VPR Cast#117: “What Real Men Do on Valentines Day”

Welcome to our 117th VPR cast at mmoSmacktalk.com! – Your number one source for winning
at life! Tonight Miguelito (ihm) and I go buck wild as we thwart the traditions of Valentine’s Day. Instead, we enjoy our Brotine’s Day.

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this record liberating mmo podcast:
 2.25 hours of Emperor Miguelito.
 General: The deal with Valentine’s Day.
 Gaming: Ultima Online.
 Gaming: Misc.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars (DFO 2.0): mmo fps, open pvp, full loot, conquest,classes.

20 thoughts on “VPR Cast#117: “What Real Men Do on Valentines Day””

  1. I call it engineering because developers use balance to direct players on how their games are played instead of letting players direct their own experiences. Sorry if I was too ambiguous.

  2. Hey guys great fucking cast! One of my favorite in a long time! I agree V-Day is mainly for single people, etc.
    Ryan: I think you just found yourself a co-host! Both you guys feed off each other and it further drives the cast! It is really great synergy!
    Miguelito: I am now a fan! We have more in common than you think and I loved the insight to UO. The two things that keep me away from trying it. The biggest one is having to use the mouse to move, attack and not being able to use WASD. The other is the overhead view. Anyways can’t wait to hear more! If you don’t wish to be Ryan’s co-host why not do your own podcast?

  3. @Yak: The problem is that Miguelito hates mmos. Thanks for listening, bud! Glad you enjoyed it… especially since I posted it so late. RE UO – it had it’s day.

  4. Now click to move is more popular with online games than ever before. The most popular online game in the world right now is fixed perspective click to move and it works perfectly. I’d love to do more casts, but Ryan’s turn around is about 4.3 years +/- 2

  5. @Ryan In other words you are saying that Miguelito is too much of a hater? Don’t you see that’s why it works. You need the yin and yang.

    @Miguelito LOL, What about doing your own podcast?

  6. @Yak – I barely have time to sit on the computer right now, and when I do I am trying to supply content to my site via half-assed reviews and previews. I’ve thought about doing a podcast, but I don’t think I could be in the drivers seat due to my schedule. My little girl is like 5 days old now… Maybe when she’s 8 days old?

    @Ryan – I think everyone hates MMOs. You said yourself that Darkfall is the best option, but that doesn’t make it a great game. SOE may very well save MMORPGs by taking on the StoryBricks team. More big companies should be trying to learn from smaller teams because indie developers have the better ideas, but their execution has mostly been terrible. Tasos has musclefat.

  7. @Mig Just wait once your daughter is born your gaming time will go down to zero, well for a little while anyways. Gratz on becoming a father BTW! The first six months is rough and I hope you don’t mind not getting sleep anymore. Welcome to fatherhood. My daughter turns 5 this year!

  8. I took a break from gaming for about 6 months when my daughter was born. To be honest I was at a point where I was so bored of the current MMOs and there was nothing special on PC.

  9. @Ryan When are real men doing to do another podcast? I thought he would be like stink on shit covering the new DFO!!!!! With interviews out the mother fucker!

  10. @Yak: working my ballsack off. Gaming hasnt even been much of an option at all for the past 1-2 months. As an example, likely working til midnight tonight. If i hit bugs, I’m fucked.

  11. All current and near future MMOs are crap anyways because nothing new or different is coming out. However, I do miss Ryan’s podcast.

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