VPR Cast#56: “Dreams Do Come True”

Welcome to our 56th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This is an awesome time, when the lords of Darkfall have decided to eek out more of what was promised at release. We welcome their gifts and celebrate the offering!

Check out our DARKFALL DATABASE! Update frequency: weekly or sooner. 47 Mobs in db! Will probably have to start over with the patch.

About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
Darkfall and the “expansion”.
light MO, and comments reading.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

91 thoughts on “VPR Cast#56: “Dreams Do Come True””

  1. I love all the changes as always but the combat still isnt my cup of tea… I need something thats more technical like Mount & Blade or Age of Chivalry… Hopefully this game will be MO… Still love DFO always will

  2. That’s exactly how I feel about it. Hopefully Ryan will pick you for the next podcast. :)

  3. In general, I agree with Connor’s opening comment. I would definitely like to try a Mount and Blade style of combat system in an MMO. We’ll see if MO delivers… and without lag.

    @Epoch: Thanks for the links, I’m going to have to compile these and cast on them. So much to talk about lately.

  4. @Epoch: The DFO lore is pretty deep as well, its just not utilized in the game much. MO doesn’t have mount and blade like combat. It looks like DFO’s combat at a slower pace. Look at the videos and read the beta reviews. It nearly identical.

  5. @xpiher Nope, “Circle strafing and spamming the left mouse button is definitely not the strategy to use in this game” -Lachrymose

  6. @expire: I was under the impression that in MO you can hold down your clicker and release when you want to swing. This is a big difference IMO.

  7. Only left and right afaik and as far as the vids show. It just forces combat to be slower. If you can get full direction of movement with swings than it will be good.

  8. Circle strafing and spamming the left mouse button is definitely not the strategy to use in this game” -Lachrymose and its also not the correct strat to use in DFO. Only noobs use it.

  9. @xpiher: yeah… we’ll just have to see how that all plays out. I’m definitely curiuos to feel it.

  10. Honestly I’m looking forward to FFXIV. FFXI was the best PvE centric MMO I’ve ever played and 14 seems like it will follow in the same tradition but also add in a lot of solo content πŸ˜€

  11. @xipher i just wanna say really quick that your looking forward to final fantasy clears alot of what your saying and it not making sense up.
    And yes the M&B combat is like MO in the way you can click and hold… no other game came to mind so the closest thing to that is M&B and dont forget to read the other half of my statement where i said like Age of Chivalry (which it seems to be you just live longer than 1-2 hits) And i ROFL at you saying that MO combat looks like DFO combat at a slower pace… is this good people combat?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFmNO0B2ltk

    what when someone gets near you block because you completely protected by a shield that covers your torso only? NO

    Real combat is where they have a shield covering their upper torso and face so you take out a leg or an arm… LIKE MO

  12. @Epoch: MO combat looks like DFO combat slowed down. You dont get the full range in movement that you do in Mount and Blade. You only, as it looks, get to swing left and right and hold your attack (if you want) to time it a little better. Thats it.

    And I didn’t like the grind in FFXI, I just liked the lore and the PvE. FFXIV is suppose to remove that grind and offer more solo play which means it goes my watch list. Current watch list: MO, SWG:ToR, APB, Earthrise, Fallenearth, and Startrek

  13. I think we should all give Darkfall a chance here with this new expansion. This game got potential and this proves that it will only get better and better.

  14. @john the sad thing is that its has potential and thats about it 4months into release…

    @xipher we know this for 2 videos of fighting that have been released… theres no saying if you can make you guy left or right handed

  15. @ John: Only the expansion doesn’t change the horrible melee combat at all and still there’s no character specialization. Blocking is actually a joke, and MO has the potential to make this right.

    I’m not saying that DF is a bad game, it’s just that many people don’t like this quake-like combat system.

  16. @nizzie: have you even played Darkfall? melee is repetitive but it’s not that bad. I played quake before and it’s nothing like that. Quake is alot faster than this. but isn’t all first person mmo feels like that? MO will be no difference since it’s fps. As far as char specialization goes, you’re right it was lacking. But from reading the new expansion note, they just put in new ways to specialize your character. This is enough for me to give it one more chance. Besides I am not ready to go to another mmo just yet…not when MO is also fps. I tend to give a new mmo a few months before deciding whether i wanna keep playing or not. This game is still pretty new and it’s very unique unlike any other games who centralized around pve and phat loots. This is like the very few games out there where player skills actually play a big role.

  17. hey just wondering cause i think u guys would no more about this then anyone else i can ask a buddy of mine in my eve online corp told me darkfall is finaly coming to NA on july 13th is this at all true and one last thing has ben built his comp yet

  18. @KJR619:
    1. DFO will allegedly release NA on 13 July. But us EU players will be unable to participate unless we purchase an NA copy (at least for the first 3 months).
    2. Last I heard about Ben’s potential god machine is that it was half built. haha. What a dick πŸ˜€

  19. Damn… When i listen to you ppl talkin’ about dfo… that makes me sad… because i cant play it lol. Hate my pc<= and i hate it not only for that. I cant normaly play newer games 😐 and that suck… not even played fallen earth… got that game like 1 week ago. When i wait for new mmo (MO now) i just hope that i will buy new pc, but i usually dont.

    BTW. Can you talk more about MO in your podcasts :))? cheers mates

  20. @ John: I did play Darkfall since Release for three (or four?) months. After one or two weeks I started to do a lot of crafting because of the combat system, which I just don’t like. Probably because I expected blocking and counterattacking just like in Mount & Blade. Maybe my comparison with Quake is somewhat misleading. But that’s how it felt to me because of the mobility in melee combat. Instead of blocking or parrying people just try to avoid getting hit by running and strafing. But I do agree, DF takes skills to be successful in PvP. Just not like I’m used to it in say.. AoChiv.

    And about the specialization: Come on.. this is nothing. People expected a soft or hard cap for the skills. What we got is a lame “choose a talent” feature. I believe most players will stick to jump casting, so basically nothing has changed. Sadly.

  21. Ya DFO is a skill based game the sad thing is i was expecting it to be PLAYER SKILL not actual skills that determined the game. I was expecting to be able to beat someone with top skills if i had better tactics… Didnt expect him do 40 more dmg and have 200 health and 300 stam on me also. That shit just sucks. At least the devs were able to keep one promise… DFO is infact a skill based game and not armor… its just that player skill doesnt really factor in

  22. When devs say stuff like this how can you not love them?

    Thank you for your long post, it’s a good read.
    Actually, we’re a bit careful with advertising at the moment. We think we have a very good member base to start Beta. We are reasoning that by intensive marketing we could indeed sell more games, however, right now our primary goal is to sell 10.000. We want a good Beta, and handling 10.000 players is not that easy, but it’s easier than having 10 servers with a total of 100.000, if we could even get that many players. Furthermore, by advertising on those sites, we would surely get more players, but we would also get a lot of casual players. That bunch of casual players would spend 10 minutes in our very raw Beta, and then go out and trash-talk the game and scare other people off. Better to first get a solid member base that will support and stay in the game because they understand what we are aiming for, and that won’t mind a lot of new players coming and going at a later stage.
    Or something like that, if I make any sense here.

    Edit: By heavy marketing and getting 100k players we would indeed get a lot of money, to start with. And it’s a common strategy, as I’m sure you’re aware of. But again, I’m sure this initial peak would only lead to disaster further down the road, and I don’t think it’s very honest, either.

  23. @Connor: from the beginning the devs said it’s going to be a blend of both. The most apt, and still true comparison, was when they likened dfo to a game of magic the gathering. If you and I were playing MTG, and had the same exact cards, you could beat me everytime depending how you play your cards combined with the luck of the draw (this takes into account raw player skill and luck). Also, like MTG, if we built our own decks we now have to take into account raw player skill (how you do at the keyboard/nostromo), player skill (in fitting together your skills and what you include on your hotbar), and luck. The devs specifically said that gear WILL be a factor, just not the DRIVING factor as seen in games like EQ/WoW/AoC.

  24. @nizzie and Connor: I did not say anywhere that character skills is the only determine factor to win a battle because it does matter but only to an extent. All I said was that in this game, the PLAYER skill plays a big role…bigger than any other games out there that Ryan mentioned EQ/WoW/AoC. Also there are ways to get around it, if you’re fighting someone in darkfall who does twice your dmg, you have 2 options. One is to fight and die and two is to run and seek for help. The smart choice would be to run and seek for back up then setup an ambush. Suddenly it becomes 2v1 which level the playing field. And if you dont’ suck if u have decent enough skills anybody can win a 2v1. Now let’s compare this with WoW…in Wow can 2 lvl 50s kill a level 80 with purple items? NOPE..that’s the difference.

  25. Guys, another aspect of gameplay that is constantly overlooked when discussing dfo, is that you can fucking play with your friends from day 1, no matter how long the other guy has been playing. You can’t do that in WoW like games. While some mmos have a mentoring system, that is NOT the same.

  26. First of all… I’d like to say that you are all a bunch of dicks. I just realized that I forgot to ask what you guys think about the latest patch… that is those of you who have played with the “expansion” in place. I can’t believe you haven’t offered…. so give it up, chumps! What’s your take on it? I won’t get to experience it til Fri/Sat.

  27. @Ryan: We went to Varangian last night to farm for a bit. The mobs drop 75g more gold and have half hp as before. We didn’t kill the warthane yet but I would assume it’s about the same increase in gold and reagents. Also Apoc told me that they were getting alot more pvp out in the open than prepatch. Everywhere they went, they run into peopole to kill up to the point where his pvp group were overburden with stuffs and forced to delete some in their inventory. Apoc said he had to delete 2 mounts cuz he was overburden lol. And yes they did increase the weight of all items now so having too much shit in your inventory is a bad thing :)

    But yeah this patch is looking good so far…it looks like it starting to bring people out of their cities to kill stuffs which encourage more pvp. Hopefully the player base will increase too since im sure ppl who quit will keep coming back for this.

  28. @Connor: well have fun in MO and let us know how it goes. To me they’re both fps games and im already stuck to DF, no point in wasting time in another fps game.

  29. Since AoC is giving everyone who owns an account 2 weeks of game time i think i will play it till monday. Hope Tempests still don’t still suck balls at AoE grinding.

  30. @john and all dfo players… Great just what we need more resource spawns inside places… first cities and now houses. OH GOD when those get up have fun finding those people

  31. Player Housing / Village Control System

    * Player Housing added (Read more about it on the expansion page)
    * Every 3 days you need to pay tax to keep your house
    * If you have not paid your taxes within 8 days the house will be freed
    * Add tenants to your house by alternative use on another player
    * Use your journal to manage your tenants
    * A flag outside the house will remind you whether or not taxes are been paid for that particular house
    * Craft a door and install it on your house.
    * Other players can destroy your door by attacking your house.
    * Attacking a house that you don’t own or aren’t a tenant of will turn you rogue.
    * Find numerous extensions to your house throughout Agon (chests, monster loot, quests)
    * Give your house to a player by alternative use on the player you want to give it to
    * Pay the taxes of a house by targeting it, pressing alternative use and select Pay Taxes. (Anyone can pay the tax on a house)
    * Install personal crafting stations in your house
    * Install resource spawns in your house
    * Much more


  32. @Connor: like i said though… you can blow my door off and go farm my nodes. haha. so when i log on i get jack shit. that’s actually kind of funny.

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