VPR Cast#55: “SteveRenolds”

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Welcome to our 55th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! SteveRenolds joins Ryan for a DFO cast about a newbs experiences in Darkfall. What possessed him to play, and why he’s quitting. Towards the end we also touch on some Mortal Online stuff… so speaking of stuff, stuff your ears with this cast and know happiness.

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
The life and death of SteveRenolds in Darkfall Online.
What’s Steve doing, and what’s he looking forward to… everything you wanted to know about Connor’s comments daddy… Steve.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

58 thoughts on “VPR Cast#55: “SteveRenolds””

  1. Steve got ownT (<–sforce flair there) on his personal cast. loving it. haha.

    @Connor: you saying that MO will allow for multiple accounts per server? I like DFO’s single account approach.

  2. Ryan,

    Why are you interviewing a 17 year old :(
    1. TheMercs do rape, they play more than 12 hours a day and are rewarded for their dedication (regardless if they exploited or not). This brings up the debate of whether or not this is fair. They put in 100x more hours then we ever will, should they be rewarded for making this game their life? That is up for you to decide.
    2. free-en-zy? you mean FRENZY? lol
    3. I find it very hard to believe you killed 20 different mobs, but I agree PvE is broken.
    4. The grind is pretty steep, but you would like to have 100 elemental handed to you?
    5. Hitting other players DOES NOT give you higher gains than mobs.
    6. I feel that “wall of pain” is the single downfall to DF at the moment. Wall of pain caused everyone to stay in town for guaranteed gains, decreasing the amount of PvP and PvE. My solution would be to eliminate gains from hitting other players. Now this may seem like a drastic change because it is. But think of the benefits, many players would be outside in Agon hunting solo and in groups, thus adding more PvP to the game as well as more risk. Some argue that they would want to gain skill from PvP but when I PvP, I am PvPing for loot and will PvE for gains and gold. Whatever the fix or newly implemented idea, wall of pain has decreased PvP and population of Darkfall and needs to be eliminated.
    7. Sulfur is 4 gold from the vendor and no one sells regs anymore because they have realized how powerful magic is and everyone is using their regs NOT because people are leaving the game.
    8. Single best part of the cast, making this kid say “kite” 100 times.
    9. There are hacks in darkfall, I have gotten killed by a few hackers. They do however get banned, but not immediately, it does take too long, I agree that this needs fixed (anti-cheat, better monitoring).
    10. Dad says “Turn that game off” lol

    My last comment said: “MO delayed because its trash (melee is broke, no archery, no magery)”

    I was referring to the two week delay. MO in the current state, has no archery, no magery, and melee does not work correctly (hits do not land). MO is not even close to release. I would love for MO to be better than darkfall, the truth is, it is not and it will never be.

    DFO is updating their website with account creation and purchasing when they feel the game is more finished and the NA server is released. They posted this information in the news section of their forum.

    “American players wanting to clone and transfer their characters do not have to buy another client. Everyone else needs to buy the American Darkfall client to play on the American server. The European rights and the American rights to Darkfall do not belong to the same company, therefore you cannot freely transfer between the two territories, as is the case with most MMORPGs. Our offer of character cloning / transfer to American players is because we had said that we would try to accommodate them should they want to start playing on the European server.”

    To play US client from day 1 or a newly created character, you will need to purchase the US client.

    The EU to US CLONE will cost a fee. This is most likely because it is a CLONE without items, you will be able to play both EU and NA if you wish.

  3. Darkfall very much depends on this next “expansion.” Lots needs to be done to keep this game alive or else it will die and we will be back to square 1 with no full loot MMORPGS to play.

  4. I played aion and i loved :) because graphics are really nice. But there was a down sides offcourse like… they cloned wow gameplay ~ so that sucked hard. Im not saying i hate wow or smth but its too much games out there with wow systems…

    Im on fallen earth beta but i cant register my account and fallen earths support just cant help me … they dont know what causing this problem… so yeah… that suck. In a first place why i registred for fallen earth was Fallout 3 that game is sick ! :) I think you heard about it :) And i hope its something like fallout 3 :)

  5. @emo

    1.) your making claims about a game you have never played so that proves your incompetence

    2.) steve is right its is frenezy further proving the above.

    3.) you can hit someone the timing is off because of an update that is coming out on the 6th if you paid attention further proving your childish incompetence.

    4.)NO FUCKING SHIT THE GAME IS NOT READY… DFO was not rdy on release but they realeased it any way… and dont tell me it was when you could just go in and out of an acid pool to up 2 of your most vital survival skills give me a break.

    5.) and no they shouldnt get rid of gains off people completely they just need to like quarter it and tripple it off mobs, Sure theres gonna be alot more exploiting like with the chosen or varangians but still will increase activity

    6.) SHUT THE FUCK UP when your talking about stuff you dont know such as MO and seems like DFO

  6. AND how the hell can you sit there and say MO is shit, if the fights are anything like age of chivalry and mount & blade that would be sick.

    @Ryan yes in the combat reviews and said by the devs right now they have 5 toon slots they plan on keeping multiple characters based on the face that it will be impossible for 1 char to be everything. How ever this is fine because the current combat testers have said that skilling up only took a week or so of normal play and reported 3days of grinding and none of these skils greatly impact the dmg done or the def gained.


    Once a completely naked player with maxed everything cant hit someone in a full set of plate (not to be confused with full plate) for 34 dmg to the front with a noob weapon DFO will be ready for release

  7. 3.) you can hit someone the timing is off because of an update that is coming out on the 6th if you paid attention further proving your childish incompetence.

    right, just like registration was last week?


  8. Epoch, you need to relax. I have played MO and I want any game that is full loot/pvp oriented to succeed but to say it is a functioning game ready for release is a joke.

  9. Nice fury guys. haha. I love the anger.

    @Emo: I’m just glad that Steve and others are honest when I ask their age. As I state in the cast, it helps to understand their perspective and where they’re coming from. His age group represents a large percentage of the gaming population (consumers), so his opinions are valid despite age. You ought to join me on a cast sometime. It appears that you have some good stuff to add. I’ll send you an email, provided the one associated with your tag name is a real account.

    @kampas: What you said about Aion is actually better than I expected. For some reason I was expecting more of an L2 spin to the game mechanics as opposed to a WoW one. It’s probably the anime-ish theme that mislead me. ๐Ÿ˜€ Sidenote:—> I fucking hate anime. haha. Guess I’m going to have to look into this Fallen Earth game.

  10. @emo you have played MO oh really? screanshots or no proof doesnt matter if you post them cause you will be banned from a game that so terrible so plz prove that you have played this game other wise shut up.

    And ya how the hell are you complaining about a game that you played when it was in alpha and just the beginnings of beta.. sounds pretty incompetent

    @digital dude onlive i cannot wait for, been following it for about 6 months now its seems amazing

  11. @emo i never said it was ready for release but its obviously functioning… and yes i knew that patch was coming out in the next build (the 6th) since they said that… and the fact that you felt the need to point something out that i would obviously know is very incompetent of you.

  12. I played DF from release day for a month.

    My main problem with the game was that it seemed like 80-90% of my guild and I’s playtime was spent afk macroing magic/gathering and a few other skills.

    All the game had going for it was group pvp, expect that its basically counterstrike, except with only your knife and 2 basic guns (mana missile/bow) for the first few months with much poorer controls.

    Everything not combat related is boring, monotonous and basically best achieved by macroing, usually afk. I am not going to pay a premium price to simply macro in AV’s world to be competitive. The magic skill grind in DF as mentioned in the cast is FAR worse than any grind in any MMO ever in my mind.

    Planetside, a first person fps mmo with open, factional based pvp with vehicles was released wayyy back in like 2002 by SOE, and it had better graphics, SUPERIOR combat, way bigger/constant battles for cities (bases), way better vehicle combat including air, and the best part ZERO grind. It was popular for several years, but was ruined by imbalance, expansions, and bad content additions (as usual with SOE).

    DF would have been a hit if it was released 6+ years ago like it should have. People want open and skill based pvp, but the masses won’t put up with a game where everything else is basically garbage, managed poorly, and plays like crap.

  13. @psyc worst grind ever? man you must have never played RF.. lets put it this way the sites you could pay to power lvl you char charged 2,500 for lvl 49-50 and took 4 months

  14. @Psyc: Planetside… haven’t heard about that game in quite awhile. I know you already said it, but the reason I never played it is because of how broken it became (according to reports years ago). What you say about dfo’s macro game is definitely true. I think it would have been less so if there was compelling reason for players to get the fuck out of the cities and go do something. My compelling reason for leaving the cities are to view the terrain, log mobs, harvest, etc… but I know that would not be appealing to a lot of players. haha.

    @Connorus Rex: RF… I got into beta but avoided it because of said grind. haha.

  15. Ok, in regards to RF I stand corrected, although for the average player in DF, getting multiple elemental magics to 100 would probably take just as long due to the reagent cost and the countless hours it would take to macro cast the spells. Also, lets not forget you will probably be killed and looted a few times along the way while farming reagents/money (can’t happen in RF).

    Ryan, I bring up Planetside because in my view it had many similarities to DF, but did many things much better and it was released around 7 years ago. It boggles my mind that games like this were released that long ago yet we still get the same crap over and over. I can forgive DF a little bit since they clearly had no money, but as a pvp starved mmo’er I am once again disapointed.

  16. @conner Yup, RFO is the biggest grinding game i have ever played, the worst part about the game is that you do it from square one and they dont even try to sugar coat it at all.

  17. Ryan, Aion have l2 features offcourse, but when i was playing it i just got feeling im playing wow thats little bit strange ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    I did play rfo but that didint feel like that grindy game. It’s maybe because i reached only 40 lvl several times. The bigest grind i had was in L2, but it was fun grind ^^ ahh those night parties in Liar of Antharas. Good old times :)

  18. @kampas: I liked L2 at the time. Vince is the real one to romanticize that game… as he played it to the hilt prior to the first Chronicle (I think). I dropped an expensive piece of gear once to a mob when i was grey… god, that hurt.

  19. @Kampas: Feeling like you are playing WoW isn’t that odd actually. The graphics and style of play is very similar (quest system, lvling system, FvF, etc). Not going to play it any more than I have. Game I’m looking foward to that is kind like WoW is APB.

    Good pod cast as usual, but meh I doubt MO will be much better.

  20. Reason I said MO won’t be much better is because its going for pure basics. If they don’t add sieges or other adv systems in the game with in the first 3 months it will be boring fast.

  21. @steverenolds: If all the crafting system boils down to is gathering ingredients and hitting a create button that isn’t advance. Some F2P games do that and add in a mini game. That’s my point. For me to be like DAMN!!! about the crafting system, the system used to create the items needs to be more than a create button. Give me full customization like being able to scalp the blade using a simple paint like system instead of selecting option and then I’ll be impressed. Even mount taming in that game isn’t really unique to the genre. Yes, both systems are better than DFOs, but nothing to go full fanboy mode over and for me not a reason to switch games.

  22. I was really hyped for Darkfall, and to me it was a big letdown.
    Now I am pretty stoked for MO to be closer to what they promise, which is IMHO way above whatever DF can aspire to in the foreseeable future (the core system and the devs views of reality are just too fucked up).

    Granted, it could be a big letdown, too. But the dev team seems much more professional, committed and communicative than Tasos and his minions. So I hold out hope. When I can check out the payed beta, I will have a pretty good estimate of how MO will shape up to be.

    What I find amazing is the shit that many “hardcore” DF fanbois spew about a game they don’t even bother to research and read up on properly, while at the same time being apologetic to the extreme about the factual problems of Darkfall.

    @xpiher: from reading your posts on ForumFall, it is pretty obvious to me, that you got big blinders before your eyes, regarding everything DF (and yeah, I saw your other thread, where you “acknowledged” DFs problems…).
    MO is not “going for the pure basics”. It is going for the basic necessary features to build an interesting game. It is highly debatable, whether the sieging in DF constitutes an advanced system and what else would count as such, compared to the list of MO features (and their implementation insofar the devs commented on it, mind you, their “basic” is far from YOUR “basic”) http://www.mortalonline.com/news/june-05-06-09.

    DF is a released game with MAJOR problems.
    MO is in early beta. Don’t talk about shit you didn’t research.
    MO looks promising and with more credibility than DF.

  23. @steve: And it won’t be effective as a weapon and therefore not used by the player base. It offers a lot of possibilities, but I wouldn’t call it advanced unless the system it self allows it to be so. If all it boils down to is a craft button its nothing better or worse than 95% of mmos on the market and therefore nothing to go full fanboy mode over.

    @Lurkin Larkin I’ve been following MO since late 07. I’ve done my research. Until the game is in beta beta and the combat system proves to be more than simple swings and FPS targeting its no better than Morrowind which had a bland melee system, which was very bland IMO.

    As for the Dev team “seeming” to be more professional I’ll agree. But they, like most MMO dev teams, keep pulling out features that I enjoy. Large scale combat, Sieges, distributable environments, land ownership, adding in de facto safe zones (in this case player housing), etc it doesn’t warrant a switch for me. I never said the game wouldn’t be good, just that its going for basics and has more of a focus on PvE than PvP (which is true).

  24. Again (saying this in here cuz I can’t edit) I’m sure people that didn’t like DFO for whatever reason may find their game in MO, especially the UO who are dying for a game with player housing. However, for the people that focus on PvP, big battles, and want player politics MO will not be the game for them at launch. Those are the three things I look for in a game now. Without them the game is bland to me because PvE has never really interested me, and I don’t care for chasing shines anymore. Did enough of both in FFXI for 1.5yrs now I’m looking for something a little more in depth and PvP + player poltiics gives that to me. Without land ownership of some from, the game’s politics is shallow IMO (AoC is a prime example).

  25. @xipher ill give you 142,662,744 reasons the MO item customization system is Advanced and very lucrative and the same number of reasons for you to switch…

  26. @xipher oh what and DFO pvp is strategic? what in the way that you have to think about what circle to sprint in this time before you swing? YA pretty awesome and “is more than just simple stings and fps targeting” quoting you… is that what you find in darkfall? i think i can answer that, NO

  27. @xipher: the “no research” remark was more directed towards people like Emo Lol, no offense.

    I am one of those people that loved UO not just for the PVP but for the world building and giving me the freedom to do anything I wanted to do. Housing was an important part of that, but not the end all be all part. UO was like a grand masterwork, where every aspect just clicked, even some of the problems and bugs. If MO delivers only part of that in a modern 3D engine, I will most likely be happy with it.

    I can respect your priorities, but still think that IF MO delivers, it would be better than DF even for people like you. City building, probably destroyable houses, siege weapons etc. will be available, according to the devs, just not right off the bat.

    All depends on the upcoming beta. The moment I got into DF beta (well, actually after the first few hours checking out the systems like skill tree and stuff), I knew that without MASSIVE revamping, this would not be the game for me. And that it would run into major problems soon after launch, if they kept it that way. I figure I will get “the gist” of MO in a similar way and then decide to give it a chance or move on.

    Oh, and you should check out the MO Radio Interviews with the CEO of StarVault, where – among a load of other great info – he hints at the complexity of the planned crafting “mini game”. They will most likely not be able to implement that until release, because they would have to do some major programming for the Unreal Engine, but at least they are upfront about it. Depends on what they have as the stand-in system until then, but I guess it won’t be a button click either.

    Not to bad mouth your game of choice, but I just don’t see the DF “expansion” revamping the game from the ground up, and not much else will save it IMO. It reeks too much of the “miracle patch” they supposedly had in beta, where all the nice things they had promised should have been “turned on”… just not buying it anymore :)

  28. @ Connor (Epoch): Variations in crafting doesn’t not mean the crafting system is advanced. Not only that, they don’t plan on having that many compination in at launch

    The only people that still circle strafe, sprint and spam attack are noob PvPers. The skill PvPers tend to let the others do that stupid “technique” and run of of stamina. You’ll see the same dumb tactics in MO, but since combat is SUPPOSE to be slower it won’t be as prevalent.

    @ Lurkin Lurkin: Sieges aren’t going to be in at launch. It will be at least 3 months before I can think of switching games.

    And I doubt that MO will give you the same feeling. Its like getting high for the first time, or your first sexual or love experience. They are always the best and you can never match them becuase they were your first

  29. @xpiher Sieges aren’t everything, i will take good small groups combat over sieges anyday. Also since MO isn’t going to be so stupendously big you will be able to find people a lot more often.

  30. @steve: I dont care for senseless Pking and small group battles. Rather have sieges and politics than small group PvP. If I want small group PvP I’ll go play GW

  31. @xipher Politics? really what politics? BLAH BLAH BLAH DECLARED WAR ON BLAH!!! 2 hours later rainbow ninja’s and mercs come in with cannons kill all the stuff then leave while the 4 man clan blah blah blah takes the biggest city ever… But you cant do anything to stop rainbow because they just sit in their little safe zone of a chaos town with their glitched characters 100 everthing.

    OH and i forgot the new tactic in combat isnt running in circles i forgot its sitting in a city afk macroing your fire magic for a week then just spamming fire ball then running in circles swinging your pole arm cause every other 2h weapon is shit to it….

    AND I TOTALY FORGOT HOW ADV the darkfall crafting system is since you seem to love them so much and thats the only bad thing other than OMG NO 100v100 battles that you can say about MO and darkfall sure did perfect the not just create button crafting with the randomized durability GOOOD CALL BUDDY!!!!

  32. @Epoch: There is nothing in MO currently that will make me switch from DFO to MO. Why can’t you deal with it instead of making up BS.

  33. I just noticed you said durability was random. Its not. The stats and durability is affected by Wisdom and trueforge affect durability directly.

  34. @xpiher MO is the opposite of DFO, only thing in common is the theme. It has everything that people wanted in DFO and more,Only thing it doesn’t have is sieges that suck anyways due to imbalance.

  35. @xpiher: that’s what I meant by “not right off the bat. But the game is designed to have them, so they start out with houses that have “hitpoints” / durability.

    Where did you get the “donโ€™t plan on having that many combination in at launch” from?

    Regarding the first love / first MMO analogy. I don’t expect that to repeat, true. But the analogy is flawed, because I played games and had other experiences in general that I enjoyed very much, sometimes even more then “the first one”. Just not any MMOs so far.

    @steverenolds: at least I hope it turns out that way :)

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