VPR Cast#39: “Equal Play”

Welcome to our 39th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Vince brings us in to this mmo podcast with some of his own musica, Bentanica got lost in his mommy’s basement and therefore is absent, Paul sells us a new flashlight, and Ryan rails against communist politics in America. In short, this is less of an mmo podcast and more of a variety cast. It’s really all over the place.

About this mmo podcast:

  • 00:00 – 19:00 Miscellaneous love ranging from flashlights to game talk; we call out some of our avid listeners and talk about girlies too!
  • 19:00 – 48:30 American politics… unintelligible ranting about waste flowing down from Congress and il Presidente. What’s funny is that Paul kicks this off with one of his classic “Tip of the Week” comments. It’s actually a good tip though… btw.
  • 48:30 – 65:35 More misc discussion, mostly mmo related. This is the mmo podcast part.
  • 65:35 – 70:00 Fedor/Arlovsky fight… Happy Superbowl: hear Vincent’s pick.
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    Game Discussion and Analysis:

    • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
    • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
    • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
    • and many more…

    23 thoughts on “VPR Cast#39: “Equal Play””

    1. FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!! IM IN…. whats your names on vent… i used stop by every once in a while and still got the info… we should all play together

    2. I would join you but I have been working day and night. If I get some time free this week we can do it up. Btw. Steve Renolds was the winner haha.

    3. @Connor: You dirty slut… you are in! Congrats are in order 😀 haha. I’d totally hook up with you. Like Vince I’m fucking soaked in work. Might not be able to connect til weekend or later. It’s truly a shame that I have had limited dfo playing time when I have this golden ticket. BTW, I have an Alfar, and a Mahirim. I’ll probably make one of each just to try them all out. Come launch I’m thinking of sticking with Alfar and making the boyz take Alfar also. Yes, MAKING them…

    4. oh yes make them take it dirty little boys… when i get to test it all out ill know for sure but at the moment im 75% mahirim 25% alfar …. the thing with the mahirim thats gettin me is the ability to run on all fours

    5. @Connor: The draw to Alfar for me is that I can engage in more unbridled PvP. Don’t have to worry about not getting back into my homeland cities cause I’m red.

    6. From what i’ve seen 90% of darkfall is going to make a mahirim, i think i might go human or dwarf.

      Actually now that i think of it i am probably going to get stuck rolling whatever my guild wants.

    7. Back when I played ultima online, a friend of mine found out how to make a new item that no one knew about. Molotov Cocktails. There used to be loads of silk cloth laying around everywhere, and apparently using Silk Cloth on an alcoholic beverage from one of the pubs in the game, created a firebomb item that you could throw that would explode. Sold those for so much for a while!

    8. I c you all talking about AoM in twitter… DoW II is where its gonna be at… them sup com 2… for those who dont know DoW II (warhammer 40k dawn of war 2)

    9. @connor – I have never even played warhammer40k. I have played a crap load of RTS games but never have I played that. I guess i have only been playing the best RTS games 😀 hahah. But yeah if that is coming out I will definitely have to check it out. I didn’t buy Age of Empires 3 only cause some other game was out, so I am kinda behind on the RTS genres, but I will def check out DOW2.

    10. @Connorus and Vince: Boys, first of all Age of Empires 3 blew ass. It was OK, but not worth forking over 50 bills. I read a few good things about the first 40k. AoM is good solid fun. Always a good fallback rts. Another classic that I like a ton, is Warlords Battle Cry. About supreme commander 2… I heard too many bad things about part one to think part two will have any longevity. BTW, another good game is the company heroes series. Love that one.

      Connor, about hooking up in dfo beta… I have not been able to play at all for over a week. In fact, I am working even now… just wanted to take a moment to reply.

    11. @admin: man how does that feel to know your in DFO beta and the world hates you so much it will not let you play?

      Company of heroes is a great game lol i play, also DoW2 is made by the same people… game play is alot alike if you know CoH you will pick up DoW2 quick…Supcom is dying for 2 reasons: 1) the game was way ahead of its time… when the game came out i had the top of the line dual core 3.0 from intel (game came out before quad core’s were reasonable priced below 500 lol) and i still reached -2_-5 running speed meaning one sec IRL would take 2-5 sec in game. And even still the i7’s only run the game when im at -4 at 0 which its reallllly good. So the game was missing alot of optimization. so the biggest problems were that only about 20% of the people that bought it could play.

      2) obviously cause there was no D-gun….lol

      Supcom 2 made by same company, but now they have teamed up with Stardock (makers of sins of a solar empire) and are going to release it on their game program. Hopefully the physics are as good as the first game being the first RTS to actually have real bullet, explosion and environment physics BUT WAYYYYYYYY MORE optimized.

    12. Thanks for not posting my comment … guess you guys don’t believe in freedom of speech after all.

    13. Well, disregard my previous message … I attempted to submit a message on Fri and it said it went through, but it never appeared. I was thinking that the moderator had to approve it. Looks like there is a size limit.

      To your comments about politics and money, ever wonder where the money comes from?

      Its created out of thin air by the private org called the Federal Reserve. The people behind the fed are very wealthy men that have immense power.

    14. Why do you think that “working hard” should be rewarded by money or rather, why do you think people that don’t work hard don’t deserve a good life?

      Did you know that 12% of the USA population is in poverty, that means about 36million people do not have adequate food, clothing, or shelter.

      This is only getting worse with our economy collapsing. Last week about 600 thousands people were layed off. Its not because they weren’t “working hard” but that their company wants to ensure they make profits.

    15. Conzar, you should be rewarded for what you put out, period. It can be money, it can be a cute chicka, it can be anything you desire. “For those who put in the time and energy to attain anything, they deserve it over the man who doesn’t put in time or energy and expects to attain greatness.” – Vince, 2009. Also the guy who sits around and doesn’t do jack shit, should not be able to ride on the coat tails of those who do. I think I speak for all of us when I say that :D. Btw that quote should be in every schoolbook, I am proud I made it up, hahahaha.

    16. So what about the people that choose to sit out. Or what about the people that are unable to put out “greatness”. Should those people just be kicked to the curb?

      If you want to find out more information about the Fed Reserve, how America Does business, and a possible solution called a Resource Based economy, then please check out the Zeitgeist: Addendum movie. Search for it on google.

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