VPR Cast#62: “Aion Lite”

Welcome to our 62nd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Listen now and enter into a euphoric state as the cast is joined by mmo legend Starkiller, leader of the imfamous Blackhearts, bane of Ebonlore, and lover of very fine LoTRO. Continue to treat your ears to his elven vocals while he sings to them of Aion, Mortal Online, Lord of the Rings Online… dim your volume while he screeches obscenities about our beloved Darkfall Online; and cheer wildly as Schug of Fallout connects with the cast. It’s all here… solid gold. Just listen.

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 50 minutes of mmo podcast pleasure
Starkiller’s mmo background
Lord of the Rings Online
Darkfall Online
Mortal Online

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.
  • (Aion): from the makers of L2, comes another L2 with upgraded graphics and flying? Not exactly sure what to make of this yet, once we have an idea we will cast on it. I do plan to have an Aion “buff” on future cast (actually have one lined up :D).

33 thoughts on “VPR Cast#62: “Aion Lite””

  1. My gaming life is going pretty slow right now, All i do nowadays is play Empiresmod(hl2) and workout. I’ve decided that i am going to be a police officer after high school so i have to get in shape.

  2. I’m doing a bodybuilder setup rightnow with alot of deadlifts and squats, after i get fit enough i’ll switch over to more of a SF/crossfit setup.
    I’m also doing HIIT.

    The guide I’m using is from /fit/ which isn’t always the most reliable source for information but this guide looks accurate and has been working for me.

  3. Nice! Lot’s of info at that link. I bought one of the first books mentioned in that list 6 years ago (“Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle”). I haven’t found much truer, in terms of diet, than that book, except the simple and straightforward advice of Jack Lelanne (you can see some of his vids on youtube).

  4. @Ryan: I was listening to your cast in by car and was really enjoying it until Star compared LOTRO to Vanguard can claiming it has a good graphics. I wanted to puke all over my dashboard at that point. To me that was a huge insult to Vanguard. What got me is that Vanguard had so many initiative ideas despite it’s short comings. LOTRO just took WOW’s game and put it’s skin over it. Also, LOTRO has the slowest and most laggy engine I have ever played. Now DDO is very innovative and I can’t belive how much fun I have been having as you need to solve your way through dungeons and puzzles. I am going out of town for a week but when I get back, I would love to do another cast after I hear part 2 of this cast. While Star had a lot of good things to say, it sounds like he really didn’t give DFO a chance. Also, the PVP system in LOTRO is horrible so I am dying to hear anything about that.

    @Nizzie: I sware I won’t make another ALT, hehe in DDO my current toon is Shadowedge.

  5. @yakboy Yes LOTR has a horrible pvp system but that’s because its a PVE game, and from what i’ve seen in DDO dungeons all you do is pull dark knights to some pillars and watch their AI break.

  6. @Yak how you can say LotRO graphics are not as good or better than VG is beyond me. I played VG on the pvp servers for about a year and a half and would have kept playing but too many of our guild went to AoC and we were not going to be able to field 18-24 for raiding on a consitent basis at that point. I loved VG and much of what it had to offer, but LotRO has every bit as good graphics as VG did and better.

    As far as LotRO servers go, I play in the most populated server, Brandywine which I chose on purpose to play on a full server, at times there is lag from being over populated, not because of crappy servers. I have no idea where you get your comment on that from. I am playing on an old system atm as mine fried recently with a bad memory stick/slot. 2.8 gig P4 processor, 1 gig of ram (half of which is bad), 7800 BFG vid card and I am playing just with the exception of raiding. Which I should not be able to paly this game at all with only 512 megs of properly working ram. So, I have no idea where you come up with this crappy server stuff, you really didn’t play VG if you think these servers are crappy bro.

    I never said LotRO pvp was good, hell pvp in and of itself in VG was horrible too. Completely imbalanced and bug ridden. I had fun with it, but it was horrible.

    Far as DFO goes, you are absolutely right, I was not gonna play another broken unfinished heap of garbage in hopes that the devs would finally fix things and get it right and working properly. I have done that enough and am not some teen or twenty something gamer. I am 40 years old and done with the half finished product market. IF DFO had come out 4-6 years ago and worked properly, it would have been a great game. This is 2009 now and it is not.

  7. @SteveRenolds: You should really play the game for your self and see, hell it’s free!!!! Think of PVE with out the grind and actually having to use your brain to solve quests.

    @Starkiller: To be honest LOTRO character graphics are just a little bit better then how. This is with everything turned on. The backgrounds are much better. The reason I can say this is that VG has some of the best graphics that I have ever seen in an MMO. Most MMO’s take 30 seconds or so to load but LOTRO would take long and at the character select screen seemed to take long as well. I have a dual core AMD 65+ and 2GB of ram and a 9600 GT video card. I never said you said anything about LOTRO’s pvp being good it seem implied from the cast that I heard so far.

    The funny thing is I went back to LOTRO for about a month to give it another chance and played on the sever that begins with an L. It was the same grind expect no as populated and most everyone was at the higher levels. I guess I’ll have to wait for the rest of the cast but I am dying to know what you like about LOTRO compared to the other MMO’s that you have played as to me its just a dumbed down WOW clone. Such as their as no tallest trees. Also, you mentioned the AI being good. To be LOTRO was just as easy if not easier then WOW. Especially if you make a Runekeeper as they do high dps and kill most everything. I played one until lvl 17 and untill I got ganged up on it was very easy.

    I have played DFO but to me it seems that you really didn’t give it a chance or played it in the beta when it was really buggy and never returned to it. I completely agree with you about WAR as I played that game for 3 months.

    Compare the images, the first one is from VG and second is from LOTRO.



  8. @Ryan: You are correct, I was soooo fired up in that response that I didn’t notice mu incorrect grammar. What sucks is I really want to play DFO but got sucked into D&D. The good news is that once I get bored with D&D then I have a cool game waiting for me to play. I nearly fell outa of chair when you talked about Mortal being fighting turned based in slow me. Me personally I would hate that because then it’s more like chess PVP.

  9. starkiller can you do some wheelies on wheel chair for me while your fat wife blows me

    remeber when you quit l2 because we tore your pathetic guild up claiming speed hacks and everything else when in all reality you were just bad

  10. @Yak, images from someone else’s pc never mean anything. I have played both for considerable ammounts of time and loved both. But you saying that LotRO is far inferior on the graphics side is just not so. Character graphics in VG were better, they are the best that have ever been, but that is also alot of the lag issues they had in VG also was the way they built the individual characters and why most of the high end characterization was removed and never put back into the game again.

    @Rufo, rofl poor kidie still all butt hurt from years ago. Hate to tell ya, but we never got tore up by anyone. We won some and we lost some, but unlike you pathetic little kiddies, we did not logout because we did not have a perfect pvp group nor did we run radar to see people coming and run if odds were not in our favor. How do those wheelchair tire marks feel on your back from being run over chump?

    You should know what you are talking about before you open your mouth, we never claimed anyone speedhacked, but I guess a guilty consience got to you? We left the game over SPS AE attacks being done at greater than archer max range and the fact that whatever his name was from whatever no name guild it was took that new castle by using exploits and bugs and the GM’s were not going to do anything about it. Really, you should stay over at L2blah where being a complete fucking retard does not make you look so stupid.

    @Frost rofl, another butt hurt kiddie that is mad I won’t let him come play with me anymore, I am truly sorry for hurting your little efeelings Andy! Far as being a dirty fatty, I think you have me and your asshole mixed up! Tell me, how does dog ass taste and what does it feel like putting a monkey wrench up your ass?

  11. HAHAHA you and your guild were not even a factor on kain

    I dont think you ever killed anyone in DA/FA/TJ the guilds I was in that curb stomped you and your fat wife on a daily basis. Your guild did not win some you did nothing but lose. You did not compete with any of the top guilds you were no where even close to being a high end pvp guild. Andy pointed me out to your little podcast and I thought I should inform everyone about how pathetic you and your guild was after so many boastful claims about being a leet pvper.

    It is too bad they dont have special olympics in video games you would certainly have a chance then.

  12. @Rufo rofl funny I don’t even remember your name yet you still dream about me nightly! ROFL DA wanted us to join thier alliance, I joined IF instead, FA was full of botters (big surprise a moron like you was with them) TJ was a joke of all the losers that used L2Walker after all thier guilds took off from the game. We were such a non factor, how come the server died when we left the game then? How come we owned two castles and got rid of them when we chose too and didn’t lose them to brute force? Why is it whenever Giran would be close to falling and we showed up it turned the tide of battle?

    Nice long list of failed guilds, we were the same guild from day one kiddie, maybe you should try that sometime 😉 Curb stomped daily, rofl, man seriously kid pass the crack pipe to your crackhead buddies, you have been smoking it too long.

    Another secret for ya, I was the one doing the organizing for our side of the server the last year when Steel didn’t want to do it anymore, the 4 castles we took in one siege weekend was my plan. Again, seriously, know what you are speaking about before you open your mouth. All the guilds you listed didn’t poke thier heads out of town if they didn’t have “perfect” pvp groups and FA/TJ ran radar nonstop. Good job being a loser kid!

  13. Well we already know your delusional because you married that fat cow and think shes attractive. Can you please post more about your accomplisments in L2 because taking castles that were not defended and zerging around with 3/4 of the server seems to be an accomplisment to you. You seriously think you did anything on the server based on skill and not with the #’s you were just the meat shield for real guilds like dot and lok. Your guild was not even good enough to get into thier alliance instead you had to run around with samurai blood and the rest of the joke guilds who thought they were important. In fact after we broke dread super zerg you guys never took giran aden or any of the important castles again. Im sure gludio, dion and innadrill were big keeps for you no names but they made no money at all. You claim the server died after you left but it sounds like after the dread zerg was destroyed you quit because you couldnt handle fighting even numbers.

    I love it how you call people losers for using l2 walker so people that set up a program to run thier character so they could do things in their real life are the losers. Not the people that spent 7-8 hours a night grinding the same mobs over and over day in day out. 3/4 of the game ran l2 walker I am sorry you didnt catch on and wanted to have the pure experience it really worked out for you haha.

    FA/TJ left town plenty of times without perfect pvp groups. Infact 90% of the time I was pvping it was solo or with one or two others. I remeber training mobs on to you and your wifes group all the time in the necros laughing and killing 9 of you with just zildrid and I while you dropped gear from mobs to us.

    Lets see if you can figure out who I am yet.

  14. @Rufo ROFLMAO You truly are delusional. I never dropped gear in the Catacombs from dying and we only ever wiped maybe one time to a train, cause we were in there training ourselves moron, rofl. 3/4 of the server were cheaters and yet those that didn’t cheat were losers? ROFLMAO Really, go to rehab and help yourself! Dread maintained ownership of Giran for over a year, you really are pretty fucking retarded.

    Really, anyone from the DA/FA/TJ side of the server talking about anyone else zerging is just retarded. You and no one else ever killed a full group of us with two people, but keep delluding yourself.

    I ran our side of the servers sieges for a year retard, that included DoT and LoK, I never had a desire to be in thier alliance, we had our own alliance the whole game and never left it, but keep moving from one failed guild full of cheaters to another and calling yourself victorious! It is truly hillarious.

    Yeah, FA/TJ may have been out of town without full groups, but soon as anyone came on radar they logged right out, rofl. Stood on the heights and watched in the valley below as your guildmates logged out because they didn’t have a full group.

    Btw since I never killed anyone in FA/TJ explain how come I slaughtered what was your SK’s name? Dmeonchildx? I never even got below 3/4 CP on that fight. What was that DA’s name? Crisis? How did I drop him like he was the chump your guild was without zerging and using walker?

    Keep trying and failing as always. Like I said, go back to L2Blah where being as big of a fucking retard as you are, actually makes you look kind of smart.

  15. Jeez, what’s going on here?

    @Yakboy: Lotro’s combat is not laggy, you simply don’t mash the hotkeys like in WoW. I actually liked that a lot once I got into it.

    Shadowedge, alright. I’m mostly on my fighter atm (Kinh Degar), but since I got into Mount and Blade Warband beta yesterday and got an active sub on DFO I’m really busy right now! So.. good thing you’re out of town.

    M&B:W rocks. The game is awesome! The combat got slightly changed, I got the feeling that archery (especially archery on horses) and delivering couched lance damage got a lot more difficult. But I love it. What the game desperatly needs though is more players in beta, server maximum is 64, but those are only half full most of the time.

    In case you guys didn’t sign up yet, DO IT.


  16. @Star: Good to see we are in agreement about the chatactor graphics in VG. :)

    @Nizzie: I wasn’t talking about the combat in LOTRO being laggy, mainly the load times and when in a town or highly populated area.

    I am just dying to know what you guys liked about LOTRO so much. I had my fun with it in the begining….. I’ll just shut mu mouth untill I do my next cast about DDO.

  17. Aion looks like shit, and i hope it burns in a pile of shit because of all the retards claiming its a “WoW Killer.” World of Warcraft for the win!

  18. i was dissapointed in this game. It looks and plays like wow except that it’s “korean” cartonish. Graphic is so outdated. No thanks.

  19. @John: now much Aion did you play? IS that why you didnt rejoin us the other night for DFO, cause you were cheating with this recycled hack 😀

  20. @Ryan: Oh I am not playing Aion, I only tried the beta for like a couple of hours and that’s about it. Sorry about the other night, my cousin came over so I had to play poker with them instead haha.

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