VPR Cast#47: “Ben Milks Snakes”

Welcome to our 47th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Paul intros our last cast as a group meeting at one location. From here on out, for the next few months we will be casting remotely. Vince is moving out of state for awhile, Ryan will be in Sacto for about a month, and Paul will be moving locs. If that makes you cry, then fire up this cast and let out hot vocals smother you in love and mmo podcast love.

Steven Renwalds is the reigning komments king.

Check out our youtube upload showcasing Mortal Online‘s latest in game footage in HD. You might have to toggle the box in the lower right hand corner “HD”. CLICK HERE!

About this glorious mmo podcast:
 Over 1 hour of mmo podcast pleasure
Ben and Anime. Vince on the sound board.
Horton hears a Who.
Some of the boyz revisit Age of Conan
We revisit the past: Dark Age of Camelot
Ben is a fucko for not building his computer still
DarkfallOnline story from mmo-symposium
Ryan loves Vanguard… we talk hacks.
Who likes stealth?
Mortal Online talk
We wrap up with politics. So if you want to avoid it, we end the cast with some anger… so tune out then if you don’t want it.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
  • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
  • and many more…

99 thoughts on “VPR Cast#47: “Ben Milks Snakes””

  1. Ya hey vince if you plan on joining DFO EU let me know cause its already been a month and ive been thinking about it also cause i will for sure join

  2. I shall save you all from Darkfall. Anyone actually see the game play of Darkfall? good on paper, but its a mix between Conan and RyL and not in a good way. Yeah you could go and attack people thats cool. but the characters look stupid. the movement looks pre-2000s, and the graphics look like my sketchpad PRE 3rd grade. Im a negative nelly.

  3. Vince
    Submitted on 2009/03/30 at 5:56pm
    Darkfall owns you Fargus just remember that.

    Holy shit… definitely don’t forget that!

  4. Okay guys, look at this video from Sinister. Fuck! All those bodies, no lag, it’s a fucking fps mmo, and it’s in Europe. I’m telling you, we are missing the fucking boat:

  5. Fargus you forget we were all in the BETA so yes we know how fun the game really is… which is a shit load… VINCE I KNOW FUCKKK im dyin not playin… they havent released anything on the NA release info either which sucks balls

  6. GER i wanna play so bad but im half tempted to just wait because of how much smoother the gaming experience will be….

    But if you guys end up buying i will to…. (cant be behind steve) lol.

    But i dont thing the shop is even open last thing i heard was that it was closed until they could increase capacity i dont know if they have yet…. ill make a post on the DFO forums right now to find out if its closed or not.

  7. Ok so 2 updates ago Tasos said the store will be open 6pmGMT… 10AM our time that pacific time so 1PM eastern for all you listeners from the east coast.

  8. Damn 6 months is a long time…might as well play the EU release until NA comes out. Plus they said you can transfer over.

    But if the store opens up, who will get a copy to play the EU release? just wondering cuz I don’t wanna be the only one playing.

  9. Never get into a fight with a pig, or you’ll both end up dirty. But the pig likes it.

  10. @Connor thanks for the store info update.

    @John and Connor, guys I’m poised to jump but not sure if I can yet. Work has been pretty busy, and is about to move into hell mode (which is the mode I was in during 2 months of WAR… which meant I couldnt get my money’s worth out of that God forsaken game). Despite my time availability, it still hurts to know I’m missing out on all this stuff. Truly, had DFO not had any queue issues in the beginning, and sales issues, I’d probably be in it now. Regardless, I think something will have to happen soon. I honestly can’t see myself not getting into it within a month, unless I’m pulling 12-16 hour days again.

  11. In Ryan’s last quote, he said “””@John and Connor””” Think about that for a second. Put those names together and what do you get! Terminator 2. JOHN CONNOR.. All we need to have is a SARAH and we have the mum. SARAH CONNOR! hahahah. Terminator 2 and 1 actually.

  12. @conner rofl, who are you again. haha. try pvping, gets you known better. i heard your trash-trash too.

  13. @fargus who are you? no one likes you but its ok child just go away… and i was in DFO beta and owned people ask vince he was attest to my glory and i was his (this is meant completely gay of course ;P so)

    once again i ask who are you?

    Down to business.

    @Vince lol nice

    @Ryan the store is randomly open now… they had it open for about an hour today apparently its gonna be hard to get us all in at any where near the same time but i suggest that who ever gets in first save up money to start the guild for sure… it costs 1k to make one.

  14. I KNOWWWW FUCKKK its like a lotto on whether you look at the shop at the right time or not… if i get on the shop and its available ill buy you a copy vince and you do the same and we pay each other back… deal?

  15. ok guys check this out. The post from Tasos on the forum says:

    “The store will open again tomorrow Thursday (April 2) at 5pm GMT after a patch. ”

    so 5pm GMT is 10 a.m PST for us. I am pretty sure this time that I am gonna get a copy. Don’t think I can wait 6+ months for the NA release and no serious MMO to play haha.

    @Ryan: Irl is a bitch but it’s a priority. Just get a copy now and play whenever you can bro. Remember there’s no level in this game so anytime you jump in…you can group with anyone.

  16. @john: you are amazing.. im gonna email vince to make sure he gets that… thanks for the info bro you rock.

    @ryan cant wait to own you in game… you know if you buy the game your just gonna be staring at it all day when your not working like “MUST NOT PLAY MUST NOT PLAY” so good luck with that. XD

  17. ITS TOMORROW RYAN not today.

    JUST for clarification the game is available tomorrow (thursday april 2) at 10AM PACIFIC STANDARD.

    so i hope you getta copy ryan.. john if you get one let me know i wanna play with you and was can start saving up for our guild.


    @Ryan only cause i love you *WINK*

  19. New update:

    “Unfortunately we have to postpone the store opening, so it will not happen today. There’s another issue with the account management system we need to address first. We will try to open it up tomorrow, so please check here for more information.”

    I guess they canceled it…We’ll have to check back again tomorrow.

  20. @Epoch: that is always a good enough reason. tac onto it the smaller hitbox, smaller personal footprint, and natrual dark camo 😀 (which I know you know)

    @John: Thanks!

  21. Having a little bit of trouble with my new super computer, seems it needs a bit more juice then i expected. If its not up and running by tomorrow i’m going to RMA my motherboard.

  22. made my char. Name is Gommer. Race is Alfar of course. Might try again when u can. Maybe the store still open i dunno.

  23. Hey john make sure your main is on the newest server… dont wanna be on the one with the hackers, and let us know the name of the server…. when i get the game ill give you some TS info that we can use untill we get a vent server up and running.

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