VPR Vid#1: “Vinnie does Darkfall”

Welcome to our 1st mmo videocast at mmoSmacktalk.com! What you’re about to feast your large greedy eyes upon is some of the first and finest player created, legally sanctioned, sultery, saucey in game footage of DarkfallOnline. I haven’t seen this yet myself, but you can bet your mother’s virtue it’ll be worth it. So sit back, chillax, and enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “VPR Vid#1: “Vinnie does Darkfall””

  1. This is just the Vidcast, but as Admin said :D, Podcast will be released Tomorrow night. This is just an extra that I wanted to release for newb orientation. Steve still won, hahaha.

  2. Btw I was saying STAGE throughout the entire thing cause I just got done with flash programming. I meant to say STATE. change STATES.

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