VPR Cast#43: “Horrible”

Welcome to our 43rd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Paul brings us in to the tune of …. well, I’ll let you listen and find out. Put it this way, it was enough to make me dry heave while prepping the cast… it’s just horrible. Regardless, as always, the guys conduct a nice variety mmo podcast covering: mmo names, Darkfallonline, Ben’s computer, and much more. I’d apologize for the lack of detailed annotation, but daddy’s got to get out and work his swerve tonight. Enjoy the cast, and let the blood flow.

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  • once again, 1 hour of pure mmo podcast domination
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    • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
    • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
    • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
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    21 thoughts on “VPR Cast#43: “Horrible””

    1. That was a 3am smackdown.

      I’m gonna have to put up a scoreboard. It’s time to separate the inmates from the prison bitches. 😀


      OH and

      newThing.connor ( connor > 9000 );

      newThing.Stevegay ( stevegay !> 9000 );

      connor.axe (stevegay == face)

      owned by shotty programing language!!

      lol ya i used that game when i was 9 in Diablo LoD and that was my last 2 name dude so i decided to just use it… But ill probably have my clan tags after my name when i get retail…. Ya female alfar FTW.

      With liquid cooling you can get it wet… its distilled water so it doesnt conduct electricity and fuck stuff up to badly

    3. Next week counts, also suck on this code.

      local STEVE_SCANNING = false
      local STEVE_HEADOFFSET = Vector(0,0,58.5)
      local STEVE_HEADOFFSET_CROUCHING = Vector(0,0,34)
      surface.CreateFont( “arial”, 14, 400, true, false, “STEVESmall” )
      surface.CreateFont( “coolvetica”, 24, 500, true, false, “STEVEBig” )

      local STEVE_TARGET

      local COLOR_FRIENDLY = Color(0, 255, 0, 255)
      local COLOR_ENEMY = Color(255, 0, 0, 255)
      local COLOR_DEAD = Color(40, 40, 40, 255)
      local COLOR_TRACKING = Color(255, 0, 255, 255)
      local COLOR_OBJECT = Color(255, 255, 255, 255)

      if not ConVarExists(“_esp_colorbyname”) then
      CreateClientConVar(“_esp”, 1, true, false)
      CreateClientConVar(“_STEVE”, 1, true, false)
      CreateClientConVar(“_STEVE_headshots”, 1, true, false)
      CreateClientConVar(“_STEVE_enemysonly”, 0, true, false)
      CreateClientConVar(“_STEVE_playersonly”, 1, true, false)
      CreateClientConVar(“_STEVE_lagcompensation”, STEVE_LAGCOMPENSATION, true, false)
      CreateClientConVar(“_STEVE_suicidehealth”, SUICIDE_HEALTH, true, false)
      CreateClientConVar(“_STEVE_offset”, STEVE_OFFSET.z, true, false)
      CreateClientConVar(“_esp_everything”, 0, true, false)
      CreateClientConVar(“_esp_colorbyteam”, 0, true, false)

      ESP_ON = util.tobool(GetConVarNumber(“_esp”))
      STEVE_ON = util.tobool(GetConVarNumber(“_STEVE”))
      STEVE_HEADSHOTS = util.tobool(GetConVarNumber(“_STEVE_headshots”))
      STEVE_ENEMYSONLY = util.tobool(GetConVarNumber(“_STEVE_enemysonly”))
      STEVE_PLAYERSONLY = util.tobool(GetConVarNumber(“_STEVE_playersonly”))
      STEVE_LAGCOMPENSATION = GetConVarNumber(“_STEVE_lagcompensation”)
      SUICIDE_HEALTH = GetConVarNumber(“_STEVE_suicidehealth”)
      ESP_EVERYTHING = util.tobool(GetConVarNumber(“_esp_everything”))
      ESP_COLORBYTEAM = util.tobool(GetConVarNumber(“_esp_colorbyteam”))

      local function AddBotNotify(msg, typ, length)

      local function ESP_On(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify( “ESP on!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 )
      ESP_ON = true
      RunConsoleCommand(“_esp”, “1”)

      local function ESP_Off(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify( “ESP off!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 )
      ESP_ON = false
      RunConsoleCommand(“_esp”, “0”)

      local function STEVE_Off(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify( “STEVE off!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 )
      STEVE_ON = false
      STEVE_SCANNING = false
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE”, “0”)

      local function STEVE_On(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify( “STEVE on!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 )
      STEVE_ON = true
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE”, “1”)

      local function STEVE_HeadShotsOff(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify(“Headshots off!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6)
      STEVE_HEADSHOTS = false
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE_headshots”, “0”)

      local function STEVE_HeadShotsOn(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify(“Headshots on!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6)
      STEVE_HEADSHOTS = true
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE_headshots”, “1”)

      local function STEVE_EnemysOnly_On(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify( “Targeting enemys only!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 )
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE_enemysonly”, “1”)

      local function STEVE_EnemysOnly_Off(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify( “Targeting friendlies and enemies!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 )
      STEVE_ENEMYSONLY = false
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE_enemysonly”, “0”)

      local function ESP_Everything_On(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify(“I see everything…”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6)
      ESP_EVERYTHING = true
      RunConsoleCommand(“_esp_everything”, “1”)

      local function ESP_Everything_Off(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify(“Seeing less than before.”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6)
      ESP_EVERYTHING = false
      RunConsoleCommand(“_esp_everything”, “0”)

      local function ESP_ColorByTeam_On(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify(“Color by team: ON.”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6)
      ESP_COLORBYTEAM = true
      RunConsoleCommand(“_esp_colorbyteam”, “1”)

      local function ESP_ColorByTeam_Off(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify(“Color by team OFF.”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6)
      ESP_COLORBYTEAM = false
      RunConsoleCommand(“_esp_colorbyteam”, “0”)

      local function STEVE_PlayersOnly_On(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify( “Targeting players!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 )
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE_playersonly”, “1”)

      local function STEVE_PlayersOnly_Off(sender, command, arguments)
      AddBotNotify( “Targeting everything!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 )
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE_playersonly”, “0”)

      local function STEVE_SetLagCompensation(sender, command, arguments)
      if arguments[1] == nil then AddBotNotify( “Lag Compensation is currently “..STEVE_LAGCOMPENSATION..”!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 ) return end
      if tonumber(arguments[1]) == nil then
      AddBotNotify( “Not a number!”, NOTIFY_ERROR, 6 )
      STEVE_LAGCOMPENSATION = math.Clamp(tonumber(arguments[1]), 0, 2)
      AddBotNotify(“Lag Compensation changed to “..STEVE_LAGCOMPENSATION..”!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6)
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE_lagcompensation”, STEVE_LAGCOMPENSATION)

      local function STEVE_SetSuicideHealth(sender, command, arguments)
      if arguments[1] == nil then AddBotNotify( “Suicide health is currently “..SUICIDE_HEALTH..”!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6 ) return end
      if tonumber(arguments[1]) == nil then
      AddBotNotify( “Not a number!”, NOTIFY_ERROR, 6 )
      SUICIDE_HEALTH = tonumber(arguments[1])
      AddBotNotify(“Suicide health changed to “..SUICIDE_HEALTH..”!!”, NOTIFY_HINT, 6)
      RunConsoleCommand(“_STEVE_suicidehealth”, SUICIDE_HEALTH)

    4. Oops, that’s was a little to much. My HDD died on me yesterday while i was playing tribes, but i went out to frys and picked up a new one after class and i have set everything back up.

    5. @StevenZrenwald: did you adapt some fps console code or what. haha. Yeah, next week counts, so Connorus is just gonna have to take it up the old canal.

      @kampas: def going to add more vid casts. thinking about aion.. but wanting the dfo mechanic hardcore. it really is a very nice switch up.

      @Ben: you can learn something from renwalds!

    6. My pc is louder than a jet engine. Not really, but it is really loud, and I can hear it with ipod headphones on.

    7. @steven wow just seems to have done a great job compared to many other games. Take Vanguard and it’s Chrono exploit… I have NOT seen anything like that in WoW. Plus, in VG, where you can pvp anywhere and anyone, it sucks and really draws your attention. I only played WoW for 6-8 months. During that time I can’t recall seeing any exploits, whereas in most other mmo’s I’ve played I see huge exploits/hacks on day one.

      @epoch nice taunt. haha

    8. I thiink this is simply very poorly handled. how many successfull mmos had a small window you could actually get the game. thats like worst thing that could happen to a mmo. purposly restricting your subscription base. what would have happend to warhammer if they had started out with a small subsciption base. There is no reason at all that anyone of us cant download it right now and play it. I can understand release problems but just moved the release date back if you dont think you can support your own release. I thought darkfall was gonna be a good one 2 but things like this kill mmos. theres plenty of them to point out so i wont go there.

      I think im just gonna start looking towards Jumpgate evolution. to anyone who hasnt seen it yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdYDmYVRjNE
      there is all the things im looking for pvp. twitched based gameplay. Jumpgate has a huge following. and ill garrentee you they wont have any problems releasing the game.

    9. NOO and im gettin pissed… cant leave my computer till i get it. *yells* “MOMM BATHROOM”

      (and not steve you cannot say im gay because i put an yell in my comment)

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