VPR Cast#47: “Ben Milks Snakes”

Welcome to our 47th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Paul intros our last cast as a group meeting at one location. From here on out, for the next few months we will be casting remotely. Vince is moving out of state for awhile, Ryan will be in Sacto for about a month, and Paul will be moving locs. If that makes you cry, then fire up this cast and let out hot vocals smother you in love and mmo podcast love.

Steven Renwalds is the reigning komments king.

Check out our youtube upload showcasing Mortal Online‘s latest in game footage in HD. You might have to toggle the box in the lower right hand corner “HD”. CLICK HERE!

About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
Ben and Anime. Vince on the sound board.
Horton hears a Who.
Some of the boyz revisit Age of Conan
We revisit the past: Dark Age of Camelot
Ben is a fucko for not building his computer still
DarkfallOnline story from mmo-symposium
Ryan loves Vanguard… we talk hacks.
Who likes stealth?
Mortal Online talk
We wrap up with politics. So if you want to avoid it, we end the cast with some anger… so tune out then if you don’t want it.

LISTEN NOW or Download:

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…

99 thoughts on “VPR Cast#47: “Ben Milks Snakes””

  1. First name: Gommer Last: TTT

    There’s only one server right now hehe. Log on im playing now. And I have a vent we can use

  2. You guys are playing right now, I can feel it. Damn! I gotta move paul all day tomorrow, holy balls on hardcore hot coals and FIRE!

  3. @Vince sounds like syphilis… sucks bro

    @ every one john is the only one in right now… i missed the sale i was up and everthing and my mom asked me if i wanted to go with her to her brothers house so i brought my lap top so i could buy the game and she said we would get there around 9:30 10 ish so i was like cool i can get it but we got there at like 11:30 SHITTY!!!!

  4. @john how you doin in the game? whats your lvls with stuff and what weapons do you like?

    CANT WAIT TILL THE GAME IS AVAILABLE AGAIN hope im not busy when it comes up

  5. Sup Connor. I want in DFO more than anyone. It sucks because we all happen to be on dark times right now, the Economy is owning most of us and our time. It won’t for much longer but right now moving + jobs is all of my time. I hate it. my PVP skills r gettin rusty.

  6. Well vince next time the games available want me to get you a copy if its soon and you can pay me back when ever…. just email me your log in info (totally understand if your not comfortable with that) cause i dont think one account can buy 2 cause its account based buying… too bad you cant like buy one as a gift or something…

  7. @Connor: ok I been playing this game over the weekend and I have to say Darkfall is the best ffa pvp game I have ever played. Why? it’s just amazing how good the pvp is in this game. It’s so different and unique than any other games to date. Everything takes skill…it seems kinda tough at first but once u get used to the combat, you’ll see that it’s groundbreaking. And the AI in this game? Never before I have seen the AI so good in an mmo. Fighting a goblin is almost like fighting another player cuz it seems like it got a mind of its own. Not to mention full loots, ffa, guild politics, sieging and HUGE seamless world.

    The thing about this game is that you’re free to do whatever you want with your char. If you choose to use a sword alot, your sword skill would increase and you would be better at using a sword. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use a bow or using magic. There’s no such thing as messing up your points or putting them in the wrong tree or whatever. ANyone can do anything in this game, it’s just depend on what skills you want to use the most. No longer u need to keep rerolling alts to try out different things..u can do it all in one char. Me I am raising up my two hander and archery skills now. Two hander for close up fights and archery for range to deal with runners.

    I only played this game for like 2 days and I am just loving it. I think I will be attached to this game for awhile…it got alot of potential. Right now I am in a guild which is a part of a big alliance. They basically own the whole southern desert island so I just go there and raise up my skills without havinig to worry about getting gank. Let me know once anyone get the game and I’ll get u an invite to this guild. I am playing with a couple of ppl we knew in Lineage 2. But I dunno if we got enough ppl to play then we can make our own guild or something and still be in this alliance.
    ssssoooooooooo everyone do yourself a favor and go get a copy when it opens again. Check http://forums.darkfallonline.com/forumdisplay.php?f=29 often so u know when they open the store next time.

  8. … on that last note i just want all of us to get in get our dam guild started and ownin bitches… let me know when the next cast time is ill try to jump on that one since this week was a bust

  9. @John… finally another TRUE fan (Connor is not haha)! Seriously, I can’t wait. I’ve checked off and on over the past few days for the store to be online… can’t believe this. haha. YOu know, I tell you what they could just sell the shit out of the game and let everybody have a bad experience while they take the money and make false promises. I think the dfo devs are showing that they are truly committed to their gem.

  10. @Connor: a friend hooked me up with some gears plus a mount. But mounts in this game is not hard to get. They cost 350 gold each, that’s about an hour in farming i think assume u don’t get gank. Also people can steal your mount away from you if you’re not careful. There are two ways you can lose your mount…one they kill u and u drop your mount, they pick it up. Two you summon your mount and someone close to you can get on it and run away with it. Also I think your mount can be killed in battle.

    ps: i sent u an email.

  11. HAHAHA I love that you can get ur mount snaked by some dude. That is why darkfall is the game of all games. I bow to darkfalls greatness.

  12. HELL YES!!!!!!…. i re-read the announcement and realized that it was available now and it was 7am but its available again THURSDAY at 10am also

  13. Epoch

    Submitted on 2009/04/07 at 8:33am
    HELL YES!!!!!!…. i re-read the announcement and realized that it was available now and it was 7am but its available again THURSDAY at 10am also

    i fucking missed it again.. goddamn it!

  14. @Connor: looks like you just got the game. When u get in game, get teh starting quest to kill goblins and just keep grinding goblins until u got enough gold to buy a 2-hander. Once u got a starting 2-hander just keep killing goblins close to the starting town to raise up your skills. I’ll get you an invite to this guild im in once im online. And when you’re rdy we can meet up. Also let me know your char name both first and last name once you create it.

    @Ryan: They will open the store again on Thursday at 10 a.m so u still have another chance. Or give me your cell or something and i’ll remind you once it opens lol

  15. @Ryan ya just check again thursday 10AM PACIFIC TIME!!!…

    @John: lol thanks for the info… you forget that i played the game in beta XD… i think im gonna go with my lameo name again… Epoch Evolution…. c when i kill people they think im like 10 so they feel bad when i have that name lol

  16. GREAT NEWS FROM DARK FALL… vince your gonna jizz your self, REST TAKES WAY LESS TIME NOW!!!! and sprint/run/rest skill up way the hell faster!

  17. Takes about 85 seconds for 100 rest to finish… OH and Gommer and i are playing with these guys named infamous who are planning on moving to NA servers on release… I have no problem with playing with them they are all top notch

  18. 1118 pst… store is down! dfo is holding it’s love close.

    @Epoch they are only top notch if they listen to this cast AND if they are able to post before stevenrenwalds.

  19. @ryan well they they are second notch… THE STOP IS OPEN TOMORROW AT 10 NOT TODAY AT 10

    @all the tards like ryan….. STORE IS OPEN AGAIN APRIL 9th AT 10AM PACIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ryan again the 9th is tomorrow

  20. @Epoch Evolution I know you want on my jock, but it’s already a crowded place. Thanks for the update… I was furious when I “missed it again”. Biggest dfo fanboi this side of the Mississippi and I can’t even get in 😐

  21. @Ryan: set your alarm tomorrow at 10 or do i have to go to your house and do it for you…

  22. Yeah we are Connor. do you want in dude?? John is gonna be skyping, so is Ryan, do you want in is the question?

  23. @John: oh yeah… talk to me! I prob won’t be able to get in until after work… hoping to get a shot at it before the cast tonight.. literally as i was writing this 3-6 hours of work just fell into my lap ( 😐 or :) ?)

  24. Ok Skype is ready to start adding people to the group. What I will do is you log into Skype, then I will add you. If you are not on my contact list, contact mmosmacktalk. I will add ya, and then invite you to group. I will start at 6:30pm PST, the music will come on which you will not hear, and then onec it is off, I will do a group call (so everyone I add to group will get called) and then everybody will be able to talk.

  25. Good cast dudes. Thanks Connor for sharing (John where were you? lol) darkfall stuff. Steve Reynolds also joined but a bit later due to computer issues. It was fun.

  26. went out with some friends dude. Told u i couldn’t make it. Plus Im vacationing in LA right now so i’ll probably be off and on until i get back on Sunday.

  27. We all know this podcast isn’t about games! It’s all fart and dick jokes!

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