VPR Cast#58: “Bobbo”

Welcome to our 58th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! I’d like to sugar coat this cast, but I can’t, as sugar is tasteless in comparison. Plain and simple… this mmo podcast grants your auditory senses pleasures intended for a god. Tonight your ears feast on pure heavenly mana… your ears feast on bob.

DISCLAIMER: we, at mmoSmackTalk.com are not responsible for erratic and or excited behavior as a result of this cast.

Now for the post pump :D… I failed to catch and deal with an annoying echo that occurs when I speak. Also, the main course, bob, is slightly faint in some areas of the cast. Go into this cast expecting the worst, and you’ll come out singing.

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure (about 1 hour 45 min in this case)
00:00 – ~30:00: Bob’s background and Meridian59
~30:00 – End of Cast: almost exclusive darkfallonline talk.
If nothing else, catch our discussion on dfo commerce around 1hr 24 min. I want to know what you guys think of the salvage concept in regards to dfo.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

54 thoughts on “VPR Cast#58: “Bobbo””

  1. Very good cast guys! I am in between MMO’s right now and finally quit War Hammer because if it’s various issues. I am currently playing Guild Wars since its free once you buy it. I am looking forward to either Champions Online or Aion. I love the concepts of DFO, however it seems that there are still bugs, “features” that need to be worked out to make the game for playable and fun. Any word on if they are going to offer a trail for DFO?

  2. @Yakboy: Thanks! And I’ve not heard anything about a free trial coming out. There are bugs in dfo, but I just dont feel like they are really any worse than any other game out there. Overall, my play experience is pleasant. I will grant the cynics this… pve can be rough, rough to find a spot, and rough to skill up there, BUT it’s not always rough. I take the good with the bad and try to always remember that there is no other heavy duty game that I am aware of where players of all skills can get together at any time and play together…ie no hunting for groups of like levels.

    @nizzie: dine, and grow large.

  3. @Ryan: what are your thoughts about Champions Online or Aion? Do you plan on trying those MMO’s out or are you sticking with DFO for now? I am currently having the MMO blues, lol.

  4. @Yakboy: Aion seems interesting cause of the flight element… beyond that I havent really tracked either of those two games. It’s going to be hard for me to return to a non-fps mmo. Not saying that I won’t, but, as Bob said to me last night (re dfo)… “the twitch is addictive”, and I have to agree. Regardless, I’ll have to read up on them, especially since I’ve heard a surprising number of people anticipating Aion.

  5. @Ryan: While I think DFO sounds like a great game and I love PVP, I am not sure if I would enjoy or find the that style of PVP either very fun or frustrating. Only way to know for sure is to play it. I am hoping that DFO, Aion and Champions will offer a trial. I strongly agree with what you said in one of your casts that you are tired of funding a beta and I fully agree. Just give me a good game that I won’t get bored with in a couple of months. Do I dare say or have issues like with War Hammer Online. I could go on and on of how that game was great in the beginning and then was no surprise of why they dropped from 800,000 to less then 300,000 subscribers. I did like a lot of those elements of that game however. It’s finding that happy medium.

  6. @Yakboy: *You’re right, I said it, and I stand by it… well, after this one 😀 The fact is that I am definitely tired of mmo companies passing broken mechanics and glitches off as a game just because it’s got some life in it. There’s just no excuse, and I think sooner or later the consumer market will punish these newcomers by sticking with games like WoW until the new title has proven itself. DFO and me… we go back years, so I HAD to jump on it. Not to mention, I’ve also added in a past cast that there are some games that a gamer should just not miss, as certain games mark milestones/epochs (evolution?) in the gaming industry. For me, DFO was one such game. With that in mind, I’m interested in test driving Mortal Online, but I’m not jumping ship until/unless I hear some really good things… and funny as it is, those really good things need only be that the game is stable and major exploit free (that is to jump ship and try it, not necessarily to convert).

    *This is especially true if it’s not raining $50 bills at your house.

    I wouldn’t mind reading a list of your issues with WAR. It might help me better define my position :D.

  7. @Ryan: Isn’t it raining 50 bucks at everyone’s house? LOL. It’s not only the money for the game but I would be lying if I didn’t say this was a factor. It’s also the time spent and when it comes down to it I just want a fun game where I don’t get jerked around. I also have a wife and 1 hour old daughter so my gaming time is limited. I would be more then happy to tell how I went from becoming their number one fan to number enemy. I am still at work but tomorrow when I find the time I would be more then happy to post my list. :)

  8. @Yakboy: Well I won’t hold you to the list 😀 I know how it goes with work family, and what you could be doing… just feed me if you are bored and so inclined. As for me $50 is a major factor… with so many titles and pleasures that draw your attention all over cyberspace (do they still call it that? haha), it pisses me off when these development companies release steaming piles (ala AoC!!! I admire their work, but think their product blows hard in so many ways). Add to that the fact that $50 could get you into a few movies, a dinner with the family, a hockey helmet for the boy, or more gymnastics for the girl, etc… yeah it matters. It all adds up. I agree with you. I want a game that I can get into for awhile. I’m thinking that given your wife and 1 year old.. you might be better rolling with the RTS’s/FPS’s for awhile… especially til something good comes out. WHY? cause you can break from an rts/fps fast to go change a diaper, etc… so you build up the family love. Then when the mmo of your dreams releases, your wife might take into account the fact that you havent seriously delved into an mmo for awhile 😀 <– one of my strats, aside from the fact that my wife likes me to game.

  9. Very interesting podcast, Bob’s stories were highly entertaining (Nunz? :D), though I had trouble understanding him sometimes (english’s not my native language). Hope there’s more podcasts with him in the near future, as long as he fixes his mic. 😀

  10. @Ryan:
    Yakboy’s Top Ten issues with War Hammer Online.

    I would be more then happy to talk about this in detail on one of your future podcasts and explain more in detail my reasons and explain my video game/MMO background.

    10. The blue and purple rewards for open RVR tiers 1 trough 3 are not as good as the greens. They did a patch update and now the green renown rewards are better then most PVE and Public quest rewards. This gives people no or no motivation to do Public quests and the time put in for the RVR rewards are not worth it.
    9. The crafting system, what crafting system? You can make talismans and potions. With the last patch they made it now so most talismens don’t expire. However, it would be nice to craft, weapons, armor etc that you can is most other MMO’s. I personally really enjoy playing the auction houses and market place in MMO’s.
    8. Lack of Character Class customization. Basically, the Order Classes mirror Destro classes are the same with slight differences. A Chosen is pretty much the same thing as a Knight of the Blazing Sun.
    7. Their CSR’s and customer service sucks. They take too long to resolve issues and made me change the names of my ch ctors. Nothing offensive just meant to be a joke as I don’t like to pick the typical fantasy names.
    6. They copied and took a lot of features from WOW. Why the hell is the world so damn small?
    5. For a game that mainly focuses on PVP, their new expansion for meant for level 40 PVE. This even made the lower tier PVP even more non-existent.
    4. Healers get screwed . People bitch and complain that they never get heals but yet they don’t guard you when they gang bang you. Which makes people not want ti player healers. Also, you have people who don’t know how to play the class and you never get a heal or a res.
    3. Low server populations. This is a huge frustration. I was playing on a core server and after a while the 1-3 tier populations started to go down the tubes. After talking on the message boards the level 40 Order didn’t want to have alts and start over. The Destro were over populated. What this meant was open RVR taking keeps was almost non-existent and wanting 30-60 minutes in a que for scenarios was ridiculous. With the lack of character transfer in this game once you reach level 11, I had to start over. This time it was on an Open RVR server. To fix this they needed to merge the 2 Open RVR servers and make people pick Order or Destruction.
    2. They need to implement battle groups like in WOW or have everyone every que for scenarios across all servers. It sucks losing with the same bunch of idiots or even winning the game matches get repetitive. Even though I admit that I love to win but who doesn’t.
    1. Here is what makes number one and that is the War community. Poeple don’t work together to win open RVR scenarios and its difficult for people to just work and play well together. I have met some cool people it wasn’t enough to stay in the game.

  11. @Yakboy: Great points. I agree with all of those that were relevant to when I was playing (ie new patch stuff didnt apply :) ). Funny how those 10 things really killed that game. What server were you on, btw? Did you ever catch any of our WAR casts? Also, would love to have you join a cast. Since you offered, I’ll hit you up sometime so that we can coordinate on this.

    About the healer issue, you just needed to play with Vince. He’s a great tank for both pve and pvp 😀

  12. @Ryan: I started off on the Skull Throne server on the Destro side. Then I played on Pragg and Dark Cragg, the 2 open RVR servers. I got so fed up that Order couldn’t win to save it’s life on Pragg that I deleted all my characters and rolled Distro. The funny thing is that Destro had it’s issues as well. Too bad I didn’t know Vince, LOL. I haven’t watched any of of your WAR casts but would love to. What number casts are those? Sweet, I will look forward to being on a future cast with you. Just hit me up on my email address. I assume is only visible to you as it’s blocked to everyone else who posts here, LOL. :)

  13. @steve: you’re good.

    For all those going back to school this… we salute you :D! Wondering if the dfo EU server will get even slower.

  14. I’ve been playing Empiresmod lately, might get mortal up and running again as i have seen a video of people in full armor fighting with swords.

  15. @Digital Storm: did you ever play DFO? If so, you should have said something. Also, if so, why did you leave?

    @Steve: I’ve heard some lackluster comments RE MO. Do you think it will be READY for the scheduled release later this year?

  16. @ Ryan: Question wasn’t directed to me, but I can’t resist to give my two cents. It’s a real beta, there’s not much to do aside from harvesting, npc-crafting and combat (which is a bit laggy imo). It’s very hard to say that the game will be ready or not. Not as long as the devs haven’t added more content. But the game feels good in it’s state.

  17. @nizzie: All questions implicitly include you 😀 Seriously… if you have the intel, by all means, don’t be shy.

    @yakster: I’m going to check that vid out. Thanks! Their website seems to be changing frequently lately.

  18. Never played DFO. Partly due to the way I felt with Age of Conan. I thought AoC was gonna be awesome, but it was terrible. World of Warcraft just keeps pulling me back. I hear the next expansion is going to be amazing. http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=92919.0 has some possible information, and they have supposedly never been wrong when it came to posting stuff like that.

  19. @ Ryan: I wont’t go much into detail. I’m not in the privilege to actually report bugs since after two weeks I still cannot access mantis for submitting them. I also don’t like beta testing, so I don’t play MO a lot. There’s a beta forum planned, guess then I’ll be more active. But from what I have seen in the game it’s promising. The crafting of weapons is really what they told us. I started by crafting a spear, and I think because of the shitty ressources I used for the different parts of it it was too heavy for me. I still could equip it, but it drained too much stamina so I trashed it. Then I created to ugliest weapon I’ve ever seen. A sword handle with a spear blade, the same I used before. It did a pathetic amount of damage, so I trashed this one too. It’s really fun, there’s a good amount of variation and hell.. a huuuge amount of different materials. Gold weapons anyone?

    There will be no circle strafing, no excessive jumping, I chased an archer for about two minutes. It was a pain in the ass for both of us, because of the sprinting we did I was out of stamina each time I got into melee range, and of course he also couldn’t even think about drawing his longbow.

    But as I said, there’s still a lot of features not in the game. So it’s wait and see for now.

  20. @Digital-Storm: Very interesting rumors about WOW. I will have to keep in eye on it as I always interested in seeing what the MMO giant is up to. Gota love those Goblins. LOL Who took my shinnies?

  21. @nizzie: Thanks for that crafting report. Sounds awesome! When you say no circle strafing, is that because it isn’t possible, or because it will simply drain so much stamina that nobody will do it?

    I’ve also heard that combat is unbearably slow for some. The purpose, I imagine, is to capitalize on the more strategic elements of combat.

  22. Well, the problem is that sprinting and attacking drains too much stamina. With my stamina pool i can sprint for about 17 seconds. Sprinting and swinging a weapon drained it extremely fast, after 3 2h sword swings it was empty. I just tried, strafing around an enemy is definitly possible, but I can’t imagine anyone will do that right now. Maybe with high stats (= more stamina) or certain skills (=better stamina management). But this is just speculation.

    I have to admit I didn’t deal with the blocking system yet, so I can only guess how strategic the combat will be in the end. But I agree, it’s slow.. on the other hand I’d be pissed if blocking is almost too hard to pull off.

  23. @Digital-Storm You got trolled, all that info that MMOchampion is getting is from SOMETHINGAWFUL, and the only reason people think that the next expansion is going to be called Cataclysm is because blizzard bought up domain names like WowCataclysm. WowCataclysm was a private server that blizzard sued and shutdown.

  24. @yakboy Looks pretty good, i have been watching guildwars2 for a while and alot of the things i hated in the original have been changed to my flavor. Should be cool, can’t wait to see some gameplay videos. I also have to give them props for actually using ingame footage in their trailer.

  25. @ GW2: Looks interesting. I like the artwork and the graphics look awesome too. Unfortunatly I never played GW, how about you guys do some coverage about those two games one day?

  26. Thanks for the stream. Gee, Cataclysm is gonna be quite interesting. I guess I won’t be able to resist leveling a doggy on release. 😀

  27. The monk class feels out of place, but the rest of the game looks amazing, did you see all that blood?!

  28. What did the live stream password change to, I can’t watch it because the password doesn’t seem to work.

  29. We will just have to see what lies ahead. I was able to reconnect with some old friends at LOTRO last night. They are letting existing players come back for free for a week.

    @Ryan: On a future cast I would like to go more in depth on the MMO community and how it can make a game. Can’t wait to see cast 59 posted. :)

  30. @Yakboy: I too thought about going back to LOTRO for the free week. Maybe I’ll give the two new classes a try.

  31. @steve: going to look into d3 again. last time i saw a vid, it looked good.

    @yak: works for me! dont be surprised if we brawl over that one though 😀

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