VPR Cast#36: ”Central Seduction”

Welcome to our 36th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Vince pulls in a classic clean mmo smacktalk podcast. The topics range from WAR to Diablo 3, with a sprinkling of DFO and L2. So sit back, chillax, and enjoy. (Limited snark, lots of laze in this posting.)

Last cast announced the release of our unformatted news site. Consequently that site has had the be-Jesus spammed out of it. The side affects are two fold: 1.) We have made more money 😀 (which is good), 2.) We have irrelevant spams related to everything but mmo’s (this is bad). The built in tools to deal with spam suck ass, so thanks for nothing Social Web CMS :D! As a result I will probably take it down. Let me know if you think we should keep up the good fight and spend time to code our own tools, or not. At this time, as far as I can tell the initial interest is limited, which means my interest to fix it is limited.

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    • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
    • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
    • Mortal Online (MO): softcore DFO??? Good graphics, free for all pvp with an L2 style spin.
    • and many more…

    37 thoughts on “VPR Cast#36: ”Central Seduction””

    1. First of all, I commented first, so I win.

      Secondly, if you guys don’t mind, let me know what you think about the news site. Also, have you ever visited our forums? Have you used the forums? If not, why not 😀 ? (I don’t really use them myself, but spam bots love ’em!

    2. Yeah I am not a big fan of forums and I put them up. Todays day and age I think comment sections like this are much cooler 😀

    3. Diablo 3 makes me puke… played a couple hours of the alpha they got rid of town portals… thats all you need to know…. Women dont belong in darkfall….. To hardcore for them..

      !!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!! one char per server per person…. MEANING you can have one toon on euro 1 euro 2 ect. AND NA 1 NA 2. as far as i have heard. since devs have said every one will be able to play on every server… one player a server.!!!!!!END OF IMPORTANCE!!!!!!

    4. The DFO devs say they have 500 right now for release… that was said like 6 months ago… they are aiming for 1000 over time,

      THE JAN 22nd RELEASE DATE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED as of like 4 days ago… which i dont thing they would confirm this so close to release. Something you can tell starkiller is that the better graphics=more lag in large numbers… So since dfo is bosting multiple hundered vs multiple hundred with decent Frames per second… Ill take runescape effects for that… lol well maybe not runescape but for sure somthing bad… which these arent ever bad.

      Starkiller is saying the graphics are bad based on the compressed medium gfx settings of a video TAKEN BY FRAPS… look at the still compressed screenshots and see what he says lol.

    5. Loving the latest cast. :)

      We’ve just added a link to you on our blogroll and i’ll be watching your blog in future.

      Just thought i’d say I left WAR for the same reason some of you were talking about in the latest cast, in fact I wrote a post on our blog about it (won’t link here in case I get his with the nerf bat ;)).

      I’m going to be trying Darkfall too on release, and whilst I do agree that they should be able to release MMO’s worldwide, I know the pain as a European who’s had to wait for US games to release here. :)

    6. @Yetian. haha. Well… I guess it’s just our turn then. 😀 Feel free to post links anytime to mmo/game related sites. The only guys who get edited are obvious spambots. Thanks for dropping by. Will add you guys to our friends list after I get off work. Thanks!

    7. “Making up a good story about 400v400 seiges” mmmmmmmmm someone has a good spawn camping in our next FFA game, I am thinking till I make him cry and log off 😉 Misquoting me and then saying I made it up is calling down the thunder Ryan!

      As I said in the email I sent you, I said Cat could run graphics on high in seiges, not that she ran that way all the time. Never said there was ZERO lag either. We all were not dumbasses and ran our graphics on low for seiges, but for 400v400 seiges on Kain, that happened quite regularly if you believe it or not that is your choice, but when have you ever known anything I said to be able to be questioned? :)

    8. Btw Epoch I have been watching DFO for years now and still am not impressed with the graphics at all. They are getting better, but the characters still look like crap. They could be made to look good enough to be acceptable without trying to do all the fancy stuff VG tried with character graphics.

      DFO might be an ok game when it comes out, but with Mortal just around the corner and running next gen graphics with the overall same basics of philosophy ie being UO2, I feel DFO is going to tank. Do I really want to invest my money into another tanker like AoC, VG and Warhammer? Personally I do not. I want that game I will be playing for years myself, don’t you guys?

    9. Yeah I want a game I can play for a while also. WOW was really the last MMO that kept me coming back and wanting more. AOC and Warhammer are nice filler games, but nothing that incessantly draws my attention. I hope DFO is no dud, otherwise Qbert Online here I come!

    10. I used to played Warhammer for about a month, got my warrior priest to 28 and the exp stopped coming. The combination of no gear for +5 levels at a time , huge grind, and Warhammer’s way of calculating things made me stop logging in so i canceled my subscription.

    11. Interesting Epoch about Diablo 3. I kinda can’t wait to play it. Gonna be fun doing the whole LAN thing again with Ryan, Paul, Ben. It has been a long time, not since Baldur’s gate did we do that… and although I loved Baldur’s gate, Ben would be in the INN and checking his inventory and while someone was doing that (Ben in most cases- hahah) everybody else had to wait until they could move again or leave the screen to travel somewhere else. We all had a great time though! Diablo3 I welcome you!

    12. @Connorus, Steve spanked you

      @Star, you make a good point about investing your game money properly. Reading over Mortal online freaks me out. I’ll be posting more on this later, but just focus on Alpha pvp combat and the L2 karma like pvp. FUCK that!!! WE’ll see though.

      Mortal online… you hit some fucker, you go gray and consequently become fair killable pray to anybody. That is the stupidest shit ever. DFO… everybody is fair play, and no more fair play than the next guy (ie waiting for people to turn pink in L2, or gray in MO). We’ll see how that pans out.

      BTW, I do NOT regret my investment in Vanguard. That game had/has some issues, but there is so much sweet shit in there too.

      Star, thanks for responding. We’ll definitely have to get you back on the cast again.

      @Steven Renolds: dude, WAR just implemented, as of 9 Jan 08, a system to allow faster leveling between 28 and 33.

    13. I do understand where you guys come from with playability over gameplay itself. BUT at the same time graphics DO matter. If they didn’t, people would still be playing UO, AC, DAoC, SB, EQ in LARGE numbers and that is just not the case. I never really played EQ much, just didn’t see the appeal to it personally at the time, now I would go back and play it, but fired up a free trial and logged out in about 10 minutes, the graphics are just too old.

      So yes, playability is a huge factor, but I think you guys slight graphics a bit too much for what will make a successful game. MPBT series was much superior to MW, but MPBT tanked overall compared to MW, especially when MW4 hit, the pretty graphics just drew too much attention and too many away from a far superior product. In the end isn’t that what matters the most, which games will survive and be around and playable (playerbase, lack of bugs and cheats) for years? I just do not think DFO is going to fit the bill.

    14. @star, im not saying to dont matter im just saying i would much rather have smooth play especially after playing 40v40 seiges in AoC with every one a 2-8fps SHIT SUCKED!! I do agree with you that things need to be asthetically pleasing but if its gonna mess up the play experiance (yes i know gfx are part of it) then i’m ok with the lack of. But i dont honestly think this http://www.darkfallonline.com/gallery/visuals/12_G
      or this

      look that bad… Sure maybe a little pre oblivion but still, WoW is still around with cartoons lol

      @Ryan, OOOHHH REALLY well maybe he should come over here and spank me for real and then…,. nvm tooooo homoerotic…. but nothing wrong with a broner here and there right?(i hope).

      @Vince, Diablo 3 im sure will still be fun but they are making it very….. non diablo, Hope it doesnt tank like Hellgate

    15. @steve I don’t think it is that bad at all anyways, as long as you do the quests you can level very fast. I mean I have a 40 that was a reroll, my original main is 28 and my KotBS is 33 and I do not play as much as I did in previous games and hardly played at all since a day or so before Christmas.

    16. @Starkiller – I think people loved UO, L2, EQ and all of your mentioned games however in my opinion they played them out and the novelty was gone. It wasn’t the graphics that made them leave to newer games, but it was because new games were coming out. Graphics do matter to an extent, and how can I deny that. Imagine playing a sweet PVP game with merdian59 graphics, or in Bulletin Board game format. Wouldn’t be as fun, however if they came out with something like a Shadowbane 2, and the graphics were just one notch above Shadowbane, I would probably drop everything I am doing just to play it :D. They don’t need to be as good as AOC, Warhammer for the PVP sex appeal, but at the same time they can’t look like UO :D.

    17. @Epoch, yeah some of the graphics are ok, but look at the Dark Elves (Aegar or w/e they call them), they look horrible. If they keep improving them, then there may be hope. As I said, I have followed DFO for years and had high hopes for it, but in todays market I just do not see an “ugly” game surviving.

    18. @Star, Yeah they do look a little funky but they said in of the the dev journals that they will be adding a new gfx engine at some point in the early game probably (1 or so years), So i’m not to worried about it. But one thing that i love hearing from the testers is that this game plays like its a year after release and like 80% of the game content is still turned off so WOOT

    19. @star, p.s. ya if this game doesnt do it i’ll be reading more into Mortal… if you would be so kind to give me some of the points to mortal other than the AMAZING look cause ya that game is PRETTY!

    20. Direct quote from mortal FAQ:
      Classes will have prerequisites in the form of skills, attributes or sometimes even things like reputation, social status or wealth.
      you will have to give up certain attributes and/or skills in favor for others, meaning your choice of skills will be restricted.
      Also, some classes are reserved for veteran players. crafted goods you cannot make on your own.

      no levels and therefore no level restrictions/full loot

      limited only by the terrain… i smell invisible walls… FAIL!!!

      Monsters that die and never come back… half and half

      warrior cannot learn each and every magic school, for example. OMG FAIL!!!

      This DEVA thing has some dam good potential though thats for sure… GOOD!

      You too have a flag of course, visible to yourself at all times.
      Semi fail!! i like the mouse over of DFO allows for better stealthyness and stalking

      If you decide to join a Player Guild that is at war with another Player Guild, special rules apply. You will still see their flag/color, but they will be treated by the system as Grey – and so will you for them!
      SAME!! as DFO i likey

      Red players may loose stats if they resurrect too soon after being killed. Also, most healers will simply refuse to resurrect murderers.
      FREEDOM MY ASS!!! thats some straight up bullllSH!T loose stats for being a asshole how gay

      If the last blow that hits you and makes you reach 0 HP isn’t extremely heavy (which would instead result in a spectacular bloodbath), you will enter a semi-unconscious state where you are only able to speak. Your opponent may hit you once more and then you die – perhaps s/he even decides to end it in a really theatrical way – or s/he may decide to spare or bargain with your life. If you are left alone, you will eventually regain a couple of HP but be much weakened.
      THAT IS UNREAL!! lol make the noob cry give you money/items to let him live then KILL HIM, alllll right

    21. @Connor, yeah I saw some of those things. Check out the faq for combat. There just seems to be a very Dark and Light element to this game. We’ll see though. The link I posted above for dfo provides more of what’s already known; however, it’s always nice to receive a little regurgitation that sheds light and reminds.

    22. Ya… basically in Mortal it seems like good players will be cared for by the game rules “which they say are none” and evil players get bent over and raped by a broom stick… NO LUBE… wtf is that

    23. @steve ya i thats my idea… probably going to be play mahirim… since they can drop to all fours and run as fast as a mount…. Best shock troops and solo artist rouges for that fact alone… Also if you look at the Stat point spread on that site them an humans have the most starting stats. From reading the noob reviews and Stanima being such a big deal Stamina Leech will be a huge spell to have, also looking at,Slow,Agility, Come Hither(for the runners),Vampiric Touch,Valour,True Strike(if self)…Those are some of the spells that i am looking at right now… of course will not know for sure till release though.

      Also plan on macroing my g15… Since you have to have as staff for magic, sword for melee ect… I hopefully can macro some of my macro keys to auto switch to a skillbar and pull out the right weapon with the push of a button… that would be SICK!

    24. @Epoch I’m going Alfar at first. Want to avoid kill penalties.. plus their darkness might provide good natural night time camo. Remember when there was a time that Alfar were going to receive improved night vision and hampered day vision? Wish the kept that in 😀 Got to love the g15 and Nostromo combo!

    25. We are talking about it and if we play DFO we will more than likely be Orc/Mah alignment wise as a guild. Seems most pvp guilds are going Alfar and I bet there will be a huge contingent of Hu/Elf/Dorf as there is in every game. I am betting that Orc/Mah will be the least played alignment and give a huge advantage alignment wise for pking and not worrying about penalties. Also, if this is the case, your city guards will attack more guilds trying to get at your city as well.

      We have a guild member that will be buying the Euro version and testing it out. If he thinks it is ok, my co-guild leader will be getting it and playing. IF he gives it the thumbs up I will be trying it on his account and making a decision. No more buying and playing craptastic games for 2-4 months and wasting money.

      On the flip side @Skeeve and the others, if you haven’t been to the BH site lately we are rolling on Dark Crag as Destro primarily right now. The city siege was such a huge let down for all of us. The highlight of pvp being nothing more than more boring and craptastic pve.

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