VPR Cast#56: “Dreams Do Come True”

Welcome to our 56th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This is an awesome time, when the lords of Darkfall have decided to eek out more of what was promised at release. We welcome their gifts and celebrate the offering!

Check out our DARKFALL DATABASE! Update frequency: weekly or sooner. 47 Mobs in db! Will probably have to start over with the patch.

About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
Darkfall and the “expansion”.
light MO, and comments reading.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

91 thoughts on “VPR Cast#56: “Dreams Do Come True””

  1. This is basically the beginning of MO pvp. It starts with beta, then the merchandise acquisition process, then beta (haha), then release.

    Last time i paid for a beta i was miserably let down (Settlers of Ganareth). I hope that’s not the case for you two.

  2. Ya i hope that the beta state doesnt piss me off so much I rage… get on skype and im expecting a shitty time for the next month or so but i wanna take some prnt screens and what not

  3. It looks like dreams really do come true. Connor, you might want to think about ebaying that bad boy. makes some dough before it’s too late.

  4. Yes, next week monday Block A (or 1) beta starts. I expect an interview with both of them a few days after!

  5. @nizzie we will have to try to clear with the MO devs on what we can talk about… I’m sure no matter what we can comment on how much better it is than DFO though

  6. I am pretty sure they will drop the NDA, as they already alluded to it being pointless for 10.000 paying customers. Might be some restrictions (especially with Block A), but they have been pretty open regarding the state of development and the game as such, so…

    LE FTW!

  7. I just sent this to mats

    Hello Mats, This is Epoch from http://blog.mmosmacktalk.com/

    We have a pretty successful podcast and my self and another host Steve renolds bought the Limited edition Full loot bag version of the game. It has been brought up between us many times in the last day that we should see if you Devs will let us divulge some info that you will allow and want other people that are not familiar with your game to hear.

    So my question is could we have permission to talk about some in beta tech thats in place on (20th).

    Compare it to DFO, WAR, AoC, and WoW We will not be biast in any way no matter how good or how bad.

    We do realise that the game is in a very very crude form right now im sure. We are very aware and not expecting a top notch game right now. Just some basic combat crafting ai and other game systems right now. We will not be comparing it as though we thought it was supposed to be done..

    Hopefully allowing us to cast about your game on our experiences through beta will bring more high quality players to your game.

    So if you decide that we will be able to do this please provide a list of things you dont want us to talk about a list of things you want us to talk about and we will do the rest.

    Thank you for your time,

    Epoch, and the MMOsmacktalk group!

  8. @Epoch: Nice. Now let’s see how scared they are 😀 Would definitely be cool to “legally” discuss this game while you guys are in the beta. I’m sure a lot of MO fans would be interested.

  9. Great idea, hope this works out. Though I will experience it first and (did I mention I got the LE :) ). it would be nice to hear some impressions by other people. Especially people that somehow like Darkfall …. just kidding :)

  10. @Connor: Yeah… that’ll definitely be very cool. The sooner we can talk about it, the better.

    @Lurkin: While I’m a lover of fine darkfall, I’m pulling for a strong showing by MO; as you know my biggest concern is that MO will be a lag fest. I’m hopeful that MO will represent yet another advancement in mmo evolution.

  11. Got this from sebastian

    Howdy dude!
    I’ll ask Henrik and Mats to look into this but to me it’s looks sweet dude, but they make the decisions!

    Hugs n kisses



    @ryan While im sure MO wont be able to handle 200v200 battles like DFO obviously i dont think you will be able to get somewhere in the 50v50’s hopefully. I think the biggest problem with lag they will have is ragdolls but they have stated they are looking for a alternative

  12. @Connor: Thanks for the update and your work on this issue! I’m sending Henrik and Mats positive vibes right now…

    PERSONALLY, I’m content with 50/50 battles. The reality is that I don’t join large sieges anyway as my frame rates get choppy. Not to mention, I have tons of fun playing shooters with population of 16/16. However, there is definitely an intrinsic downside to creating a conquest mmo with such a low siege limit.

  13. @ryan true that… so far we have seen a video from very early alpha with about 15 person combat including 1 mount which didnt look to bad…. Hopefully the game will get to the point where we able to have around 50v50… thats what i feel would be optimal for this game. the more the better of course but we shall see.

  14. @ Ryan: My thoughts exactly.

    While those huge battles in Darkfall are really awesome to watch I never wished to actually join them. The siegeing won’t make it to release anyway, right? So at least we can’t get frustrated because of horrible lagfests. 😀

    @ Connor: Sounds great. That’s what I love about those Devs, they actually listen and care!

  15. Finally a good podcast with greater feedback on what’s going on in the MMO world. I am a hardcore gamer myself always looking for the perfect MMO which we know doesn’t exist. You guys are providing a great service to the public and give real feedback with no bull shit, I love it! Currently I am playing WAR but looking for a better PVP game. If you are guys are still playing please let me know. If you guys have a vent server please email me the login info, as I would love to log on and BS with you.

  16. @Ed welcome my son… We have i think 2 people playing DFO right now… Myself, Ryan, Gommer, and steve have all played ryan and gommer are still playing. Personally the game was not what i thought it was going to be. I suggest dont buy it if your looking for a game that requires player skill. Right now Steve and I have pre-ordered Mortal online which the combat is supposed to be alot like Mount and Blade and Age of chivalry. This game is FFAPVP Full loot first person MMO should be fun (hopefully)http://www.mortalonline.com/ check it.

  17. @Ed: Lord Ed, hallowed be thine name. Thanks for the feedback! Can’t wait to get the first heads up from Connor and Steve re the latest on MO. About the vent, we don’t have an official server. ATM I use other’s servers. I’d encourage you to play DFO, but it turns out that it’s not for everybody. Not sure WHY that is… but you might get a feeling for it by listening to two distinct separate opinions (mine and steve’s) in CAST 55. And of course, peppered throughout the past 10 casts you can get Connor’s and John’s opinions as well. Hope to deliver fine cast this Sunday/Monday… stay tuned!

  18. Hey all. I have been thinking of re-buying DFO for the NA server and give it another shot, since the newer features.

    Has it improved some?

  19. Hold on a sec.

    You guys were the biggest hype machines for this game and now you say it sucks and isn’t worth the money?

    So what is wrong exactly? I thought that the game was bad before, so if what you say is true, that it isn’t worth the money. I can’t imagine it getting much worse than my first impressions.

  20. @Burnt Sushi: Firstly, I am still loving the dfo. This is pvp mmos evolved… that is the plain and simple truth. If you listened to the cast with Steve Renolds I have him list a few dislikes. ONe of them was the pure simple fact that some of the exploits are quite rude 😀 Something about cheaters flying around, etc. I’ve never seen this, but I’m not saying it doesnt happen. Connor, I think he likes it regardless of what he says. I BELIEVE with him the issue is that he was expecting the game to be a little different; and THAT game was not delivered… SO, given the advent of purchaseable MO beta, Connor has shifted his attention there. Put it this way, If you ARE a gamer and student of mmo-ology (I fucking coined that JUST NOW! 😀 Use it!), and you want to “be there” for the major epochs in this ongoing process of sexy multi player games, then dfo is a must to experience. It is really the FIRST of its type. MO will be the second, no matter how different, it will be the second mmo fps. (btw, the statement regarding dfo as being the first mmo fps is barring unknown productions that obviously failed quickly and furiously). If you are completely strapped for cash and time, then at this stage, you might wan to see what people are saying about mortal online. The fact remains, though, that a true mmo-er will need to try one of them. With that being said, dfo might be the guy to jump on. The release of the NA server on the 13th will have created a hot dynamic… the land grab. Land grabs are ALWAYS awesome experiences (reflect on sb).

  21. I think that the launch of the NA server and the newest patch is what has peaked my interest in the game again.

    The patch seems to resolve some of the issues I did have, mainly the PvE issue.

    I consider myself a well versed “MMO-ologist” and always look for a unique gaming experience. I think that DFO can offer that, but it does need a quite a bit of work and I accept that.

    I think that the next gen of games after UO and EQ really ruined the atmosphere for future MMORPG players, due to the fact that they became more casual and quite frankly easier without much need to invest your time. So, with the creation of a “hardcore nostalgic” MMO such as DFO and potentially MO; I don’t think that the newest gaming generation can truly appreciate what they have to offer. The experiences of not knowing where to go and the exploration factor adds a lot to the “MMO experience” that made UO and EQ such a success.

    Well I think that all I gotta say about that.

    When is a new podcast coming? Also, you should think about adding it to iTunes.

  22. @burnt i take nothing away from DFO its a great pioneer into a new world of (3D) full loot mmos… I was lookin forward to a more strategic micro based FP Combat. Which games like Age of chivalry and mount & blade offer… DFO does not.

    The game is fun but if you have done it once that i believe is enough. Well it is for me at least as far as DFO stands… it was a great experience but not for me

  23. @nizzie: i failed you in your time of need. going to format it and send it up. so you will have fresh cast to scrutinize within 3 hours.

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