VPR Cast#115: “Cheaters, Damned Cheaters, and Macroers”

Welcome to our 115th VPR cast at mmoSmacktalk.com! – Your number one source for winning
at life! Tonight we catch up with Yak, from yak.mmoSmackTalk.com. We debate the topic of macroing as it relates to cheating. Comment and let us know that I’m right.

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this Yaktalking mmo podcast:
 3 hours of Glorious Yak.
 Darkfall: The Great Macro Debate of 2013.
 Gaming: War Z, Binding Isaac, Dota2, etc.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars (DFO 2.0): mmo fps, open pvp, full loot, conquest,classes.
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare(Chivalry): FPS – Sword and board, hack and slash arena.

18 thoughts on “VPR Cast#115: “Cheaters, Damned Cheaters, and Macroers””

  1. Ok guys ill give you this for consideration. As far as i know DF1 will go to China right? Chinese publisher will release it there. Am i right?
    So do you think df1 chinese version will be better than DF UW? Becasue i feel like it will be even better than that game… They have all right to change around the first game and it will be free to play. I really interested to see what they will do with it. And if that game will suceed DF UW will strugle really hard :S and adventurine will bankrupt ecause everyone will see that they couldnt manage to make a game as good as other company will. Ok maybe i went to far but i tought about this while i was listening to this cast :) What do you think?

    BTW i pre ordered df uw and its alot different than first game and i dont know if its to the good side or bad side… because i loved df 1… and its cluchy ui.

  2. @Albersas: interesting thought. How do you suppose they will improve on dfo 1? Wonder if NA’s will be able to access it. Missing that game.

  3. @ryan Well… it will be freeto play so they need some umm marketing model? sorry im not sure if its correct term :) What i want to say is that they will have some kind of in game shop with some costumes or somehting. And alone free to play is a improvement dont you think? Lots of people will have access to it that means more population. Ok those free to play hunters come and go but one leaves and in that place comes two more. But overall who knows… they are asians they created most of the games they are creative well japanese and koreans are ( not north korea) Who knows what they will bring to that game but i would like to see what they did or want to do :)

  4. Hell yeah, man! You’re the only guy who can manage 3+hr podcasts. It’s beast!

    Dang internet is going slow (200-350kb/s) for this file. Taking some time to download such a great cast. It’s cool though. The wait will only make the experience of completing download/listening that much better.

    The universe is so amazing man, it’s great. Fuck negativity, there’s too much positive things to be had to be negative.

  5. Miguelito:

    Despite the NDA, we can agree non-specifically that DF:UW is a worse game than DF (UI aside).

    Wasn’t this expected though? Typically, new things don’t manage to be greater than the original.

    I’ll still enjoy UW though until something better is upon us some day. There’s still nothing else like DF out there for pvp MMOs. Modern games at least… shadowbane was cool but I’m good on that these days. Maybe some sandbox will eventually come along that might be worthy of my attention too, only time will tell! (but time is an illusion so, yeah)

  6. @ Albersas

    If the Chinese guys are getting DF1 and/or having the rights to modify the game, I want to get my hands on that!

    /entertaining myself

    And what do you mean north Koreans aren’t creative? They’re like the french of Asia. Haven’t you seen their crazy performances their ruler has in honor of himself? Or how about those places where you can sit at a desk in a room, similar to a schoolroom’s arrangement, and wear headphones and select music from the “outside” to screen and listen for their own enjoyment? It’s WILD man. I also hear they have a place where you can go, like a museum, and view ‘art’ designed by their overlords for their viewing pleasure? They’re so cunning edge man, I’m jealous…. they’re pretty much a massive zerg of Pablo Ruiz y Picasso’s, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni’s, and Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s ready to strike at any moment.

    /end entertaining myself

    and I’m still only at 91% on my download! Ahh well, I enjoyed myself so all is good. Peace.

  7. I had plenty of comments/thoughts to compliment this show, but I was gaming and drinking so I couldn’t get them all down to share here. BUT, there is one important thing I have to say about a serious issiue in the MMO industry, particularly the indie/sandbox part of it. I mentioned this near end of my post, but I should preface my writings with the fact I’ve been drinking tonight to help cover up my back problems.

    Too many, countless MMO games (even not indie/sandbox), have set their sights on a great and large project or vision for a game and just haven’t had the resources to fulfill their vision. Their games did not deliver what they set out to be and promised, and it’s a MAJOR issiue.. It’s a terrible trend in the MMO industry. It’s even worse for the indie developers out there wish such GREAT and unique/innovative game ideas and visions. Indie developers seem to be the last true innovators in the industry these days, and this non-delivering trend NEEDS TO CHANGE.

    These development companies need to stop stepping forwards and building/hyping a great vision for their game. In almost every case, they can never fulfill their original vision and the delivered game typically is lacking features and whatnot. Instead, these developers should come out and state their amazing ideas/great vision for their game not as a promise on what will be delivered upon release of the game, but more a goal they set of what they strive to create ultimately after the inevitable early release.They should communicate and be open with the fact that they likely (pretty much definitely) will not be able to release the perfect game that is their vision by whatever release deadline they must meet, and promise to continuously work on the game and continue down a path of development to the product they ultimately wish to make. They need to be honest with themselves/their fans that they probably wont be able to make their perfect dream game by the time it has to be released. It just never ends up working out ‘perfectly’.

    I would imagine that most reasonable fans would be willing to accept that as it is (there will always be haters and the like) and will be much more willing to support the company and play the game that will inevitably be released…. early (when is a MMO ever ‘done’ for that matter?). Obviously, setting forth a grand vision and failing to meet that in time for release doesn’t work well at all. I would hope that fans of niche games would be much more tolerant of a early release if the game if the devs handed things like I explained above. The idea is rough, but from my perspective it seems like a much better way to go about presenting your game than failing to deliver a bunch of promises.

    Now i’ve started drinking since my last comment so my ideas might be sloppy/not very well organized/presented… but the concepts are there. And at least the booze has been of benefit to me by helping take the edge off and dull my back pain I have to live with.

    Hopefully we’ll see some change with niche MMO developers from the long-proven disappointment of a bunch of promises for a game that just aren’t delivered. Again, this trend has been present in the majority of MMOs, plenty of AAA games and particularly the innovative, yet overambitious, indie developers.This really needs to change.

    Or someone needs to build the niche sandbox MMO dream team and give them unlimited resources and time to make a finished, perfect sandbox game that fulfills the desires of every kind of sandbox-fan out there. A man can dream…

  8. Very true Yak. While I was cringing left and right at both of you sometimes, I will say this episode was very entertaining and an interesting listen. Good job guys.

  9. @Professer Mate there are North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is closed, comunist country with dictator. There girls cant ride bikes, cant wear skirts. If you say somthing bad or dont agree with dictator they will execute you with mine thrower and shit. Yes mine thrower… that happened. So yeah read about that. But South Korea is totally diffferent they created so many mmos and games and so on :) But not Northern guys they are aweful… propaganda and lies everywhere… http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-f34yE9puJcQ/T6IX-eNzy7I/AAAAAAAAJKM/lI7LNC8QOlI/s1600/N-S+Korea+2003.jpg there the difference
    they are brain washed by the dictator…. god help them

  10. @Professer: thanks for all the love! It is my pleasure to occupy your lobes on occasion. RE your crit strike, I find that I agree with it. Would be nice if devs remain as honest and transparent as possible.

    @Nateryl: Thanks! What made you cringe?

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