VPR Cast#52: “The POWERpoint of Mortal Online”

Welcome to our 52nd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Ryan hosts an ultra long, ultra boring, ultra cast. The first half hour includes Ryan’s most recent Darkfall Online activity; the ensuing hour focuses on the latest powerpoint presentation release by the Mortal Online team. Ryan reads through the presentation point by point analyzing the info under a general mmo lens, and making comparisons to dfo. Hit up our comments section and let us know what you think.

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About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
00:00 – 26:30: Misc DFO updates.
26:30 – End of Cast: Mortal Online powerpoint analysis.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…

48 thoughts on “VPR Cast#52: “The POWERpoint of Mortal Online””

  1. Softcore DFO? How so. If anything MO promises to be far more hardcore than DF.

    No noob-weapons, no safezones (don’t try to tell me the guard tower BS doesn’t equal safezones), mounts can’t be carried around in your pocket, extremely limited map system (leaning toward the only maps being those that players have made themselves or bought from other players), no minimap (just a compass that you can buy), a skill system where you CAN’T be a master of bows, swords, magic, and crafting all at once, and a whole lot more that I’m am too lazy to write down.

    MO will be what DF should have been.

  2. @Shaehl… so you didnt listen to the cast.. you just ready our preview 😀 haha. Notice the question mark?

    First of all… nobody here is anti-MO. IN fact if you listened to the cast you would have gathered as much.

    I agree… guard towers = safe zones in dfo…. not completely safe.. there are PLENTY of ways around them.. but generally speaking, they are safe. Likewise, your house, in MO potentially constitutes a safe zone.

    The mounts not in the pocket thing… I am very interested to see how this plays out on lag. But I am not opposed to it my any measure.

    I addressed the map issue in the cast… which is neither pro, nor con.

    I MIGHT end up preferring the dfo system where you can master many things. In fact, that is one aspect to the game that I am really enjoying… the freedom. We’ll see though. If the MO system requires less work to max out that one skill, then it might be a good idea.

    Do you even play DFO btw?

  3. I just finished listening to the podcast (so long… how is it 4am already?) which kept me interested throughout the entirety even though I pretty much already knew everything you discussed.

    Also, I see now that you did talk about those issues, which I am glad for. I just wonder how MO could be perceived as softcore.

    As for whether or not I play DFO, I was a beta tester, and I planned on buying it on release, but it was not to be. I had fun in the beta, but so many features were either missing or not implemented how I thought they would be that it left me with doubts.

    When release rolled around, the angry mobs (who probably exaggerated everything) coupled with my lack of spending money at the time made me decide not to buy, at least until things were sorted out.

    But then I stumbled across Mortal Online and I pretty much lost all motivation for Darkfall. Right now I have my fingers crossed that MO will deliver what I was hoping for with DFO. I’ll likely be disappointed again, but oh well.

  4. Just thought I’d link the comments I made on the podcast in the MO forums:

  5. @Steven: haha. I felt like this cast was a bit of dry cake… hope you don’t choke 😀

    @Metal: What’s up you son of a bitch! Haven’t seen you in forever. You’re RIGHT! I don’t know half of what’s going on in MO. Why don’t you enlighten us.

    EVERYONE: the “softcore dfo???” is a question I had a LONG time ago, and is one perspective from which I would fill in my knowledge about MO when whenever we decided that we’d begin to look in to it. The softcorageness is derived from my initial impression about the alignment system.

  6. Seriously people chill the fuck out Metal if you have a big problem with what someone that doesnt religiously follow MO said about MO maybe you should have joined him on the cast… Just sayin

  7. vince is the man. Listened to one of your podcasts.. good stuff kid.

    You still smashTing fools?

  8. Hey Ryan back again just to hit you up with some information:

    1. The Combat System in mortal online involves holding down the mouse button just as you said, but it takes about a half a second to raise the sword or get the weapon ready for a strike. Blocking also involves taking a moment to actually raise your shield instead of it instantly blocking.

    2. Crafting system you’re totally right on, 20 different sword types means 20 different “heads” if you will, with different shapes as you stated. A common misconception is that although 142 million weapon combinations is impressive every combination will not be viable. The type of material you use to create your weapon will affect speed, damage, durability. So of course you could go with pure steel(just for an example) for the entire weapon, but it would make an incredibly heavy or slow weapon, while the durability would be high. So there’s always a balance going on.

    3. You are right, the name of MO’s world is Nave (Stupid name I know :D)

    4. The devs have stated that banks in MO will be localized, but as you know everything is subject to change before release, so we can only see. 😉

    5. Darkfall is a LOT bigger than the world of MO on release, as Darkfall has one of the biggest MMO game worlds I’ve ever heard of. They have plans for releasing 5 more continents sometime after release.

    6. You’re correct about the bosses Ryan, but bosses (Or atleast creatures) won’t drop epic weapons/armor, they’ll drop epic ingredients that will require a skilled craftsmen to turn into something.

    Not stating these facts to say “OMG MO IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN DFO” as I think they’re both eventually going to be great games, just answering some questions for Ryan and anybody who’s interested.

    Here’s the little clip (If you look in the background during the Minotaur combat you’ll see a guy run in and do a flying kick :D)

    Troll/Minotaur Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYVoeimLcnc

  9. @Ryan: Sorry I missed the cast….I was doing a 10 miles hiking at Yosemite on Saturday lol…

    @Chrome: wow haven’t seen you in awhile. Don’t know alot about you but I remember you and vince were the first two to hit 60s in wow on blackrock back then. Unless this is a different chrome then nvm…

  10. heh gommer. I remember you from l2, not so much from wow since you were such a newbling back when I played.

    yeah same chrome. Just checking in to see what the smashTkid is up to these days.

  11. @gommer: 10 mile hike… nice! I actually did not expect anybody to join me. I put up a link for anybody that wanted in, and nobody replied, so I set out to bake a sweet slice of aural cake solo. Was a tad dry, but edible regardless. haha

    @chrome: I’m sure vince will make his presence known sometime today. Let me know if you want me to pass your email address along.

    @2020: going to read your seduction now. will comment later :)

  12. hahah what up CHROME. long time no chiT chaTTer. Yeah we were the first 60s and everyone looked up to us like Royalty. I am currently not in darkfall yet because of job issues, but will be when everything gets all settled. How is NAIL? You guys still FPS champs? Nice to hear from you.

  13. heh werd. I actually haven’t touched a pc game since I left wow back in the day. That shiz was seriously boring the piss out of me. I pretty much stick to xbox360 gaming now 😮

    Nothing really sparked our teams interest FPS wise. We’re waiting to see how the new Wolfenstein game is gonna play out.

    Nail is nail.. a funny ass mf’er but dumb as fck. Yeah we still talk from time to time.

    Good to see your still around foolio. I’ll have to check out some more podcasts when I get some time :)

  14. @Ryan: I’ll be on tonight for some more Darkfall lovin…Gotta get my archery up a bit.

    @Chrome: Not sure if you ever checked out Darkfall but if you love fps…Darkfall is your game.

  15. @John: You had me at Darkfall.

    @2020: Thanks for the post clarifying various issues. A world smaller than DFO is kind of a turn off. If you’ve played dfo lately, you’d know what I mean. While it is a huge land mass…. I swear to God in heaven, that there is rarely a time when you’re alone and can expect to be safe.

  16. Oh I agree Ryan, it’ll definately be more small-scale than those crazy hundred man sieges I’ve seen that happen in DFO, hopefully once the other continents come out the world will be more fleshed out. Not sure how many people fit on a server, but the 10k per server DFO style is insane. Been thinking of trying DF out lately, might give it a crack.

  17. yo, good cast, craving a cast this week :( i was in game over with immoral and ganker, too funny to hear about ur raft.

    whats your name ingame, what clan are u in? sb alliance right?

  18. @Emo Lol: It is the natural state of things to crave more cast 😀 So yeah… ganker and immoral caused me real life anger. haha. They totally worked me over. I’m in dusk alliance atm. And those fucking GreekLords, btw. I’ll have to remember to mention them in teh next cast.

  19. @Emo Lol: Yeah, I’m going to fucking EAT Gommer for his anti-sword and board rhetoric…. Gommer, if you aren’t in the cast come Sat, it’s going to be a smoke fest.

  20. I’m so ashamed…. Ohh no… I quit Darkfall and went back to Eve Online…. I couldn’t help it… Its like heroin. Forgive my soul pleeeeease.

    Anyways.. Actually I think I may just end up playing both….

    I have an Eve blog up if anyone who reads this plays or is interested in part time internet space ship pew pew.

  21. @Ryan: I will try and be there…just let me know the time in advance. Oh yeah the new patch is nuts, melee will now eat archery and mages. Remember that naked scary bad guys who killed me doing the bunnyshopping shit with mana missle when we were just started? No more of that crap lol. Now you can’t jump while you’re casting or nocking your arrows haha…I love it.

  22. @Enndr: We’re going to have to make an INTRO to EVE cast wherein you can explain what the seduction is all about.

    @John: John, my snapshot opinion is that this is good. I’ll explain in cast. I will say this, though, your statement makes it seem that this game is divided between rangers and melee… which is not the case. What I think we will see more of is, that range will be used to soften the target, and some form of melee will be applied when closing with the target. Deal with that!

  23. @Ryan: Whenever you decide you want to do something like that let me know, I’d be happy to hop on again and shoot the shit about this thing called Eve.

    How are all of you dudes doing with Darkfall?

  24. @Brandon: I’ll be in touch with you within the next week or two and we’ll see if we can’t get something going. Nice site, btw!

    DFO continues to be fun… we’re gonna have to touch on that in a cast… why you left it for EVE, etc 😀

  25. Ryan: nah not saying it’s only rangers and melee. Im just saying that you can’t do the naked bunnyshop shit anymore. Now ppl are forced to use both range and melee depends on what the situation is and I am fine with that :) I actually wanted it to be like this in the first place. But as far as just using sword and board, it’s not that practical. The only time when u actually need to pull out your shield to parry is if they’re targeting you but for most of the fights, you either pull out your range attack or melee attacks. But yes we can argue this all you want in the next cast :)

  26. @Ryan: The pvp is more epic. At least in my opinion. The game is much much more polished and its just as much a sandbox as DFO if not more in many aspects.

    The comany that runs Eve (CCP) really seems to get into the whole thing as well. The produce stories constantly, economic reports:

    They just seem to be on it 10x as much.. On top of that you can pretty much expect a huge expansion every year for free. They promised this from the begining and it has never changed. This doesnt even include the random patch stuff they give us….

    You think DFO is amazing with the one server trick. Eve has been doing it better and longer, haha. We’re up to about 38-40k people online per week night. I think 50 something thousand is its record so far. 300,000+ subs now too….

    Only issue is the learning curve… It is VERY rough and most don’t make it past that. If you can you’ll never leave.

  27. @Enndr and LightSaber: Just found a few of your items in my spam box… I don’t refuse any links unless they are abject spam or some sort of sick perversion. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Yeah I guess because of that there are like 3 of my links on here, ugh.. Massive overkill.

    I added your link to my blog so lets hope that brings more traffic your way.. I’m up to 300-500 hits a day so if you don’t see any increase I may just need to move your link somewhere more visable. Let me know.

    Its currently in my links section on the right side fo the main page.

  29. @ Steve: False… It is purely fluid combat no dice rolling. Also the only afk playing part is your skill training. It trains your skills even when you’re logged off. See here is the thing.. I’ve played every MMO put out in the last 10 years… Have you ever really played Eve? :)

  30. Yes i played for a month, then got banned for abusing hyperlinks in chat. The second i entered the game it was a letdown, the pvp is just a big auto attack circle jerk.

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