VPR Cast#32:”Darkfall Beta Comments”

Welcome to our 32nd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! We’re back waxing sexy about DarkfallOnline’s latest beta comments. Lots of good stuff here intertwined with the usual mix of life and gaming in general.

About this mmo podcast: Here’s the basic time breakdown:

  • 00:00 – 55:25 Intro: Paul’s Vegas trip, DFO – review latest beta comments, sprinkling of WAR, etc. Volume is increased around the 15 min mark. Nintendo, AoC. Paul and Ryan brawl over a whole lot of nothing. Light NWN talk.
  • 55:25 – 124:00 Ben’s Vegas vacation. This is the most economic perversion-distilled conversation of a strip club experience possible. Think strip clubs and coupons… now you know Ben.
  • 124:00- 2:29 DFO beta comments review continued. Paul’s Christmas tips.
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    rated nc-17
    rated nc-17


    Game Discussion and Analysis:

    • Darkfallonline (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
    • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
    • and many more…

    32 thoughts on “VPR Cast#32:”Darkfall Beta Comments””

    1. As far as server population gotta remember that there is only as of right now about 3 servers. North America 1 possibly 2 (2 is not confirmed) and Europe 1 So in all reality right there all you need is 10,000 people form America playing at the same time which wont be hard to get there. They have said they will open up more servers as needed. One other thing to think about is that they also have their own tunnel system that i believe they said go through out most of the Dwarf and Alfar areas

      But ya map was supposed to be something like the size of Delaware i think they said. and that JUST THE MAIN continent not including the islands, and Sea which there will be straight pirate clans that might have a little city on a deserted island. OH and gotta love that there are no invis walls, and you can walk up anything as long as there is a slope it looks like from the video with the clan battle in it. With clan cities you can only build one building a day and also only destroy one a day but not including walls.

      I don’t remember who it was (I think Paul, Vince or Ben are wrong) that needed to look at the map but here’s a quick one that is mouse over with description of each town/island/sea, of course some things are missing cause game has not been released yet. http://darkfall-online.dk/map/

      One piratical reason for sheathing weapons is for instance your a main Ranger or Mage your stuck in First person so you might wanna switch to your sword to get a third person view to get a better “whats around you” view. or maybe if you have a Staff or Bow and you sheath it you switch from First person view to third.

      No Invisibility but i read some where from the devs that they are thinking about putting in a Disguise skill, kind of like the Spy from TF2 and to know that they are not what they are disguised as all you have to do is mouse over them and see “insert name here” (Insert race here). But at a quick glance they look like your race. One thing im excited about is that i will be playing Mahirim first and from what it sounds like they can run on all fours which will also make like a Pseudo Prone but lower than Crouch hopefully ^_^ (meaning being able to hide in lower grass better) also being a shock troop and running as fast as a mount will be nice and escaping when I’m almost dead.

      Great cast! Long as shit… love it helps pass the time of writing a paper, college sucks.

    2. Nice post Epoch. Lots of good material. Currently Ryan knows more about darkfall than all of us, cause he has been following it since its inception. We will definitely be covering a crap load more of Darkfall in the near future!

    3. Steve stole my thunder :D!!! Hope to cover these in our next cast, which will be posted 7 Dec 08.

      Thanks for linking them!

    4. Jesus i know lol seriously i looked at it after i posted it and was like…. DAAAUUUMMM… i got another nice long sexy post for you πŸ˜‰ and im not referring to anything on the internet O_o

    5. Hahaha. Nice STEVE. Thanks for the pics πŸ˜€ You did steal Ryans thunder, but thats all gravy, haha.

      Connor, yeah man that was some nice work. I love the essay :D. Will be waiting for another hot post like that in the very near future!

    6. Wow just looked at all of those pictures Steve posted. Those look hot. I love the Ultima looking inventory space, and love those Trees! I can’t believe this game is actually coming to. Vaporware no more!! *I hope* πŸ˜€

    7. Great cast

      Im glad i found it on youtube Ill b sure to listen to your next one.
      And im so hyped for darkfall cant wait.

    8. Keep selling dark fall, I’m getting convinced haha (I was worried that game was vaporware but looks like I’m wrong!).

      I’m sooo glad you caught the volumn thing, I had my shit cranked last time and had a hard time listening. I shamefully forgot to post a comment to point that out!

      Still a great cast guys, keep up the good work!

    9. Oh games like scorched earth – the Worms series from a few years ago is a lot like scorched earth was. If you never played them, I guess they’re worth checking out, it’s been awhile and I’m not sure how well they held up.

    10. Thanks Keegs. Yeah I was pretty convinced it was vapor also. :D. Are you still playing Age of Conan?? If so, did they fix some of those damn gem stacking bugs yet? Lol.

    11. I haven’t played AOC in a while, drifted from it right around when you guys did. I’ve played some WAR but haven’t had a ton of time for MMOs lately.

      They did fix that gem bug, pretty much nerfed gems to oblivion and came out with the pvp reward system. It was pretty much open season on anyone trying to level in the higher zones.

      WAR is a great game to just jump in and play for 20 mins though, so it’s more accessable for me. I’m getting the scoop on this DFO business from you guys though so I might have to check that out! I’ll get stomped because I can’t play hard core anymore haha.

      PS the Vegas story was great. Next time, if you’re with a bunch of buddies, play a trading card game with those ones you get from the Mexican guys πŸ˜€

    12. “PS the Vegas story was great. Next time, if you’re with a bunch of buddies, play a trading card game with those ones you get from the Mexican guys”

      Hahaha sounds like fun πŸ˜€

    13. NP Epoch. Ryan just deleted them. Yeah that was kinda insane. Time to hit the sack, I am t hanksgiving full and now have to fast till Christmas, LOL. Hope you had a good TG

    14. lol i was out of town for TG for a hockey tournament which sucked ass… didnt get to gorge my self in food. And now i just finished my final for english which was retardedly long started at 3PM ended 2:15AM.

      Can’t wait for your guys’ next cast… I’m kind of pissed that Tasos doesn’t put out community updates ever. The noob comic just got a beta free of NDA a couple days ago some good stuff there. I still haven’t gotten in the beta and still resorting to playing TF2, COD5, M&B, and Supreme commander.

      P.s. Oh i think i remember something about one of you guys playing SupCom and they just released that they are beginning work on SUPCOM2… which will have more optimization for multi cores and they will hopefully get it to where most people wont go below 0 on normal games.

    15. Connorus Rex,

      That is the longest possible English final known to mankind.

      Next cast will be up by this Sunday. We talk a little bit about the latest nerfage in WAR, but like always we range.

      Personally I’m fine with the limited updates. I don’t know what else he can say at this point. It’s beta time!

      About Supreme Commander… I don’t think any of us have played it. i wanted to, but when I read the reviews I had a change of heart.

    16. Oh shit… we gotta release date, jan 22 09 for Europe. And the American will predate that by probably like a week or so like Age of Fail did but vise-versa

    17. I still think DFO looks like Half Life 1 haha, but hell if it has the gameplay then the graphics are secondary (at least to me). I see in the videos they have a first person perspective too, and it looks like you’re casting spells from it. Do you guys know if it’s twitch or is there autoattacks like WoW and War?

    18. Keegs, its real time fighting… so yes just like a FPS its twitch.

      I think whats weird about the graphics in this game from what we have seen so far is, if you notice games like WAR and WoW are very cartoony and AoC is much more realistic.

      One thing that makes WAR and WoW cartoony is that they have the black outline around everything. I thing DFO was looking for a happy medium between them all.

    19. First of all… Lord Keegs, hallowed be thy name.

      Like Connor said… no point, click, and dump πŸ˜€

      Connor, thanks a Mill for the DFO update!

      Connor said: “he noob comic just got a beta free of NDA a couple days ago some good stuff there. I still haven’t gotten in the beta and still resorting to playing TF2, COD5, M&B, and Supreme commander.”
      –> I think it’s great that the noob guy(s) got in. That comic has been putting out some good entertainment for awhile. I’ll have to check out their sketch. Thanks!

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