VPR Cast#54: “Epoch’s Evolution”

Welcome to our 54th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Gather round and cup thine ear. Prepare to drink in a flavorful cast that does not dissapoint, withstanding the fact that you will be left wanting more.

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
00:00 – ~45:00: What’s wrong with DFO.
~45:00 – End of Cast: Why Connor anticipates Mortal Online.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…
  • Stray Bullet Games (No Name Yet): from the makers of Shadowbane, comes a mystery meat mmo. Will this be first person perspective, sandbox, loot, full loot? Nobody knows, YET, not even God.

47 thoughts on “VPR Cast#54: “Epoch’s Evolution””

  1. I dont mind guard towers in NPC city because people who dont want pvp can stay there. But i hate guard towers in player cities…This is pvp game. Guard tower should only prevent cockroaches (people who naked rush city), not the group pvp. When people go raid a city and its defended, guard towers zapping 6 dmg every second are really annoying. Yes it is low dmg but it kills you because cannons + people are also hitting you. Some people and I came up with an idea about guard tower. They should change the zap into shooting beacons on people; it will alert the residents but does not prevent pvp.

  2. @Xavath: That’s a pretty good idea. Also, in reading the reference to this cast on the forums, it seems that some people misconstrued out intentions. In no way are we saying that guard towers should be removed from newb cities; however, we were surprised when we logged in and found them so prevalent. What Epoch is in favor of is removing guard towers from clan cities altogether, and we are both in agreement that it might be a good idea to remove harvest nodes from clan cities… furthermore, it might be good idea to increase the total capacity on nodes that are farther from cities (maybe even increase rare drops from these nodes as well).

    @Steve: we need to cast, man.

  3. You guys need somebody who played this game alot to do the cast without giving the wrong facts to the public. Somebody who knows the in and out of the game. Somebody who been to sieges, group pvp, political war, ect… Pretty somebody who sees it all. Apoc was talking about doing the cast with us the other day so he should be the perfect guest to have in the cast since he pretty much play DF game 24/7.

  4. As a person who doesn’t really play the game, I might be wrong but when you were talking about the problems with naked people having ridiculous defense due to their leveled-up Rigor skill. To me, that skill sounds like one that would be vital for people who like to play monk-type characters. In other words, only very light armor, like cloth or leather at most, and a limited selection of weapons( fists, staves, ect…You know, monk stuff.) Obviously, in a game that’s not class-based, this type of play would be completely dependant upon how the individual wants to play, but the way you suggested the problem be fixed might step on people’s toes for that reason….Then again, since I haven’t played the game I might be wrong, Just mah two cents.

  5. @Dratter: That’s a good point, one that I hadn’t considered. Regardless, I definitely think that nudity is stronger than it should be. While I’m not looking for darkfall to be a gear based game (and I never have) it just seems that naked players don’t take enough dmg. I’ll get more insight on this from other players, but I think the sentiment is fairly universal.

  6. On a completely unrelated note, every time I hear somebody compare the differences between DarkFall and other MMO’s out there and say, ” like EQ or WoW,” I get one of those red-flash-type things that make me want to choke someone. It may just be my bias, but I played both EQ and WoW, and when it comes to skill required to play the game, EQ is the obvious victor hands-down. As far as I’m concerned, the only reason WoW ever became more prominent than EQ is because EQ had been out for years before WoW came out, and people were looking for something else to play. Then, WoW comes out, everybody tries it out and realizes, ” Hey, this is EQ made for mentally-ill people. All I have to do is be dragged around by the nose all day, and once I cap out all the characters, I’ll feel good about myself too! And no effort involved! =D” So, yeah…If you really want to, you can compare the two, but if there’s any real comparison, WoW would be the retarded bastard second-cousin of EQ, or something like that.

  7. @Dratter: I can’t recall, did I compare WoW to EQ? I assume you were referring to EQ1, given the timeline you mentioned. I never played EQ1, so I can’t comment on that. I did, however, play EQ2, and what I can say is that, at least in the opening stages of each game, EQ2 was laggier than WoW (I had a great system for the time too), WoW was playable on a far broader range of systems without sacrificing user experience in the way that EQ2 did for lesser machines, and in total WoW was a lot more fluid. Personally, I liked EQ 2 once I got into it, although when I first fired it up on newby island I wanted to cry.

  8. Yeah, as far as EQ2 goes, I never played it except for the free trial version, so I don’t know anything about it really. The thing about EQ2 is, though, that it’s just about in no way similar to EQ Original. A common misperception because of the name is that EQ2 is a sequel to EQ. The fact is, EQ2 is a completely different system, and while having similar characters and a similar world/environment, they’re two completely different games. Calling it EQ2 was a mistake from the start. But, in all honesty, yes WoW was a lot more stream-lined than EQ, simply because it’s newer code. EQ 1 has like 13 or 14 expansions, which all built upon the original code that they came out with in the 90’s. It’s not the game you’re looking for if all you want is fancy graphics, but the gameplay is smooth enough and it’s one of the most fleshed-out games I’ve ever played, all the way down to the lore. So yeah, not eye-candy, but it’s about the same lag-wise when it comes to WoW (except for in highly-populated areas, but it’s not much better for WoW.)

  9. I don’t play EQ anymore, to be honest. I’m a young kid though (18), so EQ was my first love when it comes to gaming. Yeah, I had played through just about all the consoles starting with the NES to the PS2 as I grew up, but when my uncle showed me EverQuest while I was staying the night at his house when I was like nine, I instantly fell in love with it because it was just so much more immersive and interesting than I’d ever played before, being a mainly console kid. I didn’t actually get my own account though until I was around 13 or so though, and due to computer/connection limitations and money problems, I played on and off for a few years. The last time I tried to get back into it again was about a year or two ago, and in all honesty the community is almost non-existant now, or at least all the people who actually made my experience with the game so magical are gone.So, from about 2003-4, off and on until just a few years ago is when I played.

  10. @Dratter: I love that story. I know precisely what you mean by “magical times”. When I was around 10, my uncle introduced Vince and me, to King’s Quest (the first one… that’s all that was out at that time). Needless to say, it was awesome, and using your words, “magical”! I can’t imagine what it would be like to have EQ1 as your first childhood mmo. Just think, new gamers in 10 years will have entirely different first time experiences. Wild.

  11. Completely wild. To be honest though, I just hope that there aren’t many kids having their first MMO experience be WoW, so that might try some other games without expecting everything to be handed to them. Then again, with all these stories about 4 and 5 year-olds whoopin’ face in BG’s, it would seem my hope is in vain.

    …On a less grim note, but a possibly fucked-up one, I think King’s Quest might be a bit before my time because I’ve never even heard of it. Lmao

  12. I think any 4-5 year old owning in BG’s would have to be on a geared out character. WoW is not devoid of skill, it’s just not the deepest game out there.

    Kings Quest was a single player fantasy adventure for the PC. Looking at the dates now, I think I was 8-9 years old when I first played. Here is the wikipedia link:

  13. Oh jeez, man. That’s back when you had to do something other than stab someone a certain number of times to win a game. Yeah, I wouldn’t know anything about that. xD

  14. @John: I just read and typed out a sad/angry comment, but deleted it after reading the clarification (i did not scroll down on the dfo page 😀 ): “Clarification: American players wanting to clone and transfer their characters do not have to buy another client. Everyone else needs to buy the American Darkfall client to play on the American server. The European rights and the American rights to Darkfall do not belong to the same company, therefore you cannot freely transfer between the two territories, as is the case with most MMORPGs. Our offer of character cloning / transfer to American players is because we had said that we would try to accommodate them should they want to start playing on the European server.” This leads me to believe that they will be true to their word… play EU and you can transfer to NA. I’m also going to assume that there will be no fee for the transfer of EU players to NA. Most people would agree that they were led to believe that this was a part of the package when playing EU.

    @Connor: what is this gem?

  15. The video is the most over hyped peice of shit in recent years, The only funny part about it besides its horrible acting is the part where he shoves the remote up his ass.

  16. “Characters from the European server can be cloned and moved without their possessions 3 months after the American launch. Certain restrictions and charges will apply, to be announced at a later date”

    @Ryan: They will charge you a transfer fee dude…it’s not free.

    Don’t think im ready to try out mortal online…but tell me how it goes. A big patch for darkfall is coming next week so i’ll see what they got up their sleeves before i make my decision.

  17. @John: I’m going to give the devs the benefit of the doubt. I think it is safe to say that we all assumed that there would be no transfer fee if we played on EU while biding out time for US. RE MO, I’m having waaay too much fun with DFO still, so unless I get a free beta to MO, I’ll be rocking DFO. Can’t wait for next patchy.

    @Steve: We’ve got to cast before you are too much of a vet. Contact me, man!

  18. http://www.mortalonline.com/forums/14365-combat-beta-review-1-a.html#post325062


    check it…

    @guys… ya depending on the next patch i might come back and play dfo for a lil but remember that i went into DFO knowing that i was gonna try out mortal before i make a for sure choice… So yes i will be buying the game and no i will not leak info to you guys.. never in a million years would i do that… or would i?(that is if i get in and get a copy)

  19. @Steve: How does around 8pm pst sound? Later than that is fine too. Go to the database link and send me your contact info… you skype info did not get saved to my directory last time we were on: http://www.mmosmacktalk.com/dfodb/

    @Connor: Unless MO is reported as a festival of lag, then I’m sure just about everybody will give it a whirl. No need to leak info, or is there 😀 In all honesty I would never talk about something the devs of any game want private…. you’ve got to respect that. Of course that doesn’t mean I will turn away a soul in need of confiding their video game woes and victories to me personally. haha.

  20. Hey dude… I know I was supose to be on to cast my my computer shit bombed… I went out and got a new PSU during lunch today so I’ll be up and running again sometime tonight.

  21. @Enndr: No problem… my heart goes out to you and your computer 😀 I still want to do it, so let me know your rough availability sometime (you’ve got the email). THANKS! And our listeners thank you, as they can hardly wait to hear your loving voice again… which, btw, Listeners… you can check out Enndr’s podcast which is linked under our “Friends of mmoSmackTalk” as “Declarations of War”. Get it!

  22. new expansion, NA-1, new interview with DF Developer, MO delayed because its trash (melee is broke, no archery, no magery) and no new cast? quit being lazy and cast!

  23. Emo all i gotta say is OMG MO no way they tested their payment services before they released the preorder wow how smart… OH OH and whats this their devs WHAT they are active in the forums OMG NO WAY.

  24. @Connor: haha. I told you we roll in 5 min, and I was ready at 1818 pst. I called you, you weren’t there. Later you told me about you and something to do with Salmon :D. Let this be a lesson to you… NEVER miss HOT CAST. Listen and love. It should be up soon. Also, I’m thinking about possibly castin tonight since 4th of July is next weekend. Let me know if you up for that…. Will try to get you and John in on it. How does that strike you?

  25. @Emo: You are 101% correct. I have been lazy, and lots of shit going down. Please forgive Connor, for he has sinned.

  26. lol… well 6 and 8 are completely different and i told you that i had to prepare the salmon and i was just getting back from it XD… But tonight im going to pick up a friend form the airport at 9pm PST

  27. Around 29:00 or so in your 56th pod cast of awesomeness you mentioned the books that you can read and they raise your proficiency, I believe you were referring to The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind And IV : Oblivion. You know, that game you played for 15 minutes and locked it away in your closet 😀

  28. Lord Stomplar, commander of dick stomping, protector of my virginity and all that is pure, you might be correct on that… I would have had to have read that somewhere though. As you pointed out, I only played for 15 min 😀 At least you probably nailed down where they got the idea from. Does anybody know if it’s possible that Diablo I-II had this mechanic? I feel like it’s something I’ve experienced, and not just read about.

  29. I just realized i posted this in the wrong cast. Whoopes. Noob of the day award goes to me i suppose. I can be proud of that.

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