VPR Cast #21

Welcome to our 21st cast at mmoSmacktalk.com!
Today we begin our farewells to the Age of Conan. With Warhammeronline right around the corner we are amped up to bring you feedback on what promises to be an engaging and very diverse level based mmo. However, until we actually dip our feet into the welcoming pools of WAR, we will continue to discuss snippets from Age of Conan, depending if there is anything noteworthy to discuss.

We’d also like to take this moment to announce the launch of our new site layout. Please feel free to leave your comments below each post. We want to know what you’re thinking. That’s about it, enjoy the cast!

1st Segment: This segment is a farewell to the Age of Conan. We give it our final slaps… but that is not enough. We have a bit more to say in segment 2.

2nd Segment: We cap our Conan capping. To put it bluntly there is just not enough time to properly nail down all the deficiencies in this game without making our listeners puke at work. In the end, all that matters, is that Ben sees boobs every night.

3rd Segment: We start off with a little WAR but get sidetracked into our Dark Age of Camelot experiences. We realize that we don’t know what happens upon death (WAR)

4th Segment: Paul opens our talks with the goblin Squig Herder.

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1st segment

2nd segment

3rd segment

4th segment

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfallonline (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Age of Conan (AoC): we’ve explored AoC exhaustively. Stick a fork in it.
  • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
  • World of Warcraft (WoW): We might touch on WoW periodically. Most likely not.
  • and many more…

Halls of the Spanked

Feast your eyes on a few of our bitches:

Daias Maxum Zuzaurin
Snizitch Sizzla Sizzla (read the chat. no kill here)

8 thoughts on “VPR Cast #21”

  1. Heh! WAR looks like it could be fun. I’ll miss the AOC talk, but, like half my guild I understand your frustrations!

    Thanks for the shout outs, btw!

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions on WAR.

  2. Hello guy’s, I found your cast a few weeks ago and have been making my way from the bottom of the list to here. Great casts! It was so refreshing to hear real pvp’ers talkin game instead of the normal form crying “I got granked ” Boohoo.
    Sorry to hear you have decided to move on from aoc because of the gem stack, I thought that was going to be sorted in the next patch? Here is hoping anyway.
    I will still be tuning in to all the new shows to get to straight goods on other games and how the pvp is running in them. Some of the new ones (darkfall) sound awesome.
    Here is something that has been turning over in my brain from a few shows ago. It has to do with peaple buying goods/skills or whatever in game with rl cash. You all seem very dead set against someone with more money than you being able to build a better toon.
    So here is my thought, video game players only get older. That means more work, kids, house needs to be painted bla bla bla… So why should I be held back because I do not have 4 to 16 hrs a day to invest in a game?
    If anything I think I enjoy the time I spend gaming more becuase I don’t grind the long hours like I have in the past.
    Now hold on, do not shread me to much for getting old! we all are. I’m talkin about a balanced system where grinds and buyers would be on even ground. Keep in mind that your crew bought the gold to get your horses because of a timetable issue. It the same thing here only I do not have to get a new show out with fresh content, I have to get my kiddo to sleep.
    Looking forward to your thoughts and so pvp with you in the future.


  3. Longshot, incidentally, I agree more with you than I disagree. I think Paul and Vince are more opposed. We’ll revisit this with the perspective you just presented.


  4. Cool longshot. Yeah I understand where you are coming from, and I am kinda pulled both ways with it. You do make a good point.

    Keegs – anything can happen. I am really interested to see how WAR is going to captivate and hold everyones attention. I really really really like open PVP, and even though WAR is RVR, I am going to miss the all out kill anyone you want, wherever you want :(.

  5. Yea a lot of guys in my guild are pretty opposed to WAR. I’m d/ling your impressions of the preview weekend now. I tried it out this weekend too and I gotta say that even though I do dig AOC despite all of it’s bugs, WAR is a waaaay more polished game and it’s surpisingly deep. In the first 10 mins to a half hour when I loaded it up the first time I was like “bleh, holy WoW clone.” But after I stuck with it for awhile I was thinking “damn this game is actually good.” I had a ton of fun playing it this weekend.

    I’m going to stick it our on AOC for the time being but really it’s just for my guild as they’re a great bunch of folks, but I’ve also pre-ordered WAR and a bunch of my R/L buddies will be playing. I’ll have to give one of them up though soon or the wife will kick my ass.

    Are you guys planning on Order or Destruction? There’s only one correct answer to that question :p

    Oh! before I forget I wanted to chime in about the loot idea you guys were tossing around, (I think it was Vince?) About everything having a time limit before it decayed. At first I was thinking this guy’s nuts, but after you explained it it made a ton of sense. I would definitely buy into that system. It would be worth exploring. People who have all the time in the world to play would still be leetboys but at least it would give everyone a reason to log into those instances again.

  6. Keegs,

    First of all I totally understand what you’re saying with AoC, guild, wife beating your ass… etc 😀 We have a lot to say about WaR, so you’ll have to catch those casts. I agree with you… it is definitely different than WoW, and it is most definitely fun.

    About the item decay concept… that was Ryan 😀 Both Vince and Ryan can sound very similar at times. You bring up what’s probably the best point from that conversation… and that is giving “leetboys” the reason to log into those instances.

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