VPR Cast#25: “Bitch, Moan, Repeat”

Welcome to our 25th cast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Producer Pete returns and Ryan leads us into a cast of bitching and moaning.

Segment 1 – 4: No individual annotations this time. Pick a segment and enjoy the bitch fest. Seriously… we thought it was time to hammer Warhammer. So far it’s had a free pass; no longer. While we play Order, you will be listening to Destruction.

*One of the points we pick at is the mini game (EULA box) on the character selection screen… this has been changed since the cast on Wednesday, and is now a bit more palatable. It’s as if they read our minds… mine at any rate.

click a segment below to LISTEN NOW:

1st segment

2nd segment

3rd segment

4th segment


Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfallonline (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Warhammer Online (WAR): hardercore WoW??? Team pvp. Quests up the yin.
  • and many more…

2 thoughts on “VPR Cast#25: “Bitch, Moan, Repeat””

  1. Dudes! No smack talk, no emotes to mock the dead fools !! WTF are you doing in a place like that. No one can make me feel bad, is this mmo for chicks to pick flowers in? They need to find the feel good pantywaist, rainbows, and sunshine group manager that crapped that into the game and load him or them into a catapult and fire the works into the sun. Then it is time to sit down wit a bottle of whiskey and figure out how to program your toon to pull someone‚Äôs face off and then wipe their ass with it. I have not played it but for the love of gawd man it’s *ucking called WARHAMMER!
    Not nerfhammer.
    Anyway I’m still inserted to hear your options on a comment I posted sometime ago about buying gear in game with RL cash to keep up the the player who have 16 hrs a day to play.

  2. Longshot, your comment is very compelling. We’re going to use this in one our segments for cast #27. Also, I intend to add to that discussion your previous comment. Been meaning to get to that. So stay tuned for cast #27!

    Thanks for the feedback!

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