VPR Cast#53: “MODFO”

Welcome to our 53rd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Ryan resides over 1 hour and 8 minutes of lobe love, covering a follow up Mortal Online cast to the latest in Darkfall Online as well as some general gaming news.

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Below are the links mentioned in the cast:

  • the mmoSmackTalk MO thread on the Mortal Online Forums
  • Latest Mortal Online info
  • Mr Claus , where are the secluded spawns ?
  • Spamming mounts to escape needs to stop.
  • The Sinterprise
  • All violent video games to be banned in Germany
  • About this glorious mmo podcast:
     Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
    00:00 ~ 40:30: Mortal online follow-up cast.
    40:30 – End of Cast: DFO and some misc news.

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    • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
    • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
    • and many more…

    35 thoughts on “VPR Cast#53: “MODFO””

    1. Good casts. One thing I would like to see though is that if you can get a person who plays this type of MMO hardcore and involved in the clans community alot. Because you are a casual gamer in darkfall and like you said you dont participate in sieges (btw sieges are not always laggy, my alliance is a small alliance and we have done many sieges in our own experience and its a small scale unlike the Darkfall world war sieges of hundreds of people), it will be nice to see someone who plays the game hardcore talks about MO.

    2. well i play darkfall many hours a day and get involved in the sieges and politics but my voice doesnt shine on microphone and menospeakenglish.

    3. Hey,

      Leopold Stotch from Ilythiiri(was mentioned in the darkfall segment towards 50 minutes in). I really enjoyed the podcast, I just wanted to say a couple of things.

      1. I have watched a bunch of trailers for mortal online and I have not been impressed–with the combat in particular, it just looks so slow to me. With that being said I know I have some clanmates that intend on trying the game out and I may be willing to give it a shot when I hear some user reviews.

      2. The Scary Bad Guys are a complete joke. A bunch of naked raiders that go to war with nearly 100 clans so they can cross their fingers to find members afk or at a crafting station. I was glad to hear you call it like you see it, if you hadn’t mentioned me then I probably wouldn’t have found this blog (as some random guy messaged me and told me to check it out because I was in it).

      Keep up the good work! You should definitely go to some sieges just so you can get your personal account of what was going on, even if you get obliterated:P

    4. @Ryan… i think were famous now… woot XD

      @Leopold, Darkfall is a great game man i love it but its getting to the point where i need more in pvp i was coming into game looking for a more micromanaging your character in a fight pvp game (by micro i mean small things matter as far as movements kinda rts style)
      The thing im excited about for MO is how in depth the fighting system seems to be, if you don’t understand what im talking about look at the slideshow videos of the guy using the shield to block and strike as you would in real life. Look at the Spartans for instance their shield was not only their life line it was one of their deadliest weapons.

      Once again i love darkfall its just not what i was hoping for pvp wise… i love the full loot i love the fast pace kickassage i just need a more technically in depth game

    5. And so with this i would like to announce that i have canceled my sub to DFO.. still got 30 days on my account, i plan on playing most of them out.

      I plan on being in the MO beta (pre-ordering the game thank god i dont have bills to pay XD) And i may restart my subscription in DFO depending on how that goes

    6. lol Leopold. How many times have you died to us? Nothing is funnier then going down to Volcano town and having 10 naked Ilythiiri zerg you. Why did you guys move out of Dun Amsharra? Guess you couldn’t handle the daily peeveepee.

      Leopold, next time I see you you better have my herbs, wood and ore. I don’t like going to the trouble of killing somebody in their birthday suit for nothing.

    7. @Connor: so what if MO is laggy, you going to continue with DFO? There is still a bit of technicality involved with DFO, we’re going to have to talk about this.

      @End3r sbg: regarding leopold getting help from the tower… that is the way of the pvp game in towns… part of the skill.

    8. Connor wtf man r u seriously gonna puss out now…we havent done shit yet. Ryan is right we gonna have to talk about this

    9. Yeah, I’ve been playing darkfall and i think i’m going to quit and try for the MO beta. I’ll Explain this descision later if i can make it home in time for a recording.

    10. @ryan If MO is to the point that its fun it ruined by the lag then yes… and if i dont get into beta im going to restart my subscription, just know when i get the chance to try out MO you will know about it

    11. Another nice cast dude. I’m looking forward to a Mortal Online cast with you and the possible Eve one down the road. Eve isn’t for everyone but if you like it bonus.

      Our blog/site just put up its first “Video Blog” post featuring the CEO (guild leader) of the mercenary group I’m with in Eve.

      As of today we have also realeased our podcast. Thats right… Episode 1 is up. Check it out!


      Oh yeah and dudes.. I plan on featuring you guys on a main post of my blog coming soon to try to get more traffic flowing back and forth. I owe you for having me on when I was in Darkfall… :)

    12. @Enndr “Shit in Thine Drawers”: Bro… first of all thanks for EVER joining the cast. Was great to have you and I can’t wait for the follow up and EVE talk. Thanks for the linkage too. I’ll have to reciprocate.

      @Connor: DFO is feeling emptier. This weekend we need to play, man… before your out!

      @steverenolds: Have your skype on this weekend. Will ring it and see if you want to connect.

    13. @ryan ya for sure…. its just getting boring… pvp is getting to the point where its the same thing over and over again… never lose cause i go out with apoc lol and never really have that much fun cause no one else is that good.

      The thing once again that im looking forward into MO for is mainly the diverse combat cause theirs so many factors to it and the game development.
      Ryan gotta talk to you and gom about it soon

    14. My ingame name is Chef Boyardee, im rolling with freehold rightnow and it’s pretty awesome. something awful just gave us a clan city, what a nice bunch of guys.

    15. AoC had no content after you got out of the beginner zone. It was hardly polished like the first zone ya started in.

    16. @Digital Storm AND Connor: I agree with DS. Perhaps AoC made more money, and more of a splash, but I take Digital Storm’s point to be that the DFO game experience itself is better; and with that I agree 500%. AoC was such garbage to me… and of course that’s not to say that there were not interesting aspects to it, but nothing that redeems it in the arena of games. Basically, if I had to tell somebody to go buy one or the other right now, I’d say, “buy dfo.” My only reservation is concern for the DFO’s longevity.

    17. Oh for sure… I completely agree Ryan… The problem with DFO is i feel like ive done it all ya know? Great game but its almost too one dimensional… What im looking forward to in MO is player housing (oh oh what did i hear dfo failed at putting this in, yes i did) and actually making your own shop(ditto) slowly making your house into a guild city/castle if your in the right spot on the map… bad ass…theres so much there, and i dont think that now its in beta they would still be backing it up if they werent gonna put it in.

    18. @Connor: Good points. We need to talk about this one dimensional issue. It’s not that I don’t understand what you’re saying, but I have some points/questions for you.

    19. DF is getting boring everyday. There are two things to do whenever I log on.

      1. Go grind the Varangian or grind something.
      2. Go run around for 2 hours with Apoc only to find some naked players to kill at their hamlet. Never ever ran into a group that you would consider a “good fight” or “fun fight”

      I might consider canceling my subscription here soon if they dn’t do anything to fix the game in the next patch. The world has been pretty empty because of people quitting left and right…..NOT good.

    20. People are constantly raiding my city, tonight we got raided 4 times. Once by warbound, hail, rainbow ninjas, and the mercs.

      The mercs sent in three guys and they raped us hard.

    21. MO caters to people who are more RP minded with PvP lite (lite because of red stat loss, and shallow political meta game)
      DFO caters to people who are political PvP minded. IMO, DFO may be better than MO simply for the reason that cities sieges are more important giving more meaning to PvP.

    22. “Secondary skills are harder to level up but don’t affect PvP”

      BS! the secondary skills are what will give you more than a swing to a sword, or a very very limited magic range. If you go up against someone with access to use 30 secondary skills you will most likely get rolled because the person who has these skills will be able to react to what you are doing and in general have more utility. The only difference is that max dmg with a sword, arrow, magic is determined by the primary school that the skills fall under.

    23. @xipher: where did you get that info regarding the secondary skill? RE your snap analysis of MO vs DFO, it’s been stated that you lost stats while red?

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