VPR Cast#42: “Darkfall NDA lifted”

Vince wanted me to add that this is a DARKFALL ONLINE MMO PODCAST. Now I’m going to bed.

Welcome to our 42nd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Somebody brings us in to a hot piece of sexy audio. Who it is, I don’t know… literally, I don’t know. Given my obligations as a money making machine I have not had the excellent opportunity to preview this bad bad boy. Going to have to catch it tomorrow. :( In the meanwhile, feast your ears, and know that you are the envy of my world. <–Just like “Ground Hog’s” day :D.

Oh, Vince the sound better be good this time. Steven Renwalds demands it (token mention since he destroyed all as the first to post a comment in Vid#1).

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    44 thoughts on “VPR Cast#42: “Darkfall NDA lifted””

    1. Btw I said there was no 3rd person view. I meant you are in first person and third person, but no birds eye view like other mmorpgs. When I have a shit load of information to put out, I flop on some of the simple shit ๐Ÿ˜€


      In the beginning you start with 10 alignment noooOOOooOOooOOoOOOB.
      -8 for killing a positive non grey person of fellow race/alliance and +3 for killing red.

      I went red once and was near dwarf zone so i went and killed like 5 of them in 30 min and camped the chaos stone for red mahirims and got to plus like 50 it was fun.

      lol stam and health pots suck they only add like 1.5 stam/health for like 1min theres a 45 sec timer for food and pots. Food bumps your regen to the same speed that rest regens and rest and food do not stack they both show up but your regen does not go above double regen.

      haha the main map is funny cause when you press it, shows all the starter cities pretty much look right next to each other even though its like a 5min run.

      another thing with rest some one said they had 100 skill in it and he said from the starting rest like 8 points a sec at 100 you get 9 a sec so leveling rest is useless.

      Mount is alot more than 500 gold… you need a training whistle”500g” steed grass “like 10 hours of farming herbs and ive only gotten 1” the horse skill “200g” and theres one other thing thats 500g. but when you have everything that goes in your inventory you just need steed grass to summon.

      That bag idea would work wonderfully but every time you die or log out your stuff gets jumbled around this is the same for bank, inventory and all your bags.

      Trust me you will use everything as you play right now i got like 60 magic 48 bow and 16sword and 17 great sword.

      I saw gobs gnolls trolls skelly’s, kobolds, zombies, dragons, great whites, hivekin, Human mobs, ork mobs anddd some weird human/alien things that i dont remember the name of, Moon beasts (6armed huge ass mahirim), aaaaannnnnnnnddddd, goloms, giant skellys that drop jack shit, giant badger things,

      but yeah the only things that are soloable are goblins, gnolls, kobolds, trolls, skelly’s, zombies, ork mobs, humans are tough as shit and it took like 5 of us to take down 1 mage human but that was our 2nd day playing. right now but i hear at the higher levels you can solo alot more stuff

      There are 4 attack skills (like hundreds of magic) for weapons right now 2 at the starter towns and all four at the main city, Whirlwind, seize, power and knock back.

      LIES some magic skills have arch but those are greater magic…
      MAGIC does level up as you shoot in the air but 10 times slower then shooting someone OR EVEN THE GROUND AT YOUR FEET SO IT HITS YOU. and thats what i do…. i have a macro that pulls out my wand equips it looks at the ground right at my feet and shoots then waits till i re spawn and does it all again for EVER!!!

      VINCE!!! what i wanna do with you to train our melee skill over night i found a perfect place on a wall that only 2 ppl can get to and we could set up a macro to hit eachother like every 20 secs or how ever long it takes to regen health from 1 hit and just train melee off each other all night (grouped of course so we dont get hit by guard towers.) So my basic idea is fuck the grind because yes i got seriously bored with the game after 2 weeks of play every day. Me and you are just gonna macro off eachother for melee and all that other shit for our selves then get our crafting up and own the living fuck out of peeps

      Guilds do have their own cities and you can build your own resource nodes in them. that only your guild/alliance can access.

      Vince i dont know y you rested so much… you remember how you were always out of stam but i was like full every time it was so weird… i think you just sprint wayyyy to much and i want sprinting at all and keeping up with you but my run was like 75 so maybe i was almost as fast as your sprint just running

      a full rest take 3 min they need it to lower to like 30sec that would be sweeeeet….


      Hey vince shoot me an email about the guild if your planning on joining or if Blackhearts is going DF ill hook you up with TS info

      If you guys wanna do a show with me like on vent or something cause i got some stuff i could add for DFO let me know.

    3. The podcast download isn’t linked correctly… I tried to take an old link and modify it for 42 but that didnt work either…..

    4. @ TheDude I will call ryan right now and have him fix it.

      @ Connor – Yeah man very nice information. I just spat out what I knew from my own experiences playing it. I wish I had more time to play beta, so hopefully this weekend I get get in some serious hours before release. I like the macro idea, may as well unless darkfall decides to fix it. I am all down for macroing to get skills up, no reason not to . Overnight we can do that, and other nights we can farm some serious timber and iron, since we need mucho arrows :D.

      Yeah I also left out us doing that group thing where we invite and kill, hahah. I had so much shit in my head that I needed to get out. I thought about that but then other shit popped in my head and I jumped right to that. Very good info.

    5. OH i lied… they just put out a new patch and the admin servers are up so maybe they are gonna put the beta servers up to test the patch… Release patch? hope so

    6. @Connor thanks for the big write up, dude! Massive love directed right at you. If you keep this up I’ll have to make Steven your sex slave.

    7. @The Dude AND @Vince Sorry, bro… I have to lay blame on THE bro (Vince ๐Ÿ˜€ ). Vince, zip up that mp3 and drop it in the folder. At the time of Dudage’s download request there was no zip in there.

    8. This game sounds a lot like oldschool EQ. I definitely want to hear your input on the live servers before I think about picking it up. It’s like 50 euros to start on the european servers right? Not sure I want to toss down $80 right now in the wonderful economy :p

      Will you guys have a guild and be recruiting? I probably wouldn’t know anyone playing and this game definitely seems like you want at least a pack (if not a brute squad) to hang out with.

    9. really the game sounds more like oblivion or any of the elder scrolls series. its really the best and one of the only true skills basesd games out there. as a fan of the series we always wanted a online version

    10. @Connor Vince better be planning on Alfar… I want more people to kill ๐Ÿ˜€

      @Keegs definitely will let you know about live servers. Maybe Vince or Connor will have something to say regarding the latest patch. If I have time this evening I’m going to try to play. About the guild question… not sure. The guild that we were playing WAR with might be merging with another group for the next mmo… not sure. Regardless, for DFO we might end up making our own. Still need to talk to the guys. Running a guild affectively takes work, unless every member is self-reliant, and is willing to hang with the guild even when a lot of members are unable to log on. Fighting attrition is no fun.

      @Necrotic I played elder scrolls for about an hour a few years ago. I hated it… but this game is definitely more similar to that than EQ. This game has a nice twitch factor. LIke one beta tester said, you can’t play with one hand on the keyboard and take a sip of coke. When you’re fighting, you’ll be fighting with both hands, AND you will be very interactive at that.

    11. “Running a guild affectively takes work, unless every member is self-reliant, and is willing to hang with the guild even when a lot of members are unable to log on. Fighting attrition is no fun.”

      Totally agree. Especially since you guys seem like you’re like me with a full time job and full time family; 2 factors that are not MMO friendly!

    12. Yeah there is no way any of us can run a guild right now. We will have to see what happens with that.

      Connor as far as getting into darkfall, can’t right now. As far as playing mahrim come release, We are all thinking of Alfar. No allies :D.

    13. Vince, listening to cast now while I work… I THINK that the there is a positive alignment cap. So you cant build up a huge amount of positive alignment and then wreck your own race into perpetuity. So Ben was being a puss, but your lack of info is partly to blame. ๐Ÿ˜€

      … fucking Ben.

    14. about food… so much shit has not been fleshed out and crafted… so resting isnt necessarily going to be a pain when you are skilled out.

    15. whats cool about quests that tell you to bring items back, is that you can kill other players and take those items… turn them in and complete the quest. haha. love that.

    16. @vince right, just clarifying that there is a cap to how high you can build positive alignment. you didnt say anything wrong that Im aware of.

    17. @vince ya ive been thinking about it… just played the release candidate patch still no all fours (servers were up for like 2 hours yesterday, tomorrow is release)… THAT means that as of right now my plan is also alfar at the moment. I’m planing on making a female (they are way smaller) meaning smaller hit box and harder to see. plus makes me a total fag so it all evens out.

    18. looks like BH will not be playing dfo. what’s your plan, connor? Vince, what’s our backup plan? we going small group, fuck people up mode, or do you have an idea of a group we should attach to? i think we might be bringing in ed, bob, erin, you, paul, ben, maybe the other ben (have to hit him up), misc body or so, then me. So we have 5-10… depending.

    19. Um i plan on staying with the guild im currently in and as always the door is open to you guys. Our MMO section is small, we have about 5 people that will be playing DFO as of right now but i recruited like 10 in Beta who i have not been able to talk to lately since its down so i have to message them on the site and hope they get it. But ya all you guys are welcome to our guild http://deathincarnate.com/news.php, we will be having a moderately sized clan probably 30-100ish (i like smaller groups, more teamwork) but we will get a city at some point and own whether taken from an open spot or take one from some one by force we will get one.

    20. …. The game is only available for digital download… how did you not know that?

      NA release isn’t for another month or 2 and they might do a box release then.

    21. I did know that thats whats funny, but that morning I was trying to download off of the site and coudln’t get on to download it cause it was all lagged up, it is even lagged up now so its near impossible to get the game, so I for the hell of it, just called every store just in case hahah.

    22. Darkfall still having issues. Can’t purchase the game yet because of their sync issues. More AGE OF MYTHOLOGY and GRAND THEFT AUTO IV while I Wait ๐Ÿ˜€

    23. Brannoc from Darkfall got onto IRC to chat with a few guilds about what the deal is with Darkfall being down. here is the discussion:

      During the scheduled patch tonight Darkfall Community Manager, Brannoc, was kind enough to hop into IRC and answer a few pertinent and not so pertinent questions. The full interview can be found in the Darkfall General Forum HERE

      I shut the forums down because all they were doing was crashing and preventing us from getting information out
      so…there’s the love!
      Junkoe: hey brannoc am I alone in that my account is not inactive but I was playing before servers went down?
      no Junkoe
      if this were all a big scam I’d be saying “haha suckers” and drinking
      nox_: are you drinking at a bar?
      I should be
      Sceleris: can you understand alot of the frustration?
      of course I can Sceleris, I wanted to be playing by now too
      no one is more disappointed than we are
      playing would be a LOT more fun than keeping the forums and irc channel shutdown to keep you guys from crashing them
      we Must have a way to communicate with people, we couldn’t keep the forums online, so, I took the forums down
      RixuS: Brannoc, did they ever diagnose the issue of accounts that *were* active, but suddenly *stopped*?
      that’s on the list, RixuS
      Etherwar: maybe put up the forums but disable new posts?
      still uses a lot of resources, Etherwar
      far more than this method
      [AOD]glockjs: Any news on the Credit Card issue?
      which one, Glockjs?
      there’ at least 3
      Ssly|-W-: brannoc, know anything about the progress of creating more servers to handle the demand?
      I don’t, Ssly|-W-
      ShockWave: Brannoc i repeat do you know when the remaining ppl who preordered are getting in?
      there is no ETA at this time
      no ETA for new orders either, but that will come after the patch and after the pre-orders are all fixed
      Brannoc, Is there a prob with debit cards with a CC logo that is known?
      not that I’ve heard, glockjs
      Brannoc are you aware of all the clans that got their citys via exploits?
      I don’t think ALL the clans got their cities by exploits, Chrismon, but we’ll review that, last I saw not a single one had exploited
      I really am highly doubtful of any major exploits taking place, maybe some pathing issues or guard tower issues
      but I was playing earlier and didn’t see any guilds with big cities fucking with bugs
      [WSX]Stig_Arius: Hey Brannoc – are they considering a wipe/reset – anything like that? Can you say whether it has even been brought up as an idea?
      I don’t know, Stig
      Deharakk: Brannoc: I suppose the devs never considered a system of ordering that just queued us to recieve orders upon release?
      I don’t know, Deharakk
      Kompressor: Is macroing a bannable offence?
      not my place to state the official stance on macro’ing
      but that’s common sense, not an official stance
      I’d say a common sense answer would be that…if you’re not macro’ing to exploit the system or for commercial gain…you’ll be left alone
      Dragon456: Brannoc, is 4-legged running still coming?
      I don’t know Dragon456
      [MC]Butch_T: What about non charged people
      non-charged people are still on the to do list
      Zaffa: @Brannoc Do you know if prepaid credit cards are accepted for orders?
      I honestly don’t know, zaffa
      Ssly|-W-: brannoc, do you know if the over-filled chaos stone bug is also being worked on in the current patch?
      I don’ know ssly

    24. Iโ€™d say a common sense answer would be thatโ€ฆif youโ€™re not macroโ€™ing to exploit the system or for commercial gainโ€ฆyouโ€™ll be left alone

      WOOT 100 Minor in 2 days here i come

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