VPR Cast#26: “About a Boy (bw)”

Welcome to our 26th cast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Encyclopedia Bentannica takes us in to a cast that covers a few topics, ranging from leveling pace to afk’ers in the Scenarios. All throughout Ben and Paul mix it up while Ryan lags and Vince puts in his dos centalvos.

***A little reminder: we cast on Wed and post on Sunday Night. This is the second week in a row that some of the content in our cast was made irrelevant by the quick fixes of the Warhammer Online team…. Damn them!

1st Segment:Ben and Paul discuss the leveling slowdown… when it hits, how it feels, and what to do about it. Further, Paul fills the group in on his latest Scenario experiment that will shock and anger you!

2nd Segment: P and V opine that Destro has the edge in pvp on our server (biatches!); Vince brings up the gold spammer issue…. what a bunch of punks.

3rd Segment: Peter, Paul, and Mary (Vince)… AND Ben wax political (Ryan lays low). If you want to avoid this topic skip to minute 5:35 on this track. Somehow politics seques into the art of Salvaging… which might make some sense given the afforementioned political topic. Ryan talks about what’s behind a server name; Ben talks BW.

4th Segment: Ben continues to kick it Bright Wizard with Vince. They cover strats from blowing shit up to holding hands.

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1st segment

2nd segment

3rd segment

4th segment


Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfallonline (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
  • and many more…

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  1. Good job on this one boyz, I dig the free flowing stlye of your pod cast. Roamimg from crafting to u.s. govie bailouts. Keep it as unscripted as possible and you have a long time follower of your show here.

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