfall recently and play the game. And can you tell me how many cheaters you ran into? And are you taking about hackers or exploiters? They’re doing a pretty good job right now banning all the hackers….I haven’t ran into one lately. As far as exploiting, everyone is doing it and the GMs have been watching those pretty closely as well and issue bans to some. But ppl would always find a new way to exploit…keep in mind that’s NOT the same as hacking. IMO, not a game breaker.

    I think ppl use “cheaters” as an excuse to say that they just suck at the game and can’t handle it. But aside from that, the one thing that ppl bitch about the most is the grinding process. If you look at the darkfall forum, 90% of the posts are ppl bitching about grinding. There is always something to grind and it just ruin the fun factor for me. I log in and grind. NExt time i log in again, grind some more…It just never stop! I do like the pvp madness that this game brings though. And the fun starts once u finish your grinding process. It’s just take too long to get there. I know they increased the gain up to 6 times but I don’t think it;s enough…they should increase it more!

  8. It doesn’t matter if I have logged into to play the game if you read my post and didn’t just pick and choose something here and there to say something about it. Hacking/3rd party software/constant exploiters are all cheaters. Constant exploiting may not be an issue for you, but that old excuse of everyone does it does not cut it. That is a cheaters excuse for cheating, “everyone else does it”. I have news for you, everyone does not cheat in games. Far from it, the majority of players I have run across over the years do not cheat at all.

    Far as people saying cheating instead of saying they suck is bullshit too. Yes it happens sometimes, but using that as the rule and not the exception? I think you are smoking something.

    Grinding is good as long as there is not botting going on to bypass it. It gives the character meaning instead of being throw away like they have become in so many games. All this make it faster to max out is more WoW bullshit attitude of give it to me and give it to me now! Alot of us do not want stuff handed to us and want to earn it ourselves.

  9. @Star: Good to see that we are on the same page. :) I agree it’s not the same thing as talking to someone as reading thier post. I like the idea if someone is caught cheating regardless of the cheat they should be entitled to one warning only. After that no matter what cheat they do next then should be banned. I belive that in most cases the person will stop and that they learn to play fairly and we don’t lose that player, wouldn’t you agree? I now have a better of where you are comming from as you have exprienced cheaters a hell lot more then I have. I never played EVE as personally I like my avitars to be humanoid and not a ship. However, I have heard it is s cool MMO. If MO had a free beta then I would try it and same with DFO if they had a trial. Personally, I am afraid of getting pulled away from DDO since I am having so much fun with it. I am so glad you guys gave us that info on Aion. While it looked cool, after going back to LOTRO, I get bored easily with EQ/WOW clones. :)

  10. “And can you tell me how many cheaters you ran into?”

    @John: In about ~4 months of playing: one (1). And this was today. Saw a horse without rider but with rider name in () swimming, when it got out of the water the name in () disappeared, so I mounted it only to get it shot to death under my ass. I couldn’t see anyone, so I assume he was fly-hacking and had an aimbot.

    I’d love to keep listening to the cast (currently at 10:00), but Fallen Earth just finished downloading, and I’m really curious about that game.

  11. @nizzie: where abouts was this ghost rider? When you were killed, what name did it say killed you? Also, Fallen Earth is secondary to cast… you must learn this. So how is Fallen Earth? Is it worth looking into?

  12. @Ryan: That’s the problem. This sob didn’t hit me once. He just hit his mount 4 or 5 times, each shot a hit. I also can’t remember his name anymore, Man Shark or sth like that.

    I’d love to talk about FE, but since the game’s crashing every 5 minutes for me I can’t really go into detail. I didn’t make it though the tutorial yet because of that. Fortunatly this seems to be a common issue at the moment.

    But so far: character creation is nothing special, melee combat is said to be gimped as hell (mounted rifle or pistol players simply outrun and kite melee players in pvp – melee can’t attack from horses), once you spent your skill points you can’t undo or respec, mounts stay (you can’t put them in your pocket, only in stables or garages), horses need food, motorcycles and such gasoline, almost all items are player crafted, pvp only in special zones (with capture points if I remember correctly), no looting in pvp *tear*, a lot of questing (I like that one), crafting is (unlike other skills) raised by using it.

    My biggest concern was ping because of the servers being located in the US, but so far (damn tutorial) it’s ok.

    About DFO again: I didn’t know you were still on EU-1. What your character name?

  13. @Star: I rest my case. The game been out for nearly 6 months dude…maybe you should take a look at the game now vs beta? Many things have changed since beta…

  14. @John how do you rest your case? Read the rest of what I typed and as I said before it doesn’t matter when the last time I played it was. They did not take care of cheaters in an effective manner right at the start. Why would I really want to look and see what they are doing now? The cities and monies the cheaters got in the first week were not taken away from them, I rest my case.

  15. @Starkiller: I agree. Why didn’t AV do anything against those Rigor/Ignore Pain guys at the very beginning? I’m not talking about banning, that’d be stupid. Just reset all those R/IG to 1 if they’re above ~70. Simple as that.

    @Ryan: I fixed the problem with Fallen Earth, now I realised that ping IS an issue. It’s laggy. Melee combat (on mobs) is a pain in the ass, often I just can’t hit an enemy, I don’t know if it’s because of lag or simply desynced mobs. Crafting seems to be truly diverse, and you get EXP by harvesting and crafting items too. And lots of quests, I got like 20.. and I just hit lvl 3.

  16. @nizzie: I finally have a main in DDO. I am having a blast playing the Barbarian class. My toons names is Wolfedge, see you in game. I just hit lvl 3. :)

  17. FE is boring as hell. I really regret spending the $50 (= 34€!) for it. I’ve to force myself playing it, so I decided to stop, maybe I’ll consider giving it another shot if EU servers go live in the future.

    @Yak: Ha, I played almost no DDO the in the last days, was busy playing DFO. It’s cool, for the first time I actually left the warm hug of blue cities, exploited some Menhirs (and melee’d them for awhile – don’t ask, I wish I could reproduce this bug), checked out some dungeons, got pk’d several times. But it’s fun, in a strange way.

  18. @nizzie: I forgot to reply to your question about my ingame name. My ingame name is padrex rrr. The lastname is cause I just wanted to play and, as you know, we have to have a last name. Going to scope on your vid later today. Also, thanks for the intel on FE!

    @Yak: welcome back!

  19. @Steverenolds: I am sorry but the Yakster holds MMO’s to a higher standard. If your feeble little mind can be entertained by a typical grind MMO with pretty graphics then good for you. Here boy, go fetch the shiny red ball, LMAO. Better yet just grow a pair!!!

  20. @steve: I love the vids. English version of the game planned? Ryan should interview you about it.

  21. Yeah, I cant wait to look at that video. If this is a game of real interest 😀 then we definitely need to cast on it.

  22. @steve: definitely play it and let us know what you think. IF it is a deep game, then get enough intel on it and let’s cast it. from the vids I saw, it looked minimally interesting to me, but had great graphics. I’m thinking that I’m far more interested in the Mount and Blade Warband fps.

  23. @Steve:
    First just stop that’s number one. I did look at the game and because you are too lazy to link it this is the official site correct?


    It is not in english ans based on that vid and the one below to me I see nothing special about this MMO.


    I love how you say I am dumb when you used the most tard term I have heard someone say about about game. “3rd person shooter rpg.”

    All FPS shooters are in first person and you could call any MMO a 3rd person shooter. Instead of just flaming insults, say what you like about the game and what makes it different and not just this is cool because I am cool. I did my research buddy and the site is not in English how could one even play it, unless you can read it because I sure as hell can’t. So, before you start assuming shit you do your homework and put more then a one sentence post.

  24. @yakster The game is currently in open beta in Korea, And like most Korean game companys they have made it necessary to show proof of Korean citizenship at account creation. Why would they put the game in any other language than Korean when the only people playing it will be native born Koreans?

    I am first a FPS player and second a MMO player, and as such feel that there is huge difference in game style between TPS and FPS. The fact that i added “Shooter” to third person implys that you have to aim your attacks, Games that are in third person (like most MMORPG’s) that do not have real time aiming are very rarely called TPS and are miss labeled.

    If you want to make an account i can link you to english guides.

    Oh and, it’s not an MMO and i never claimed it was. It’s set up similar to guildwars with a town and party system.

  25. @steve: What do you mean by saying that it’s not an MMO?

    Are there levels? Questing? Buying/looting/questing for equipment? What role does PvP play in the game?

  26. Well its not really a MMO as it uses the same setup as guildwars, quests are done in private instances and towns are public. You can add people to your party to have them in your quests. There is levels, questing, looting for equipment just like any other rpg. You can gain exp and rank by pvping, also pvping is one of the best parts of this game and its where i feel the combat system really shines.

  27. @Steve: Thanks for the offer of the free account but right now I am really into DDO. Guild Wars is an MMO and this games appears to be as well. Is it not a massive multiplayer and online? Anyways DDO is like that were you meet in the towns and then do a private instance for quests. I am saving the details for another cast.

  28. Is PvP possible everywhere outside of towns? Or does it take place in battlegrounds/arenas only?

  29. @yakster
    Why both D2 & GW are not mmos.

    1. lobbies, the towns in GW’s are graphical lobbies.

    2. Instanced gameplay, in both diablo and GW there is hundreds of instances for the same basic zone.

    3. max players you can actually play with in one instance is low (8)

    @nizzie Since all areas are instanced the only places you can pvp is in arenas, duels, and dungeons.

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