VPR Cast#48: “Epoch Evolution”

Welcome to our 48th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Vince pulls in this cast, introducing some of our listener guests: Connor and Steve. Steve doesn’t make his appearance until the end due to computer issues, but at least he was manning up and swapping mobos and making Fry’s trips (Ben… LEARN! :D). Once we get over the Ben talk we ease into a hardcore DFO cast… you will love it!

This cast is being posted 2 days early at Vincent’s request. This ends up being a good thing given that our discussion on macroing is allegedly not as feasible given the latest patch (from last night).

Check out our youtube upload showcasing Mortal Online‘s latest in game footage in HD. You might have to toggle the box in the lower right hand corner “HD”. CLICK HERE!

About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
Computers, rma’s, etc.
Vincent’s tumor and eye boulders.
DarkfallOnline’s Journal: player scoreboard, quests, and more!
Connor covers a LOT of DarkfallOnline info, macroing and all.
Quick MortalOnline comment.
Ben is a fucko for not building his computer still

LISTEN NOW or Download:

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…

75 thoughts on “VPR Cast#48: “Epoch Evolution””

  1. ya…holy shit ryan your fucked lol no afk macroing any more… read the update your skills dont go up when you use starter weapons any more. I LOVE IT but now upping my hammer is gonna be tough

  2. im a little worried cause ive been reading on various forums that darkfall is not coming to NA because of legal issues im just wondering cause you guys know more about whats going if this is true cause im really jonesen to play

  3. Yeah if I were you I would pick up a copy today. The EU servers is where we are all playing. There is only one server :D. Even if it ever did come to NA, they would announce it and from that announcement date it would probably take another 3-6 months, so I wouldn’t even consider waiting that long. All the action is on the EU for now 😀

  4. Yeah you can, “supposedly” transfer to NA severs if they ever go through with it. As for buying the game, you can only buy it digitally from the Darkfall website. The stores are usually only open in the morning, from 9am-10am, so first come first serve.

  5. i dont understand i mean from a plain view of money wise they make alot if they opened in NA to

  6. You can transfer characters when NA server comes out you dont get any of your items but you get your stats… which are WAY more important anyway…

    @ryan and gommer: i left the clan for the mean time so i can get a cash base and start crafting arrows and getting income before i get ganked repeatedly by those scary bad guys any more.. SO RYAN LISTEN CAREFULLY if you wanna do this with me we will idealy advance much quicker swim east untill your under the Alfar NPC city under akathos on that http://www.exploiter.com/darkfall/ then leave the clan and /bindstone_recall and you will be where i am at sorgrom… lots of med and easy monsters there its sick

  7. @connor i was thinking the same thing after i was grinding on the mid difficulty gobs. i need dough, not just skill up. i will enact the connor plan.

  8. Got my new computer actually running, not stable though. It crashed while i was updating some system files and now i cant use usb peripherals. Also i cant run more than on stick of ram, might be bad ram.

  9. @steverenolds I removed the ad words… thanks for bearing with us 😀 Just had to see what kind of revenue it generated and whether it was worth it… I think we made 7 centalvos. Now go click some google ads…because they appeal to you and those are things you want to buy.

  10. I hate to break it to everyone but the dude you had on the cast today as the “subject matter expert” was wrong on just about everything he said……

    Going grey… 1st offence is like the few seconds but after that it goes up to two minutes… Not sure how long until it resets back to the seconds.

    Auto loot… Its nothing special… Its just a script that you load using AutoIt.
    Scripting isn’t too rough and more people than you know have versions of loot scripts. This is also how macroing is done….

    The sized of races…. The guy you had is on crack.. Yea furries are crazy tall but everything else he is crazy….

    Moral of the story… Get a better “subject matter expert” oh yeah and he needs to learn how to pvp… haha..

    This message was brought to you by a member of the
    Coalition of the Chillin.

  11. @Enndr you want to join our next cast and tell it like it is? We were asking Connor about his experiences. Nobody thought he was an expert, but he did have more experience than us on hand. Join us, we’d like to hear what you have to say. Thanks!

  12. Yeah if anyone out there has the gonadz to join our cast and and give your two centavos, do it up. I welcome everyone. I don’t care if there is a 1 hour debate going down :D. This thursday, be thereeeeeee.

  13. I was just busting balls.. Mostly joking….. haha

    Whats wrong with being a goonie?

    Anyways how do you guys record people over who arent local? Skype?
    Let me know and I’ll see if I can get something setup…

    Im by no means an expert either but I like to give people shit. hehe

  14. @Enndr go to this site, and contact us with your skype and email:

    We will cast this Thurs around 7pm pst… we’ll call you. Just let us know that you are available. Busting sack is 100% fine… you just made me question what I dont know. haha

    Anybody else that wants to join, let us know by contacting us through the above link as well. Thanks!

  15. @Enndr your retarded… you call me a complete idiot and then you confirm everything i said… This cast was done a day before the big update that changed leveling up and a couple other systems.

  16. Yeab bust all the balls u want, hahah that is what this place is for. No one is ever going to be right 100% of the time. I am right only like 80%, and I fairy tale the other 20% of my shit but it can sometime sound credible ;D. Boobsyeah.

  17. Connor.. Im just busting balls.. Chill brosef… We’re on the same side in game for the most part, haha… I know a ton has changed.. This last patch was a ball buster too….

    There we a few things you were wrong about pre/post patch as well but its not that big of a deal anyways…. Its impossible for anyone to know every detail about a sandbox game like this when its so new anyways…

    Wanna make out…? Would that make you feel warm inside again? Oh yeah and I am retarted.. Whats it to you..? Remember all goons are guys that live in their mothers basements eating snack packs all day. Helmets are optional.

  18. @Ender: I don’t have very much respect for goonsquad as a guild, mostly because its ran like a country club. Also the quality of the players is VERY inconsistant, In warhammer my guild constantly destroyed goon/squad/squig/boys, They had no teamwork or discipline.

  19. Also my friend used a recruit link in wow (3x exp), he leveled to 60 and gave me a 60 so i’m leveling with him.(hes paying for everything)
    Played a little bit of AoC trail, theres hordes of level 26 twinks patroling whitesands.

  20. What is all this goon talk. There was a goon guild on our server in Warhammer, but they were horrible. It was goonsquad, goonsquig, etc.. but lets be real, they were dominated, and forced to flee the server. They were fun to toy with, since they were a huge zerg, but skillwise, I won’t even say a thing. 😀

  21. Im not going to lie… Goons don’t make the best showing in every game we play…. We’re not really even a gaming community for the most part…
    We come from SomethingAwful.com.

    It really depends on what people from our community decide to take control and play the games in general… We have a strong showing in Eve Online, Darkfall and some of the remaining Ultima Online free shards.

  22. Sweet Enndr. Looking forward to u and all u other rascal loving cherubs to be on Skype at 7pm. Lets talk some darkfall!

  23. nah but if you know stuff about darkfall that you think shouuld be brought up, you can def contribute. It is up to you, we are going to have John and Ryan contributing, and they play darkfall daily, so that is good.

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